Mister Andrzej Sawicki

Rich kid




Andrzej grew up in Warsaw, Poland. His family was always rich, though their best idea of raising a child good was throwing their money at him, hoping everything works out.
Growing up Andrzej learned to fend for himself, little by little becoming what some people would call a “gopnik”. He spent most of his teenage years drinking with his comrades and cruising the streets looking for someone weaker to pick on.
Nevertheless, Andrzejs parents always tried to force as much formal education on him as they could, so through the help of private teachers and having to spend time with important people, he learned the importance of maintaining a socially acceptable facade when facing people of higher standing.

After finishing school, his parents sent him of to college in the USA to study Psychology. Though he did pick some basic medical info here and there, Andzrej didn’t really care much much about his studies, passing most exams through either bribery or cheating.
In college Andrzej tried himself at various sports, discovering he had some actual talent for academical fencing. However, as he spent most of his free time partying with his college buddies, he never truly excelled in any one sport.

One night, while Andrzej was walking in his neighborhood, he was approached by Mister Garetas Fergusonas, who offered him immortality and power in exchange for a share of his parents wealth. Without much hesitance, Andrzej accepted and thus began his life as a Kindred.

As a vampire, Andrzej learned that blood was better than any drug he had ever tried, but most of all he had finally had a taste of true power. Just like the rush he felt when picking on weaklings when he was young, now he felt power within him – his Beast. Power became his new favorite drug and his goal. He knew very well from growing up, that true power had to earned and learned slowly and carefully. Andrzej needed to find a way to become stronger.

And who else had the most impressive display of power in town if not the Invictus…
In combination with his innate charisma and his Sires recommendation (or perhaps his parents money..) this made Andrzej quite an intriguing addition to the ruling Covenant.

To be continued..

Mister Andrzej Sawicki

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