Deonas Asburis

The horrific brood creator


Deonas Asburis heavily studies the properties of vampire blood and embrace. He is probably the one who petitions the prince for the right to embrace the most. Many suspect that he embraces a lot more than that, just that he kills the most of his childer (some darker rumors suggest that he actually diablerizes them).

Due to these horrific studies his knowledge of the Blood is unparalleled within Hartford.

However, as the second Sworn of the Mysteries he is also advising Norbertas Susteris in the matters of ruling and representing the Dragons.

Recently, he has been seen meeting with Kristoferis Brentas. Rumours say that they are brewing something awful together, many suspect them of sharing their covenant secrets with the others, but none can prove anything (or in Kristoferis’ case, noone even bothers to try).

Deonas Asburis

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