Sofija Martinez

Know-it all blackmailer. Ordo Dracul Hound


While alive Sofija was a talented history teacher and researcher. She was especially interested in ancient civilizations and old languages. As her mastery of her field grew she became quite known as a great specialist in ancient history. More importantly, in the more practical applications and researches of the field.

Sofija was ghouled by Rosmari Karol to help her investigate the ancient lines of Kindred and of their influence upon the mortal civilizations. Sofija jumped to this work with eagerness which surprised Rosmari.

After her research concluded, Rosmari decided to embrace Sofija, since she wanted to have such an inquisitive mind within the Ordo Dracul.

Sofija became a Dragon and even more so, she became their Hound.

Sofija really liked the feel of authority, so she set out to become a master of Auspex, so that no secret could hide from her. After that, learning how to use the knowledge was no problem.

Sofija Martinez

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