Antonijus May

Afrikan Pride gang dude


Antonijus grew up on the streets, in a neighborhood filled with gangs and violence. In that place, joining a crew was a matter of survival and respect. Every kid and teen would look up to crews and feel envy, not realizing that they are the reason there’s so much violence around.

He became an enforcer for one of the gun trafficking gangs. He was loyal and he would kick anyone’s ass who bad mouthed his gang or his people.

Rosmari Karol found him. She was investigating people of different races, and she needed a person of African descent, so she embraced him and had him get the information she needed.

He, quickly found like-minds in the Carthian Movement, which he joined. At the moment he wants to get out of the kiddie pool, so he can help not only the Carthians, but also his people.

Antonijus May

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