Hartford: Fifty First Session

As usual, our Google Doc preplay starts first.

Declan speaks with Lady Cook, after being forced to swear the oath to Albert

Declan meets Miss Kels

Declan meets Erma, his touchstone

Declan meets the Harpy

Rhea visits Nikolas’ Church, looking for torpid Prince Thomas Hooker

Declan’s feeding scenes

Declan goes to the library, get’s a ghoul

Albert visited the Mass, talking about Donaldas’ trial and his own faith

With that we’re out of the google doc play.

Firstly, Andrzej and Albert went to feed, they attacked a couple of hookers. Andrzej not much for a social guy attacked one of them and got tazed in return. He bit her hard and as she was bleeding Albert ran back trying to get the medics here and the memories of possible witnesses in order .

Then we went on a hunt for Thomas Hooker which was fairly well described in Declan’s post, so I’m placing that up next.
Declan’s point of view for the session

TL;DR version


Griautis Griautis

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