Kendalas Kyfas

Conspiracy Theorist. Supplicant of Terror.


Even from an early age Kendalas was a smart and thoughtful boy. When he was 26 years old he married and lived happily for 4 years. At that time his wife fell ill. Kendalas watched her wither and die over the next 2 years. However, something nudged him that this was not so simple as it was… so he started researching.

Over the next couple of years Kendalas looked into her death and every surrounding circumstance. One small conspiracy theory had the tails of another, bigger one… Soon enough he found himself believing in quite a few conspiracies, most of which were related and all of them somehow led back to his wife’s death. His sister didn’t want to believe him, but she was supportive, trying to nudge him away from the investigation.

Over time of course, he actually hit some grain of truth in his delusions and he started investigating an underground boxing ring. There he suspected “Count” Klintas Beretas of being a mastermind of the place. He couldn’t be more wrong. Klintas was a simple Carthian vampire, who took the ring as his feeding grounds.

Once Klintas sensed being investigated, for some strange reason he decided to embrace Kendalas, instead of killing him.

Soon after his embrace, Kendalas found his way to the Ordo Dracul, where he studied frenzy while still researching his wife’s death. Armed with his new knowledge he managed to realize that quite a few of his conspiracy theories are false… but he also started suspecting that a vampire had something to do with his wife’s demise.

Nowadays, he’s in the kiddie pool, hoping he can get out as soon as possible so he can resume the search for the culprit and exact his revenge upon him. His sister is quite worried about him.

Kendalas Kyfas

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