Mister Declan Middleton

A manipulative socialite


Declan Middleton
Age: 24
Height: 1.80 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Declan seems friendly at start. He will always offer his help if someone needs, but in really He seeks benefit for hisself. Declan likes to party, if He isn’t reading something you can definitely find his at the bar or in the club, at the center of the attention, if He wants that is. Declan is looking for ways to increase his influence, He is still young and unexperienced so He much to learn and do. If anyone talks with his enough, they will learn that thise are two ways to his good side, books or parties. Declan is often mixed with Daeva, because of his unusual behavior and because He doesn’t tell anyone who is his sire.
Declan mostly wears black. He was variety of suits, which he wears to the formal meetings, but if you found him on a casual day, he would be with a coat.
Declan believe in love and because he has vinculum 3 towards Amelija or it was hear natural beauty, but he fell in love with her. He will try anything to gain her affection as well.


Declan grew up in a strict family. His father was a cop and his mother was a school principal, so Declan had to behave in a proper manner and learn accordingly. His grades were on top of the call, not only He was a quick thinker, but he was smart.
While He was in school He idolized his mother, a true leader, so grasped for power in school and became a school president. This wasn’t the only reason, He liked the attention, and through it He could manipulate people into doing what He wants.
Declan wasn’t physically strong or fast, He was average, but his personality far compensated for his physical capabilities.
Declan’s fathers sometimes took his to his shooting range and taught his how to shoot. He wasn’t really got at it, but He continued it as hobby after He left the parents’ house.
Declan decided to study social sciences and politology in hopes someday becomes the governor or even a president. His studies went great, but He always argued with the teachers…. Declan couldn’t let them win the argument… his ideologies differed from theirs… He had the idea of centralized power while his teachers believed in democracy.
Declan’s nightlife wasn’t abandoned. After He left his parents’ house, He fell in love with the nightlife itself. Clubs, bars, parties, the night life itself, that’s what He dreamed to have. Even on weekdays Declan went out to have a walk with his friends or think alone on the rooftop, reading books about night creatures or other occult books. Though he couldn’t get a lot of them, mostly from flee shops, but they were enough. He would even incorporate some if their content into his own poems.
During one night out Declan meet Miss Fuler. A woman who will change his life. For some strange reason, Declan was drowned to his. Miss Fuler came to talk to Declan (in hopes of drinking his blood), but they talked for a long time, about Declan’s love for the night. At least Declan felt a deep connection towards his new acquaintance and wanted to talk with her more, but Liucija only gave his an address where to come and find her. Declan had a new mysterious friend. He urged to find her and the next night Declan went to the given address. That night He was turned into Kindred, He joined the night society.
To Declan, the curse isn’t just a curse, it’s almost what He wanted from his life. He is forever young, with his mental capabilities only to peek and think of all the parties… And there are only 2 things to be scared of, sunlight and fire, but he has heard that the Dragons have a way to deal with that.

“I see you like the night. Would you like to talk about it??”

Ordo Dracul: They have the right idea, but they don’t have the “Spark”. Maybe in near future he will invest more time with them.
Lancea et Santum: It was the ruling covenant before, he doesn‘t know how they ruled, but after hearing about Thomas rein over the vampire domain, Declan disagrees with his methods and wouldn‘t stay still after his return. Declan has no particular hatred towards Lancea members.
Circle of the Crone: Declan sympathises with the Circle, because of their share of opressed history, but thise is nothing more that they can offer his.
Invictus: As the rulling majority Invictus have control over the city and his Grand Sire is the price and the member of Invictus. Declan likes the system of Invictus, they have power in the city and they have the most secrets that He can learn.
Carthians: They are rebels, they are trying to change the system, but they have little to non power in the city, only one elder holds their alliance if He left, they would fall apart. Declan doesn‘t care about them that much.

Ventrue: Controlling people?? Giving them orders?? That‘s what real power is, Ventrue has it, but they are short sighted. They don‘t connect people on deeper levels, they view others as tools for their gains.
Mekhet: My brothers and sisters, they hide in the shadows, they see everything, but they don‘t come out in the open, they just observe.
Nosferatu: The most unlucky clan of them all… Nobody wants them as a friends because they fear them. Maybe they are beautiful on the inside, but they are ugly on the outside
Daeva: My kind of people. They like to party, they know how to socialize, they know how to manipulate, but that‘s it… No thinking of the future, they just live in the moment.
Gangrel: Savages, who listens to their beasts, connects with them. They know how to be free, how to enjoy life, but when it comes to thinking… They are a bit short.

Declan‘s offers:
• Majesty – though He is young, but He can is quite skilled in it. Not many know about his discipline and it’s not common to the Mekhets to know it though.
• Auspex – Declan knows Auspex and uses it often for his own or other’s needs.
• Sociable – Declan is a very sociable and manipulative person.

Declan wants:
• Harpy – Declan would like to become a harpy.
• Secrets – if anyone has a secret to share, He would like to know.
• Blood – Declan will drink someone’s blood if their drink hiss.
• Party – if three is a party, inviting his there would increase impression with his.
• Coterie – Declan is looking for a coterie.
• Socialize – anyone who wants to talk to his can approach.
• Poetry – People can increase their impression with Declan if they share the same taste in poetry.

Declan’s friends:
Though Declan has many friends He found in the clubs, but only few became his best friends. One of them is Kristina Black, they both go out at night. Second one is (random male name), he was his childhood friend. He also thinks that Declan is his best friend and often comes with his girlfriend problems . Third but not the least is his nerdy cousin. He isn’t very sociable and doesn’t have many friends (non-geek friends) so Declan still feels some obligation to help him. Declan usually studied with him, now they come once month or so to just talk.

Declan uses his powers often and He understands that others do too, so it doesn’t make his angry or dislike a person. But to protect himself from memory altering disciplines He keeps a diary of important things, what He have learnt and what He needs to do, that way He could help himself to remember.

1 st: Mother
2 nd: Kristina Black – his best friend

Amelija Cook

Out of all the genre Declan likes classical music the most. He likes quite evenings to himself, just listening to it and being alone and meditates on that, over thinks his past and future. If anyone asks what is his favorite poem, his answer is “Hellish Night”. This is the first poem He has ever read. After Declan was embraced, He took interest in art and He often goes to kindred organized art meetings, where he can share his poetry. Declan created a lot of poetry, he always carries a book where his poems are written (that book also contains major event of the day, that he doesn’t want to forget)

Fashion (Die Bonus +1 social rolls, Durability 1, Size 2, Structure 1, Availability •• )
Revolver (20/40/80, +1 dmg)

Story hooks:
• Love forAmelija Cook
• Prince family
• Blood drinking
• Invictus plots
• Looking for artifacts/ relics
• In search of secrets

Sire – Declan admires his sire and would do anything to please her

Solomon Birch – after he attacked Liucija, Declan swore that he’ll take revenge on him

Miss Kels – Declan has an agreement to help each other with their respective sectors

Lady Cook – Declan has vincullum 3 towards her. He owns a major and a minor boon to her

Marta – Declan’s newest retainer. He uses her to gather a library for him.
Steve Smith – Declan’s body guard and his right-hand man, if Declan needs something in the mortal world, he would go to Steve


Declan was offered to take over the media sector.
Collect a library.

Mister Declan Middleton

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