Dzeimis Franklinas

The head of the Khaibits


The eldest of the Khaibits. Džeimis is a focused man, watching over the city carefully. He has personally taken the charge of most of fights against the Strix and he’s trying to make sure that his descendants are ready to both find the strix and fight against them.

He himself lives in a small house, with most of the windows barred and hidden. Inside one can only find pitch darkness and those who are not accustomed to it suffer greatly.

It’s rumoured that he’s quite an experienced Cruac sorcerer, leveraging his own affinity to darkness even for his sorceries. However, there’s almost noone who can give an actual accounting for his deeds.

When not taking care of his vampire business he often visits the underground racing circles, under the guise of Obfuscate.


Dzeimis Franklinas

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