Donaldas Bankorfas

A power hungry socialite


Donaldas is a Math graduate from a rich family. However he neglected his studies and spent his time on partying and socializing instead. Once he would get into trouble he would cheat or buy his way out of it. That’s how he managed to graduate at all. Only one subject actually got his attention – Cryptography. Hiding information really fascinated Donaldas.

In one of the parties he met a girl – Heide Summers. He thought that for the first time in his life he actually fell in love, without having to pretend to have any feelings for a girl. In fact, she was a vampire and she thought the same thing. It was her blood that twisted their relationship into a debased form of love.

She embraced him, and after that their love quickly cooled down. Then he came to the kiddie pool. After seeing the society of the dead he started planning to reach the very top of it.

Donaldas Bankorfas

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