Oliveris Tvistas

The loner in the woods (DEAD)


Olivers Tvistas was a simple nosferatu, who lived in one of the small woods of the Kiddie Pool. There he spent quite a few years, since the other kiddie poolers shunned him and pushed him into there.

He got used to living in an abandoned cabin, which he made his home. Until one day Donaldas came into his house with a permit to Blood Bond another kiddie pooler. They started struggling, however Katerina and Amir saved him and he became a part of their coterie.

Later on, he accidentally killed a man, so he quickly ran to his new allies and brought them to the place. Tauras helped him with it, by dominating the people who already saw the corpse into forgetting it. He also had to dominate Giliana, the Sanctified Hound.

A month later, this event was exposed in one of the kiddie pool gatherings and Oliveris was sentenced to death by fire.

Oliveris Tvistas

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