Jenny Treat

The Crone from the prophecy


Jenny was killed because Maiklas Rovenas received a divination from Nadija Wescote. Her prophecy said that he must embrace the one who bears the mark of all horizons and that she will become the greatest Crone of all times. After seeing Jenny’s tattoo Maiklas assumed it is her. So he embraced her.

To his surprise, Jenny didn’t want to hear anything about her “destiny”. Maiklas worked long and hard to sway her to the side of the Circle of the Crone, however unsuccessfully. After deciding that the unlife will teach her he released her into the kiddie pool.

After a year of being embraced Jenny learned that an investigator is still looking for her, despite her family losing hope. The man was Emersonas Bohas. The investigator was caught and embraced by Maiklas. As he said, it was due to his fortitude. However, Jenny suspects he might have different wishes for it. In any case, for a couple of months he was her only friend, but soon enough he was released into the kiddie pool – Maiklas was not really interested with him.

Now in the kiddie pool, finally out of Maiklas’ grasp she’s looking for her way.

Jenny Treat

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