Lady Liucile Sanders, Groom

Growing power within the Invictus


While still alive, Liucile was a daughter of a rich factory owner. She always had a wild spark in herself. In secret she dated quite a few factory workers. Once her father learned of this he was enraged, sending her off to a girls’ boarding school, hoping she would learn how to act as a proper lady there.

In the boarding school, Liucile quickly amassed herself a following of other girls, forming a small gang. She would often run out of the school to town.

On one of these trips she was noticed by Derikas Spalding, a real estate agent, as she thought. Derikas noticed her talent for gathering power around herself and he embraced her into the clan Ventrue.

Liucile Sanders has quite a lot of influence for her age. Before Robertas Patonas was killed, she belonged to his faction of the Invictus. After his demise she managed to consolidate his power and influence for herself becoming the head of his faction.

Lady Liucile Sanders, Groom

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