Linda Alvares

The temptress of the wicked


Linda Alvares was a prostitute back when she was alive. She got herself into trouble with the local pimp and found that she has no option but to run away.

She made a deal with one guy who specializes in that. As it turns out, he was one of the Lancea et Sanctum Snatchers. People tasked with finding one wicked person who’s running for his life. These people end up in the Sunday’s Mass, where they are killed.

However, when Linda found herself in the church and when Solomon proceeded to torture her in front of the whole congregation, she defied him and he saw something in her eyes.

He himself broke on of his own tenant there and embraced her. Soon after, she became one of the devoted Sanctified, tempting mortals into their deaths.

Many rich men find themselves calling for the prostitute by the name of Linda. Some of them never leave her bedside.


Linda Alvares

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