Hartford: Fifthy second Session: Declan

While going to the court, I had few objectives, the main was to talk with Aleksandras. When I walked in I saw Birch’s decorations, they were… intriguing to say the least. He showed that lancea at sanctum as opposition to the Invictus. I don’t know what was his goal, but I know what he’ll get for that, I don’t even know the half story with Birch. After I entered the room, I saw Aleksandras, but he was sitting with other elders, so it was a bad idea to approach him then. I asked my sire for advice when to approach Aleksandras, she told to try to do it via Rhea. I did just that. She said she’ll organize a meeting, but she was hiding something from me. Soon after the Prince Akadas entered, he was dressed as a priest. I guess it has to do something with the decorations and sending a message. We all proceeded to the arena, where the main event took place. Prince Akadas accused Solomon of breaking the elysium rules and he was to be punished. Some ghouls carried in an altar with burning coals and Prince Akadas took out a steel bar. Solomon walked on stage and undressed himself. There were a lot of scars on his back. He was handcuffed, but he broke then explaining that if he can break them now, they won’t hold if the beast kicks in. Prince Akadas started flailing Solomon with that hot steel bar. I don’t know why, but I felt good. I noticed that he was punished harsher than he should have, it seems Prince Akadas knows about his attack on Miss Liucija or maybe he has his own reasons. After that Roystonas Grazusis was challenged to a duel for insulting Invictus member (I don’t remember his name) and Sir Mangumas delivered punishment to the rude nosferatu. After that event, Carthian’s brought a lottery machine and drew some names, non of them concerned me. Sadly, that occult shop owner lives and I gave a favor for nothing. Lastly there was a dance prepared by some blood dolls that belong to the Invictus. After the “official” part, we were approached by few of the citizens. The first one was a member of Invictus, he just mocked me for owing the Carhtians. Rhea was intrigued why I wanted a certain man killed and who he was, but I told her I will talk about it later. For the second one, I don’t know who she was, but she wanted to smuggle something through our lands, Mister Heckles asked us will we agree with that. It seems strange to me… He is an Invictus a ventrue more over, but he asks his subordinates if we agree… Not very Invictus like, but hey, whatever he likes goes, he just gives us more power that way.

After the court we went back to the apartment. We talked about the party again and it seems I convinced them to have one, but Rhea disliked the idea, because she isn’t a party person. Mister Heckles also mentioned Donaldas, a kiddie pooler that he wants to beoath.

Mister Heckles started talking with Rhea about Katerina and her welfare. I remembered that she was mentioned in the cacophony savvy as a good fighter, so I came up with an idea. At the moment Circle of the crone need a new hound, so we could get out Katerina out of the Kiddie pool and make her a hound, she just needs one more signature. So we went to the Kristoferis place. We offered him a deal, he owes a favor for Lady Cook and us if we get Katerina out of the kiddie pool, he agreed only if we arrange everything. We didn’t wait long and we arranged a meeting with Lady Cook. She liked the idea and agreed to give the signature to Katerina.

We went to the kiddie pool to tell Katerina about the good news. She wasn’t that happy to take up a hound position, but she agreed just to get out of here. She said she’ll be a nice hound. I don’t know how nice hounds are, but in opinion that doesn’t sound very convincing. Though, she will get a lot of favors if she does her job correctly and a position in the city. Later Mister Heckles called Donaldas to the room. They had a chat about oathing. It seems Donaldas dislikes Rhea for some reason. Mister Heckles called Baron Cartwright. Again, Mister Albertas has some strange connections or something. He can easily call elders and covenant leaders call him… What the hell…

In my quest in taking media sector I went to Baron Godfrey, because almost all of the media is located in his lands. He agreed me too go there and take them, but in exchange he will be allowed to use them any time he wants. I decided to start with the local newspaper, so we went to the press. Only secretary was there everyone left. I used my charm to get the number of the chief editor and thus we could get his address. His house was located in outskirts of the city and Rhea said about strange guy with ice powers that rules those lands. We went anyway. I went to his home and dominated him to go with us. In the car Mister Heckles learnt about my dominated powers, but I don’t mind. We drove back to our lands and at the moments I realized that he could be Sofija’s ghoul and it seems he is… Well that was a waste of time and I guess I will be hearing from Sofija soon… I need a new plan for that….


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