Mr. Li

The Asian mafia boss


Mr. Li is the most influential underground mafia boss in Hartford. There’s very little underground movement going on without his knowledge. Of course, most widely he is known as the boss of Asian mafia, but he has ties to other groups as well.

Quite a few people have tried to kill him or take his place, however all of them have failed. Usually it’s Daisuke‘s protection. One of the most skilled warriors in the city, who guard him. However, people whisper, that even when Daisuke is busy or simply somewhere else Mr. Li easily protects himself. Some swear that they heard screams from within Mr. Li’s chamber – which looks more like a throne room – to find out that several men tried to attack them.

In truth, he’s a Demon, who’s enjoying his power and he wants his power and influence to grow upon this mortal realm.

Mr. Li

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