Baron Edmund Cartwright, Notary and Judex

The Notary of the Invictus


Edmund Cartwright comes from an old money family. He still remembers the times when he had a huge mansion, with servants and black slaves doing everything, so that he and his mortal descendants would live in comfort.

For a very long time Edmund served the First Estate as best as he could. As someone known for his neutrality and desire for order, he was the Notary for as long as anyone can remember. This affords Edmund much more influence than one could suspect, since he knows of every Oath which happened within the domain. And has many people owing him favors.

Some in the Invictus are not too happy with this arrangement, because they feel that his loyalty should be to the Prince, instead of his own neutrality, but nobody could gather anything against him. Some suspect that he’s preparing to take the Praxis himself.

Baron Edmund Cartwright, Notary and Judex

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