Barbara Delatore

A young socialite, who's slowly mastering Cruac


Teodoras Delatore is a Ventrue, childe of Gregorijus Brinkman, the Hartford’s Seneshal. Barbara Delatore is a Daeva, childe of now deceased Robertas Patonas. They are both members of the Circle of the Crone, however Barbara is already accepted among the devoted Acolytes, and thus she has already started her lessons in Cruac. Teodoras is still among the Chorus of the Circle.

They are one of the older kindred in the kiddie pool. The only older vampire in the kiddie pool is Daniel.

Teodoras and Barbara had always been groomed by their sires to join the Invictus. However, they didn’t really “click” with their sires. While they somewhat liked and enjoyed the social life of the First Estate, they didn’t think that it was for them. Actually, they didn’t quite feel much at all, everything was stale and boring. And that changed one day, when they met each other. Quickly they fell in love finally finding what they needed in their requiems. Wanting to be together they asked their sire’s to let them loose and soon enough they found themselves in the kiddie pool. There the life was a lot more dangerous, but they were a lot happier than before.

Soon they met Helena, whom showed them the path of the Acolytes, which compelled them. After being married by the Hierophant, they joined the Circle of the Crone. Together, they felt alive, or as alive as they could ever feel.

Now, they live not far from The Point, claiming the nightclub as their feeding grounds. Over time, their hold over it strengthened and now they are undisputed masters of the club. Each of them has two signatures. Bit by bit, they are starting to look for a chance to claim the last signatures to be able to leave the kiddie pool and create their lives as they wish them…

Barbara Delatore

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