Giliana Hester

Lancea et Sanctum Hound


Even from her childhood, Giliana was an envy-filled bully, who messed with other kids. As she grew she fell in with a couple of gangs. Probably used every single drunk there is. Probably fucked many more men to get her next fix. She was a broken teenager who lived among the dregs of society.

That changed one night, when Deonas Asburis, an old looking man came to the slums looking for someone to embrace. He wanted to try out his new mastery and he also needed to find a new vampiric subject for his experiments.

Giliana was the unlucky one whom he picked (or was she lucky?). He embraced her and after that for a couple of years he experimented upon her trying to push the limits of the vampiric condition. After he was done, he decided that there was no point in killing her. Letting her out into the kiddie pool would be as much of a death sentence as if he did it himself, so soon she found herself in there.

However, to Deonas’ surprise she did not die. She met Solomon Birch and she was inspired by his faith. She took up the Sanctified faith and after becoming a true citizen of Hartford she became the Sanctified Hound.

Giliana Hester

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