Rosie Embriee

(DEAD)A faithful and ambitious ex-bounty Hunter


Ex-Bounty Hunter, ghouled by the First Estate to serve as a help to a hound. Got assigned quite often to Lancea et Sanctum related cases, so even as a ghoul she got exposed to Longinian faith. She liked it quite a lot. She proceeded to do all she can eventually impressing Solomon Birch so much, that he demanded the Invictus to hand her over to him.

Solomon tested Rosie for another year, seeing if she is truly as strong as he thought. After she proved herself he embraced her.

She quickly became Sanctified, while also working for a membership in the First Estate. Until now, she was only ordered around, but they decided to release her into the Kiddie Pool to work on a full membership.

She tries to never feed from same people, but her kiss is downright addictive and it really annoys her how her past victims tend to look for her looking for more.

Rosie Embriee

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