The Nosferatu Primogen


Nikolas was born in 1618 in a poor family by the name of Nikolas Nowell. He was a smart and curious child, however, his family could not afford any school or tutoring. He was noticed by Thomas Hooker, the colonial leader. Quickly the young boy found himself working in the local library.

After some years Nikolas and Thomas where taken under the wing of one of the first members of Lancea et Sanctum as ghouls. However, Nikolas was quite a cowardly person, preferring books to people, which is why he didn’t get embraced. His addiction to Vitae didn’t help the cause either. Thomas, on the other hand, was active and much more experienced, so he earned an embrace quite soon. He quickly became one of the Sanctified, while his Sire got destroyed by the local werewolves. Thomas took care of Nikolas, and placed the local Lancea et Sanctum’s library under Nikolas’ watch, which he guarded fiercely. This lasted for over 50 years, at which point Nikolas was embraced by Thomas.

About a hundred years later, when the city of Hartford expanded, Thomas became the first Prince of Hartford and ruled the city with an iron fist, making sure that the Lancea Sanctum would be strong and that all the Nosferatu of the city where his own descendants, killing off or exiling all the other Nosferatu.

All this time Nikolas was taking care of the Black Library, which was continuously growing with new books, parchments, and secrets to be found or hidden. Over the next several hundred years Nikolas lived without too many worries. As a member of Lancea et Sanctum, direct descendant of Thomas and the keeper of many kindred lore and local secrets he was largely left alone in the Library.

As time passed, his hands and feet started withering away and becoming more and more weak. He dropped his surname, only keeping his name – Nikolas. At the same time, he started learning powers of Nightmare, in hopes that one day he could use it if he needed to. Over time, as the library grew, he started obtaining Ghouls to do his bidding and help him. Once he reached enough age to be considered an elder, he couldn’t even walk, and thus, his ghouls had to take him where he wanted to, they had to flip the books for him and keep it clean for him. At this point his Nightmare powers really helped him keep the control over his ghouls. Meanwhile he was hardly touched by others, because his web of influence (due to trading some of the information) grew.

Recently (read a hundred years ago), Thomas entered Torpor and a new Prince, from the Invictus came to rule. The age of Lancea et Sanctum’s undisputed rule was over. Nikolas became the Primogen of the Nosferatu, as the eldest of them. Nikolas still holds the Black Library as his first priority, trying to preserve the knowledge and learn as much as possible. He even devoted sections of the Library to human literature, which he enjoys to read. At the same time, he trades some of it’s secrets to his fellow Sanctified, or very rarely even to others (never to the Acolytes or Dragons).

Through the ages he also watched his family, the Nowell’s. He always helped them in times of greatest need, making sure that they would survive.


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