Norbertas Susteris

The Kogaion of the Dragons


Before his death, Norbertas was a salesman. He worked hard to gain some sort of recognition and most importantly, wealth. After he reached some success he was embraced into the Ventrue by his sire.

At young age, he still received some trouble for being a ventrue of lowly blood, but his ambition allowed him to survive among the First Estate and even gain some status within it. When Thomas Hooker was still ruling, in secret he was invited to join Ordo Dracul.

Since he started caring about his own powers and blood a lot more than about the petty politics of the Invictus court, he dived into studied.

After Thomas Hooker disappeared he left the Invictus and was among the first ones to openly announce his membership as a Dragon. In 1980 the old Kogaion of the Dragons died, and since he had the greatest knowledge of the coils, he became the new Kogaion.

Norbertas Susteris

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