Elizabeta Klein

The Carthian elder


Elizabeta Klein is the younger sibling of Amelija Cook. However, they are quite different from each other. Where Amelija is a respectable elder and politician of the Invictus, Elizabeta is the leader of Carthians, trying to change the kindred society for the better.

Elizabeta, together with the Carthians, is trying to change the system from within. Some of the Carthians are not happy with this and thus often oppose Elizabeta’s opinion, although they cannot gather enough votes to replace her.

Some rumors say that it’s because of Elizabeta’s great stance and Majesty skills, yet others whole heartily agree that it’s because she’s the best fit.

Secretly, Elizabeta finds that she has more and more in common with the Invictus than with some of the firebrands of the Carthian Movement.

Some suspect, that she doesn’t strike at Invictus as much as she could, because Miss Ema Klein is there. Is Lady Amelija Cook using Ema to get at Elizabeta?

Elizabeta Klein

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