Oktavia Sangiovanni

The Mekhet Primogen


Childe of Aleksandras Sangiovanni, sire of Rhea.

She represents the more practical side of the Lancea Sanctum, believing that vampires should show their faith in Longinus by action and not by prayers. She also has quite a fascination with the dead (but so does most of the Sangiovanni family).

The family itself is an old bloodline originating in Europe, which concerns itself a lot with the dead and necromancy.

Oktavia was the one chosen by Rhea to be her sire. It seems that Aleksandras (Oktavia’s sire) wanted her turned and so instructed one of his childer to embrace her.

Oktavia is also the mekhet primogen, thus she’s one of the five people who can help someone actually get out of the kiddie pool (since you need three signatures of primogen to become a citizen).

Oktavia Sangiovanni

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