Erika Romero

A punk, who hated her sire (DEAD)


Before her death, Erika was a simple school girl, who had big hopes for her future – she wanted to be a physicist. However, her life was not destined for that…

She was killed and embraced by a Lord of the Ordo Dracul. She hated him for it, and as soon as she was allowed off his leash into the kiddie pool she set out to do whatever she could to go against him.

She joined the Carthians, changed her looks and planned to mess his life even further once she was out.

However, that did not come to pass, as she breached the masquerade and was sentenced to death. As she was being dragged to her death she was cursing Donaldas, completely convinced that he had betrayed her.

Erika Romero

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