The Honorable Alder Akadas,

The Prince and Earl of Hartford


Only the most trusted friends of the Prince knows how he truly looks. If anyone else does, they’re keeping their mouths shut as that would prove the fact that they have pierced his Obfuscate, as the Prince is always under it’s cover.

He rules pretty fairly, unlike his predecessor, Thomas Hooker, who used to outlaw Ordo Dracul and Circle of the Crone. Some of the more traditional of the Invictus, and most of the Lancea et Sanctum dislike him for this. As they say, now the heretics and impostors can run freely.

However, the Prince holds his power exactly because he managed to more or less keep everyone in line and because he knows dirty secrets about everyone.

Some wonder why Solomon Birch doesn’t take more action against the Prince, The few who actually look into this, learn that their relationship is quite friendly, Solomon has even saved the life of the Prince previously.


The Honorable Alder Akadas,

Hartford Griautis Griautis