Ernestas Karteris

A Carthian legbreaker


Even when he was alive, Ernestas was quite a brute. He hated the government. He had quite a lot of troubles with the law. He was embraced by Amanda Loid since she hoped he could become a great foot soldier for the Carthian Movement. She wasn’t wrong.

Ernestas quickly earned his way out of Kiddie Pool, showing that he can actually do what he’s told to, once he thinks that he’ll gain something out of it. He joined the Carthian Movement almost instantly and now is the hound of the Carthian Movement.

He’s pissed off, for he knows that at the moment he’s working for the Establishment, yet he yearns for his opportunity to bash some Invictus skulls.

However, while being a hound, he fell in love with one of the kiddie poolers. What’s even worse, after earning her citizenship she herself has joined the Invictus. His hatred started running even deeper for them. They are still meeting, but Ernestas is hoping that he’ll manage to convince her to join the Carthians instead.

On his free time, he attends the local racing scene. Tho, his brutish behaviour has earned him some scorn from the local racers.

Ernestas Karteris

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