Gerardas Grejus

Salesman who sells Sorcery and Occult knowledge


Gerardas Grejus is the go to person for whenever someone with cash needs knowledge on the occult. Gerardas happily sells his knowledge and even his own Cruac mastery to others. Whenever you need someone cursed, or a cursed healed – Gerardas knows the price.

He happily sells his services to those who will pay him with few notable exceptions, he’ll never betray the knowledge on how to perform Cruac itself and he will never betray Circle of the Crone.

Other than that he’s quite reasonable, sometimes friendly, sometimes not.

After Robertas Patonas embraced him, he joined the Invictus. His ambition was quite satisfied there and he had ways to increase his influence, however his interest in the occult and strange beliefs led him to start following the faith of the Circle of the Crone. After about 20 years into his unlife he left Invictus, fully devoting himself to the life of an Acolyte.

Of course, that doesn’t stop him from still holding a lot of contacts among the Invictus, especially now, that he might be so useful to them.

Gerardas Grejus

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