Miss Ema Klein

The Harpy and the Librettist


Ema Klein comes from a very rich background. Only the best of clothes, the best of cars, the best of teachers, the best of friends would be hers. She was an empty shell caring only about herself and about what her parents could afford her. Not much has changed since her death.

She met Lady Cook , and for the first time in her life, she felt like a second person in the room. Soon enough she was embraced by her and after getting out of the kiddie pool she returned to her lifestyle.

Of course, this time around, she couldn’t just get everything by the dint of being herself, she had to get her riches and her power herself. At first, this seemed like an insurmountable task, but once she got the hang of Majesty willing servants came easy.

Only know she learned the true reason of being embraced by Lady Cook. It was because of her grandmother – Elizabeta Klein

She was pretty good with people and managed to trick everyone into thinking that she’s likeable. This allowed her to get enough social traction to become the Harpy.


Miss Ema Klein

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