Simona Bel

The girl from XIX century.


I am Simona Bel. A daughter of an estate owner from XIX century. I lived in a society where people had had special clothes for every meal and were organizing parties was the main purpose at home. Of course, the parties were the place where parents looked for a husband to their daughters. I lived there and I hated it while I had met her who changed me. I was not a human anymore, but the life did not change because there were new parties with new rules which I also hated.



I was born on sunset in 1888. My mother was Karinna Bel a beautiful women who gave birth to five wonderful girls and I am fourth from them. I father was a huge man in society, so our family had to be a perfect family to others’ eyes.

I can not say, that my life was hard. We were a rich family, I and my sisters had a lot of wonderful dresses and toys and a personal teacher for every subject which basics we should know. We had grown as little naive dolls which our parents wanted.

From the early I did not wanted to be a girl with a dress. I loved riding a horse at all speed and reading books from our library. Books which was not like my teacher gave me, but with more creativeness and sense of freedom or minds of genius people. My father did not like that I read his books because he did not think that reading is useful for woman. I know that my mother prefered that I would be a magnificient like my sisters. Only my grandfather understood me. He had taught me things that my parents had never let me such as working with a wood and shooting with hunting rifles.

Days before a vampire

In these days my three older sisters was already married and it was my time. My mother made a huge efforts to make me beautiful young lady who would be available and perfect to any man. There wereplenty of parties and It looked like a masquerade where I was presented to the richest men in town like a thing to get.

In one of these parties I met her, Lady Amelija Cook. To tell the truth, I assume that she saw me in the crowd. The stunning beauty walked to me and said to me:

“Everytime I see you I adore your face and manners. You could be a wonderful masterpiece.”

I did not understood her until we had a walk in the garden and the darkness surrounded me.

Vampire’s days from XIX century

It seemed to me, that everything changed and there would not be rules anymore, but I was so wrong. Lady Amlelija had her own parties with her rules to be beautiful only. I live the same life but in a different place. It was a nightmare.

One day I met another girl. She wanted more for herself. I wanted to help her. I helped, but that cost me a lot. I was punished for a long time.

Simona Bel

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