Ramiras Ovenas

The Sheriff


He has FUCK FIRE tattooed on his knuckles.


Ramiras Ovenas has earned himself the title of Initiate of the Wild Curse within the Ordo Dracul. He knows one more coil, with which he could gain rank, however the leadership of the Ordo Dracul has denied his tests for now.

He’s also the Sheriff of Hartford, specializing in investigating masquerade breaches and dragging criminals back in front of their judges.

He often hates the things he must do in his job, however he sees them as a necessary evil, which must be done if the Kindred community is to survive.

He was in a coterie with Felix King and Paula Beiley. The Coterie now parted their ways. Felix hates Ramiras, however he still holds Paula’s friendship.

Ramiras Ovenas

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