Mr. Poster

The Devil, who works in the Movie Poster shop


Mr. Poster loves video games. Usually when clients come to the movie poster shop they find him playing on his X-Box (usually GTA VII).

He is always looking to make new deals. Some of his suspected powers including: learning of peoples desires, perceiving mind bending powers, granting wishes, etc. Some think he’s a demon, and at least to mortals he introduces as the Devil, some think him to be a will worker.

People in need usually get tipped off about his existence and they come to him, hoping that he might fix their problems.

Mark Lehninger has sold his soul to him, in exchange for unparalleled knowledge about the Strix.
Rhea Sangiovanni/Smith has sold her own relationship withher best friend, in exchange for the loyalty of Rajani Ravindra

Mr. Poster

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