Helena Viljamson

(DEAD) A corrupt Acolyte Hound


124 years old. Helena always wanted to be someone who she is not. She hated how she was shunned by the society just because of her skin color. But even among her own people she wasn’t popular, so she always dreamed of being better. She wanted more for herself.

Once she grew up, she met new friends, opened up. Started hanging out with them. Soon she became a lot more popular among her people, however that was not enough for her. She worked hard to get herself next to richer and richer people, after all, some of the black people managed to earn a good living. And once she reached upper circles, she finally managed to start meeting the upper crust of society as well. They considered her a refined black. Someone whom one must try out at least once.

That continued until she annoyed a vampire by the name of Robertas Patonas. He didn’t like her betrayal (for her it was simply moving on to the next catch). He ensured that she was embraced into the family of Khaibit, renowned servants. He planned to make her serve him, but once again he was tricked. Her sire didn’t just hand her over to Robertas, he trained her using her new-found hatred for Robertas and made sure that she became a great member of the Circle. She couldn’t be forced to serve, so instead, the Circle found a workaround. They made her a hound.

For over a century she was stationed at the kiddie pool plotting and scheming and preparing for her revenge. Luckily for her, a new group of vampires fell into the possession of a Writ of Indulgence, which allowed its holder to kill any other vampire in the city. After taking it from them she enacted her revenge.

She has died while protecting Mark Lehninger, from Jinn.

Helena Viljamson

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