Nadija Wescote

The diviner of the Circle of the Crone


Nadija Wescote is a loyal member of the Circle of the Crone, and the main diviner of the covenant. Whenever someone from the Circle, or any other covenant for that matter, needs or wants to learn more of the future – Nadija is always available. Of course, if you are not an Acolyte her prices might be a barrier, but as often is, sometimes learning the truth is more important.

For her divinations she often uses snakes. Even more so, she has many snake pets.

Back when Nadija was still alive she was a biologist, fascinated with, you probably guessed it, snakes. Her fascination first led to their biological research, but soon enough she also started researching the occult meaning of snakes.

And as she started delving into the occult it wasn’t very long until she found a neo-pagan cult which she joined, for she found a great use in their knowledge. In fact, the cult was one of the many front cults led by an Acolyte. This one was led by Kristoferis Brentas, the hierophant of the Circle of the Crone. He thought that she had talent and embraced her.

He was right about her talent. Cruac’s divination secrets came to her very easily.


Nadija Wescote

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