Samuelis Sangiovanni

A Sanctified Priest


Samuelis Sangiovanni was and still is an exemplary child of the Sangiovanni family. In his childhood he took up the lessons and the studies imposed by his family with fervor, always seeking to be the best.

At his 24th birthday Aleksandras Sangiovanni deemed him worthy of joining the inner circle of the family. And so, in a great celebration of the family, he was embraced.

As soon as he could, he joined Lancea et Sanctum where he became a loyal priest. Taking confessions has showed him how much power does simply knowing things gives to one, so he started building connections and contact routes to all the spheres of undead and mortal life.

Not many things happen without reaching Samuelis’s ears. To this end, he even volunteered to run a mass in the kiddie pool, hoping that he can get into contact with various younglings as soon as he can.

Samuelis Sangiovanni

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