Haruo Matsuda

The hunter wannabe (DEAD)


Haruo Matsuda was a 28-year-old Japanese-American, whose parents came from Okinawa, Japan. He was a life long friend of Amir, who he first met in Hartford University, where they both studied biochemistry. Amir secretly loved Haruo, however, Amir’s condition didn’t allow him to become too close to Haruo.

One day, Amir got a letter from Haruo, where he requested to get in touch immediately. When they met, Haruo told him that he knew vampires were real, and that he had seen one of them kill a small girl. What’s more, Haruo asked Amir to help him hunt down that monster.

At first Amir pretended not to believe him, but later on he contacted him, saying that he changed his mind, to find out who the vampire Haruo told him about was.

Haruo came to pick him up with a car and they set off to meet others whom he had convinced. However, Amir told Haruo he needed a moment to get ready and when he bumped into Rhea in the clinic, he asked her for help. Rhea agreed and secretly slipped into the backseat of the car. As they approached the border of the kiddie pool, Rhea panicked not wanting to break the law which forbade them from leaving it. She pulled the hand break, thus causing a huge car crash.

After that Rhea quickly left, while Haruo was bleeding. Amir took him to the hospital, but he felt he had to return to the kiddie pool. He stayed awake till morning, but when he called the hospital, he learned that Haruo had died.

Haruo Matsuda

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