Miss Liucija Fuler, Keeper of Elysium

The rebelling daughter of the Invictus


Liucija Fuler was born in 1861 in the British Raj, in what was then Bombay (Mumbai nowadays). Her father was a British military officer, Colonel George Fuler of the 14th Bombay Infantry, and her mother was Amala Cursetji, a local woman who served as Colonel MacAulay’s housekeeper and concubine. This fact would inform much of Liucija’s life.

The years immediately after the internicine bloodshed of the Great Rebellion of 1857 were bad years to be growing up as a mixed-race child in India. To his credit Colonel MacAulay was a decent man and did his best to provide for ‘Liucy,’ as everyone was soon calling her, and to shield her from any unpleasantness. It helped that Liucy was a bright, inquisitive child, and so she was pretty soon sitting in on the lessons of sahibs’ children, and occasionally getting her own private tutoring. When she was old enough, Fuler paid for her to be boarded and schooled in USA, culminating in a few years at Hartford University. Liucy’s education was among the finest to be had. Of course, she saw her parents approximately once a month until puberty hit, and once a year afterwards (Fuler’s good nature did not extend to letting Cursetji raise her own daughter, and he himself had a wife in Scotland).

By the early 1880s, Liucija had an excellent education, a decent if not spectacular allowance from her father, and absolutely no idea what to do with herself. Marriage didn’t seem to be in the cards, and so Liucija found herself accompanying one of her Hartford professors on an archaeological expedition back to India as a general assistant who could also speak the language. It was on that expedition that Liucija discovered her true calling. She was a scientist, but she was a very specific kind of scientist, the kind that went out, dug up ancient ruins, collected plants, and drew maps. She wasn’t very good at the ‘sit down and write about it’ part of research, and her circumstances and race meant that she was only ever an assistant on the expeditions. But when it came to tramping all over India and Mesopotamia in search of bugs, books, and anything else interesting, she was first-rate.

Liucija’s skills as a researcher were why her sire embraced her. Her sire was an Invictus vampire who had after decades of work in the covenant finally decided to allow himself the pleasure of a Grand Tour of the Empire. He needed a capable assistant, and Liucija fit the bill. The young woman wasn’t exactly thrilled with this transition, but she also didn’t have much choice, and after a few years she came to terms with it. It helped that her sire was a generally easy-going master, and also that undeath had opened up Georgie’s scope for exploration a hundred-fold.

At heart, Liucija’s a scientist, archaeologist, and anthropologist, a late Victorian Lady Explorer who can do a bit of everything. She knows how to translate several languages both modern and ancient, can catalog plants, insects, and animals, knows first aid and can perform basic surgery, is familiar with archaeological best practices, can draw maps and navigate by the stars, and can fix a car engine. Her knowledge isn’t very deep, but it’s extremely broad. Furthermore, Liucija is passionate about finding out new stuff. Quite often she is approached by both Ordo Dracul and Lancea et Sanctum for knowledge. She has helped each covenant obtain quite a few items and because of this, she can gain access to the vaults of both.

People who know Liucija tend to find her gregarious and friendly, always keen to show something off. Her general happiness with life means that she’s a very mellowperson, not easily flustered or upset. About the only thing that shakes her out of her easy-going manner is being presented with something new or interested to do, at which point she focuses on it with laser-like precision.

Miss Liucija Fuler, Keeper of Elysium

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