Raphael Walker


Raphael is born from a French mom and an American father. His mother was taken by police officers and rest in prison since his youth for murder while out drunk. He learned to fend for himself during his high school years and dodged drugs and depression thanks to his loving father. Raphael left his dad at 18 to ease his life and make his own way. He discovered car racing thanks to his tattoo artist, and never stopped since then.

A few weeks ago, Raphael challenged the local race leader, Michael « Turbo » Stirling, but the day before the race, he was shot in the back by a thug who spat on his bleeding body saying who purchased his services. A few minutes later, a pale silhouette crouched over him saying « I’m a big fan of yours, Raphael… »

That was the moment his Requiem began.

Raphael offers:

  • Drive – His contacts, fame and skills in the underground street racing can be an asset for many looking for a quick getaway
  • Wits – Raph might not be getting everything that’s happening around him but he knows how to get out of trouble – or into it.
  • Cockiness – His Beast is a competitor beyond measure, it can easily place a Kindred in a bad position.

Raphael wants:

  • Cars – his greatest passion, it’s easy to get him to listen about this subject.
  • Friends – Death did not aleviate his aching for something close to a family
  • Tavern sports – Ping-pong, darts, babyfoot or billard, Raph is always willing to partake in a friendly competition

Story Hooks:

  • His mother is still in prison but her sentence is coming to an end soon
  • Raphael hates drugs with a passion. Manipulating him – or someone else – with them can easily turn to one’s advantage

Raphael Walker

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