Evelina Schanda

The all-knowing shooter (DEAD)


Evelina is quite young (only 28 years old), of average height (173 cm), and she’s very beautiful.


She grew up without her mother, since she died while trying to deliver Evelina. Evelina grew up with her father and two brothers. One of them was 4 years older, the other – 9 years older. Evelina’s family was a family of cops. The brothers, her father, her grandfather – all of them were cops. It’s even strange to think, that she was born a woman, and not a man. Despite that, the family expected her to become a cop.

Her father trained her well and she was easily accepted into a police academy. While her father was taking her there, a huge car accident happened. Her father died instantaneously, and she was gravely injured, having sustained some brain damage.

After the accident she was plagued by dreams and nightmares. She would see how people would die, even though she never saw them. This disturbed her recovery, so she was given tons of medicine. However, that helped little. It looked like the girl was going mad, so she was sent to an asylum.

Only experimental treatment allowed her some semblance of sanity. However, as soon as she returned home, she quickly succumbed to drugs. After one overdose she was put into a hospital, where a strange person approached her. It was her sire to-be, who embraced her into the line of Khaibit’s renowned servants.

While in the kiddie pool, she was convicted to death, because she tortured a family of mortals and thus breached masquerade.

Evelina Schanda

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