Tina Wats

Smart ex-medicine student (DEAD)


Tina Wats was always a shy girl, however she really wanted to help people. Even from early childhood she dreamed of becoming a doctor. She worked hard while attending school and thus, without too many problems, she was welcomed into the Medicine Faculty of Hartford University. There she worked hard to learn as much as she could about human anatomy, biology and the best ways to help people recover from accidents. She wanted to become a surgeon.

When her anatomy classes began she also started helping out in the local morgue. However, after noticing several strange corpses, she stopped going there. Instead, she diverted her time into investigating these corpses, because she couldn’t understand what had happened, and why exactly did the morgue workers seem to ignore them. She even checked their autopsy reports and they were clearly full of lies.

She planned to go to the authorities with the information she gathered, however, it was too late. Her investigation was already noticed by one of the Morgue ghouls, who warned his master. And so, Rosmari Karol, Adept of the Curse, Dragon of the Ordo Dracul, was sent to claim her. The Dragons did not want to allow such talent to go to waste, therefore she became one of the Damned, and Rosmari became her mentor within the Ordo.

After several years of studying under her mentor she learned her first coil, and after defending her knowledge of it before the elders of the Dragons, she gained the title of “Supplicant of the Curse”. With this, she was sent out into the kiddie pool, to earn her full citizenship of the city.

However, Tina was still just a shy girl inside, even the beast couldn’t stir her fighting to such a degree that she could properly compete in the kiddie pool. Thus, she quickly joined with two more outcasts, Melinda and Albert (npc) – both members of the Lancea et Sanctum.

Nowadays, she remains together with Albert, because Melinda ran away from the city. After the recent Carthian alliance she has even more trouble feeding properly, because Erika’s gang pushed them out of one of the neighborhoods they used to feed in.

Tina Wats

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