Emersonas Bohas

A young investigator


Emersonas was a private investigator. He used to investigate all sorts of crimes and cases for his clients. What’s more, he had a great success rate and he agreed to take up even the stranger cases.

Emersonas was hired to investigate a strange disappearance of a girl named Jenny Treat. His investigation bumped from one dead end after another. However, even after her parents stopped funding his investigation, he pushed on.

The girl was embraced by Maiklas Rovenas and thus as Emersonas’ investigation went on Maiklas noticed him. However, instead of just getting rid of him he provided him with dead ends hoping that he would give up. Emersonas didn’t and so Maiklas realized that the time has come for Emersonas to die.

Instead of killing him, he embraced him, thinking that his resolve is a great fit to the clan. He gave him cursory training and allowed him to go off the leash into the kiddie pool.

Emersonas Bohas

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