Emilis Kingslis

An ex-gambler, now vampire lawyer


Emilis Kingslis was a gambler, is a gambler and most likely will be a gambler until the end of his unlife. While alive, he gained a degree in law and worked as a lawyer. The money he received he usually gambled away in some horse racing, dog fighting or any other animal sport.

Of course, as a typical gambler, he fell into debt. And he had to repay his debt by making sure some criminals, who actually served Malkolmas Mangumas would get out free. However hard these cases where, he managed to get the criminals out, free of charges.

Later on he was embraced by Malkolmas. To his surprise, his own mortal sister, Regina was already embraced by Malkolmas a few years ago.

At first, he served the First Estate as their lawyer, but after being pissed off by all the politicking and other bullshit within Invicuts, he left and joined up with the Carthian Movement.

There he helps the Cause by being a lawyer for every Carthian in the convoluted law system of the Damned. His services are available to the others as well, but the price ranges from almost free (where the Movement stands to gain) to absolutely unacceptable (where there is no gain for the Movement).

Emilis Kingslis

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