Hartford: Fifthy first Session: Declan

First thing in the evening we were summoned to the Kristoferis place, I didn’t even know that someone like him would know about us, but it seems Mister Heckles has some connections. When we arrived, we had to swear some sort of oath if we wanted to get the information about that job he offers. It seems Mister Albertas was looking for the Prince Hooker and his resting place and he was in a hurry, because a Lancea coterie was looking for him as well. It was strange to me at first, because after this kind of job someone like him would kill everyone who knows about Prince Hooker’s location, but maybe Mister Albertas has some sort of agreement with Kristoferis.

After that we decided to go to the church where Prince Hooker should be, it was in Samuelis Sangiovanni lands. On the way we picked up Rajani, Mister Heckles had an agreement with her. We talked on the way there, she really knows her stuff.

Mister Albertas went inside the church and he was there for sometime while we waited outside. I saw Mister Heckles in the bell tower after he dropped a coin from it. There was no plan arranged before going so I connected with him via Auspex and told him to distract Samuelis. So we went inside the church and straight to catacombs. Rajani knew her way to catacombs. When we arrive to the door it was sealed shut and there were some mourning sounds. Mister Sawicki opened the door and after few seconds he closed them saying that it was filled with zombies… Zombies… Really? Zombies…. We couldn’t do anything so we went outside to wait for Mister Heckles. When he returned we told him about the zombies so he dominated Samuelis into letting as trough the zombies in inside the catacombs. There was a sarcophagus made of gold and there we a lot of gold around us. I found an interesting relic, but I had to give it away to Rajani. Mister Sawicki opened the sarcophagus and there he was Prince Hooker was sleeping there. How do we know? There was his red medallion around his neck. We took Prince Hooker to the car and Mister Heckles erased Samuelis memory, so he wouldn’t remember what happened.

We brought the body to Kristoferis house. He was surprised that we brought him here, though there wasn’t any other choice. He staked the ex-prince and called a number to arrange a meeting. Soon after we left to some fancy place. It was clearly an Invictus establishment, but I have never seen it. We were invited one by one. Kristoferis went in first, then Mister Albertas, then me. After entering the room I noticed a golden ring, I knew it was my grandsire. He dominated all of us and erased our memories thinking that we didn’t find Prince Hooker and never went inside the catacombs of that church.

The next evening we returned to Kristoferis place. He told us to drop the search, because Prince Hooker should be in the Samuelis church and that he’ll take care of it him self. He agreed to give us some favors for the job we did and mainly to keep quite. Well, I got a favor for nothing, I was satisfied. I used my favor to visit an occult shop that I was interested in.

When we arrive home, I was trying to push an idea of a party, which could increase our social standing in the city, but it seems they need a bit more convincing.


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