Declan goes to the Library
Google Docs 51st session play

After meeting with Lady Cook and promising her a minor boon for this, Declan went to the State of Connecticut library. It was huge, with a lot of sections with piles of books upon books all neatly categorised by the library workers. It all worked like perfect clockwork.

Declan walks in with Majesty one on. Looks around, uses Auspex 1.
Who here is the most likely to give me what I want? (most suitable Librarian here). He notices an old librarian sitting before the desk, flipping through what looks like an ancient tome, but is in fact a simple book log.
Who here is the most likely to give me what I want? (Mystery Cult, it could happen in a library, maybe someone read about them or is in one). He notices a girl, sitting in a corner, with several huge sheets of paper on the table, sifting through them.
Who here is most afraid? He sees a young man, in the corner hastily taking notes from the book on his table, he reeks of fear.

Declan walks to that girl, sits down besides her, notices that the sheets of paper are actually hartford maps. She’s also scribbling something on one of them, seemingly ignoring Declan’s presence.

Declan puts his hand on the map, so she would look at him.
“Don’t you know where you are?” she said, shooting an angry look at him. Declan’s eyes quickly caught her mind and she was under his power.

Declan whispers to her ear “answer my questions truthfully” “What do you know about this cities cults?”

“Do those even exist?” she asked in return.

“Answer my question” (it’s a command)

“Um… Nothing?”

“Why do you need these maps?”

“I’ve been hired to do some work with them.”

“By whom?”

“I don’t know.”

“How do you contact him?”

“I don’t, they contact me.”

“How often?”

“I’ve been contacted twice. I should be contacted once more once I’m done with my work.”

“When is that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Ok, what are you looking for?”

“For a pattern.”


“How the city has changed.”

“Do they come to you or they call you?”

“They call me.”

“Do you ever meet them?”

“Yes, after the call we arrange an immediate meeting.”

“Write down your address” Declan hands her a sheet of paper

She calmly wrote down an address on the sheet of paper.

“Forget this ever happened. Resume to your work”

And she simply does that.

Declan then goes to the old librarian “Good evening” with those words he lashes out seductively.

“Oh my” she blushed a little “Good evening, how may I help you?”

“Well, I am looking for some help. I am in need of a specialist and my gut says that you are the best at what you do” Declan smiles

“So flattering… “ she said. “so what books are you looking for?”

“I am trying to build myself a small library. And I want unique and books. I am sure I can try to find some here, so you would understand” Declan uses auspex 3 (2s)

Where is the object which mosts interest me now? (A book with some occult) He looked around, seeing different sections, hundreds, no thousands upon thousands of books. Some of the sections concerning with mythology had some slimers of truth in them.
Does this room has any secret pathways? Each wall is like a block, tough and unbreachable.

“This is a library, we don’t sell books.” she said with a smile “But you can read them or borrow them.”

“Yes, I know” he smiles “That’s why I need a person with your expertise, who could go once or twice a month to some pawnshops or where books could be sold… “ Declan thinks “You see I don’t even know where I could find them” He laughs quietly “and look for such books. Of course I would repay for that”.

“I don’t really see the point, dear” she said in a motherly tone. “Almost any book you’d desire can be found here. After all, this is the biggest library in the state.”

“That may be true, but I want my own library” He smiles “I like to read during the night, alone. Would you help a young lad like me??”

“Dear, I’m quite old. Why don’t you hire one of the young newcomers? They’re still young, and pretty too.” she smiled.

Declan activates majesty 2. “Yes, but they don’t know as much as you!! And for me knowledge matters the most”

“I’m just an old librarian” she said. “What books are you looking for anyways? There’s little point in your own library, when you can simply borrow books here, and read them on nights if you so choose.”

“Mystical, unique, those filled with stories about creatures. Non of these peek my interest”

“Mystical and unique? There’s the folklore and legends section over there.” she answered.

“Yes, but I won’t learn anything new from them… And I don’t have a lot of time to look for this kind of books my self… I don’t even know where to look…”

“I’d look for all the books I would need here.”

“Could you point me towards someone, who could help me with kind of work?”

“I really don’t understand what is there to help you with. But ask one of the younger girls around. They should be up for some more money.”

“Which one worked here the longest?”

“Marta. She just went to the history section, to check on the new girl.”

“Thank you” Declan nods and goes to the history section

There he sees two girls and a bunch on the books.

“You clumsy, bitch! I will not see this happening again if you want to keep the job!” she has definitely raised her voice, but it was still not above what’s expected in a library.

Declan walks up to them “Marta?” with those words he lets out his seductive beast.

“Oh” she slowly turned. “Hello there. How may I help you?” she smiled.

“Well, I want to build myself a library at home and I need a specialist on that matter” Declan smiles “Your friend told me that you are one of the longest working here”

“Oh of course! A library? What kind of books are you interested in?”

“Oh, I meant a study room library. I am interested in unique and rare/ rarer books. And I need a person that could look for them. of course I will award that person”

“Award?” she asked.

“Money or something else you wanted”

“How much are you paying for such work? And how much work you want to get done for that?”

“I am a reasonable man, we will arrange the price of each book separately” Declan smiles “If you are up for it, give me your contacts and I will make you a call, because now, as I can see, you have this lady to tutor”

“Of course. Here’s my number”

“Ok, I will contact you then”

Declan goes feeding
Google Docs 51st session play

Declan goes to the nightclub that is in their lands. Before going, he turns on Majesty 1.
The beat is loud inside there’s quite a lot of people, most of them black.

Declan starts dancing and looks for some females.

Quickly he notices a very pretty woman, she’s also the only female who ain’t black in here. She’s sitting by the bar, slowly drinking her drink. A couple of guys are eyeing her and her red dress.

Declan walks up to her and asks her to dance

She smiled “Sure”. After that she extended her hand to Declan.

Declan dances with her for quite some time.

Declan offers her talk walk outside. “Of course, honey, we can go the very depths of hell”

“What a lovely night” Declan lashes out seductively on her with those words

“Dark and gloomy. Just like I like it.” she said with a smile.

“What can you tell me about yourself?” Said Declan leading her away from crowded place, where he could try drinking her blood

“I’m not that interesting. I’d rather hear about you. What is such a guy as yourself doing in such places like this?”

“Well, I am a party person” Declan smiles “Also, I like to create some poems”

“Poems?” she said, they were completely alone in this street.

“I can read one to you, but you will have to close your eyes and imagine it in your head”

“Sure” she said, closing her eyes.

Declan uses blush of life and pulls out his notebook and reads one of his poems. After he reads it he says “Don’t open your eyes just yet” He gently kisses her lips and starts moving down her neck then he bites

The warm blood starts flowing, it’s so sweet, so tasty.

After drinking some blood (2 vitae) Declan waits for the girl to respond she just smiles at him.

When Declan asks for her number, she thinks for a bit, then gives the number somewhat reluctantly “I’ll think about it.” she said.

Rhea visits Nikolas' church
Google Docs 51st session play

Rhea got round to visiting Faith Congregational church. After she found the church itself, she started looking around to see what the security here was.
The church was pretty small. There were a few weak locks. From her observation the only problematic thing she saw, were a couple of monks inside. What the hell they were doing here at such time?
Rhea approached the main door and listened in, trying to determine if they were close to this door, or closer to the entrance through the rectory.
Turned out, that the several of them were not there so randomly. They were guarding the place. Walking around.
“Why isn’t it ever easy…” whispered Rhea to herself. Then she approached the rectory entrance. as silently as she could, she unlocked the door, and then silently waited, for the place around to be silent.
The steps of the monks could be heard. What Rhea understood was that these monks are far too vigilant for what she’d expect of a monk guarding a church at 2 AM in the morning. Who the hell guards a church with a couple of monks?
Highly confused with the guards, Rhea turned invisible and finding the right moment she quickly jumps inside and closes the door. Moments after, she started silently looking around from a corner.
The monks are patrolling the perimeter. Theres of them walking around, one sitting on a chair in a corner, by the door to the catacombs, and the last one is taking a power nap.
Rhea starts to make her way to the catacomb entrance.
With her powers, it was pretty easy. The door looked heavy, but it lead down. The monk was sitting vigilantly, if it were not for her powers, she’d have no chance to get past him.
Rhea obfuscated the door, and started unlocking. The lock falls quite easily to Rhea’s skill. She takes another look at the monks, and walks in. After that she crept downstairs and started looking around for information on curses in this area. However, there was nothing of the sort here.
Slowly but surely Rhea carried on through the catacombs, looking for the all too familiar altair.
There it was. These catacombs were much cleaner than the other ones. The altar well taken care off.
Rhea tried the same thing as in other tombs, and hoped to open the secret room.
And it did, after a quick descent down the stairs she was in a similar room. This had no gold in it, just the silent sarcophagus.
Almost sure that this place will be empty, Rhea tried to open the sarcophagus. Slowly it budged and as Rhea expected, she saw it to be empty.
“And so there were two…” sighed Rhea and turned around to leave.

Declan meets the Harpy
Google Docs 51st session play

It was a small and cozy coffee shop. Miss Klein was sitting next to one of the tables, playing with the cup of coffee.

Declan joins the table “Good evening Miss Klein”

“Mister Middleton, is it?” she asked. “A pleasure to meet you.”

Declan nods and extends his arm “I just came to talk you you, maybe get some tips on who needs what” Declan smiles.

“Very interesting. So eager to please?”

“Our world works on favor, doesn’t it? So if I do favors for them, they’ll do favors for me”

“Makes sense. Well, for a favor I can get the word out for you. That you want to get involved.” she smiled.

Declan opens the his note book and reads the latest cacophony news “Well, I get the news, I could spread them my self. I meant some exclusive jobs and favors” Declan smiles

“Someone of your… flavour … shouldn’t find it too hard to find them. After all, your position is very interesting.”

“I suppose so, I guess, you could spread the word, it would be more convincing than if I had spread it.”

“Of course.” she nodded.

“Maybe you have tips, on how to take media sector? I am still very young and inexperienced in this sort of things”

“Pretty much like all the things. Find those who have influence over it and get influence over them?”

“I guess I will go for chief editor then. I am trying to get to know as many vampires as possible, maybe you could tell me something about yourself?” Declan smiles. Declan uses Auspex 2 on Miss Klein.

What is this person afraid of right now? Declan sees two bloody fighters on the table, trading blows equally, neither of them really falling.
What is one of this person’s psychological vulnerabilities? He then sees one of the fights topple the other one, jump with his foot on top of him laughing.
Is this person a diablerist? For a second there, it looked like he’s going to eat his victim, but he turned away.
What is this person’s Dirge? Instead he started talking with the little spoon, and the coffee cup and the hands and they responded with the smiles.
What’s this person’s attitude towards me? Declan lifted his eyes from the small scene and looked at Ema, she was carefully looking at him. At every move of his. Gauging what he might do next…

“You know plenty about me already. I’m the Harpy of Hartford. It’s my job to know as much as possible and to make sure that the people know what they need to know.” she responded.

“Yes, but I’m interested in you as a person, your personality” Declan said with smile

“Well, tell me about yourself then.”

“Well, I like to create poems during my spare time, I like to listen to classical music, I would like to visit some art gatherings organized by us” Declan smiles “Also, I like to party and I mean party hard” Declan laughs “That’s why I wanted to take nightclubs, but that sector is already taken and I won’t interfere with that. Instead I will do my best to take media.” Declan looks around thinking “Well, I love to get some occult books and do some research, but I suppose that’s really hard”

“Create poems? Alright, I’d like to hear one. I bet you have at least a few in that notebook of yours.”

Declan pulls out his notebook and reads one of his poems.

“Very interesting” she says, smiling.

“I could play some instruments if I could practice before and I have more poems of course”

“I don’t think that will be necessary, Mister Middleton. I’m not that big of a fan of instruments in any case.”

“Well, I told you about myself, what can you tell me now?”

“As I said, I’m just a Harpy. What I was is largely irrelevant to what I am now.”

“I strongly disagree, what you are now is because what you were before” Declan smiles

“If you say so… Now if you’ll excuse me, I got another meeting to make.” she said, standing up. Her coffee cup still untouched.

“Sure thing. Good evening Miss Klein”

She left without saying another word.

Declan meets Erma Fisher, his touchstone
Google Docs 51st session play

Declan invitedErma to have dinner with him at the pizza place in Mister Albert’ lands. When Declan sees Erma, he activates blush of life. He is sitting behind one of the tables.

She arrives in a nice dress. After seeing him she approaches “Really? A pizza?” she said with a smile.

“Well, there is a hotel nearby, I guess it will have a nice restaurant” Declan gives an aloof smile

“it’s not what I mean. we won’t be able to dance here.” she smiled sitting down.

“There is a nightclub down the corner, but I have never been there”

“Let’s just finish the pizza, since you obviously haven’t called me for dance.” she laughed.

“Sorry” Declan looks down “We can go any other day you want, I will take you anywhere you want” Declan smiles

“So, she said grabbing a slice of pizza. What’s tonight about?”

“Well, I wanted to treat you dinner and talk”

“Cool” she said taking a bite “Thanks, Declan.”

Declan socializes whole evening, talking about their parties. Also he asks her about her life, maybe there is something bothering her.’

She’s pretty fine and really interested in what Declan has to say.

“Maybe you could help me a bit?”

“Sure, what is it Declan?”

“One of my friends wants to talk to the manager of Room 960, about some nightclub stuff. Maybe you could give me his contacts?”

“Sure.” she said, pulling out her note book. Take it.

“Thank you” Declan spends the rest of the evening chatting with Erma.

Declan meets Lady Kels
Google Docs 51st session play

Declan wants to meet Miss Kels. How will he try to get a meeting with her?

He asked her contact while he was in a meeting. He caught her after they left the building and wanted to meet her later.

Miss Kels invited Declan into her own club. The music was loud here, the colors bright, it was filled to the maximum, humans, bodies grinding against each other.

“Good evening Miss Kels. Do you have a quieter place to talk to?”

She lead him to one of the booths deeper in the club. They weren’t most private place Declan had in mind, but they could do.

“Good evening, Mister Middleton. How may I help you?”

“I came here with a proposal. You are talking over the club sector and I will be taking over media, so I thought, we could help each other a bit. What do you think?”

“Let’s hear what you have in mind.”

“I imagine you ghouled the owner of this nightclub”

“And you’d imagine wrong.”

Declan raises an eyebrow “And why didn’t you do that yet?”

“And why would I do that?”

“At least I had this kind of plan in mind: You ghoul the owner of this nightclub, then you go to another and “convince” that nightclub owner to sell it to your ghoul, that way, you’ll have two nightclubs with one owner, it’s easier to control. And you do that for several nightclubs”

She frowned. “Yes, and then all my rival needs to do, is get rid of a single person to ruin everything I’ve built. Are your new lords starting to use you to set us up? It’s not gonna be that easy."

“You know yourself, that my sire and I wanted to join Lady Cook, not Ladies Sanders side” Declan said that with a bit anger

“Which is an excellent excuse, for your new lords to use. Really, the advice to use a single ghoul for all of my power?”

“I won’t argue with you on that theme, when I will be able to choose to whom I will oath my self, you will see” Declan smiles “Well, then you could make all of them ghouls and sign a contract that says, that they are all equal partners and owners of every nightclub. Of course you would be pulling the strings on them.” Declan thinks for a minute “There is a thing, nightclubs attract celebrities and celebrities attract media, them I need. If I helped you with your nightclub plan, would you help me with the media sector? I need as many contacts as possible in that sector”

This time she raised her eyebrows in surprise. “I guess then, you’ll completely understand why I won’t be just handing over the information about my control easily. In any case, does this club looks like a place celebrities would frequent, just for fun? Attracting celebrities requires… something. As for the media, get a foothold there. Then we can figure out how we can mutually benefit from each other.”

“I guess you could ask Sir Mangumas, maybe he’ll let you take over 960 room, I could get you some contacts in that place” Declan smiles

“Really? Well, that would be very useful. Once you get a foothold within the Media, I could pay back the favor… by arranging something to happen. That way, you can get something juicy for the Media and I can get a club.”

“I guess the manager’s number would do and anything else I can get?”

“We’ll see” her eyes were still suspicious of Declan.

“I guess, I will take my leave now. I will arrange that number as soon as possible. I guess I can find you here or where should I contact you?”

“Call the number…” she said. “Good night, Mr. Middleton.”

“Have a good evening Miss Kels”

Declan meets Lady Cook
Google Docs 51st session play

The Invictus Board Meeting was just over. Declan was probably still surprised by the changed order of things. After all, instead of serving Lady Cook he’s now to do the same for Mister Heckles.

Declan approaches Lady Cook. “Good evening Lady Cook, may I speak with you in private?”

She thought for a second. “Oh of course, Mister Middleton”. She looked around. “Well, that corner by the window looks empty enough, and it’s a great view too.”

Declan nods and follows Lady Cook. “It seems, the Inner Circle appointed me to Mister Heckles” Declan shakes his head a bit “I really wanted to be Oathed to you….”

She smiled. “I know you did. I wonder how Lady Sanders got this arrangement, or what she did to get it.”

“I will find out, if you want to know” Declan smiles “Miss Liucija wasn’t pleased with this decision as well, I have never seen her so….” Declan doesn’t finish his sentence. “I guess if I got a higher standing in the Invictus, I would be reoathed to someone else. Of course I would choose you Lady Cook.”

“This wasn’t a standard procedure per say. Usually an Invictus has to convince someone to swear the Oath. So when the time comes and you can free yourself from Mister Heckles, you’ll probably be able to swear it to me.” she smiled.

“And what do I exactly need to do to free myself from Mr. Heckles?”

“Show the Inner Council that you’re capable AND that Mr. Heckles can’t handle the power he has been given.”

“And if someone else swore an oath to me, could I get out of oath to mister Heckles in that way?”

“Depending on who it is, it will improve your standing in the Invictus. But no, directly it will not force the Inner Circle to renounce your Oath and allow you to pick someone else.Don’t forget, that all your achievements also improve Mr. Heckles standing as well. After all, his vassal is a good one. The best course of action would be for you to find a way to ruin his reputation, so that someone else could point out the fact that he did not deserve this.”

“Hmmm, if I were to take the media sector, so all fame would go to Mr. Heckles. That’s a really complicated situation. I guess going to the so called kiddie pool, to look for good vassals isn’t an option, because by now it would have been done by the Invictus”

“Indeed, the standing situation with the kiddie pool is – we should not get involved with them. Watching them, and being approached by them is generally permitted.”

“Only if one asked for me, I could go there. Well that makes it a bit interesting. Maybe you have something in mind what could help with this situation?”

“Not at the moment. No. But I’ll keep you in my mind.” she smiled.

“Is Miss Kels on your side? I mean did she swore an oath to you”

“Yes, she has”

“Then I will help her a bit, if she needs some help, because nightlife attracts media and I need them”

“A solid plan. Now if you’ll excuse me. I still need to speak with several others before they disappear.”

Declan nods “Have a nice evening Lady Cook”

Hartford: Fiftieth Session

A while passed, but here we go.

Rhea visits the mass and speaks with Bishop Birch and Nikolas

And we also got a new player character. Mister Declan Middleton, childe of Lady Liucija Fuler, Master of Elysium, grandchilde of Akadas, the Prince of Hartford

A little memory from Declan, about his sire’s and Solomon Birches relationship.
Declan speaks with his sire before the big day

We finished our last session mid scene, we finished that out over google docs
Albert speaks with Archon Gillen about their fate

Now the session itself. We only got Declan’s perspective written by a player, but mot of the session was mostly the Board Meeting, so it’s more or less fine.

Declan’s perspective

And a short checklist on what happened above.

Invictus Board Meeting starts here (all Invictus are present), only listing the most impotant things to PCs here… other things can be found in Declan’s perspective.

  • Miss Fuller is invited to the Inner Circle meeting, she leaves it barely holding herself together
  • New vampires are introduced to the Invictus. That’s Albert, Andrzej (a new PC) andDeclan.
  • ToDeclan’s surprise, he is forced to swear Fealty to Albert, instead ofLady Cook.
  • There’s a rumour flying about a coterie looking for Thomas Hooker, Prince says that he’ll look into it personally.
  • Miss Klein tells everyone how Mark has his eyes set on the position of the harpy, but he completely lacks the tact. Someone questions her own methods in counter attacking Mark.
  • Archon Gillen reported lack of action within kiddie pool, there should be new kiddie poolers
Declan watches Solomon Birch visit his sire
Hartford: 50th Session Google Doc Play

It was an ordinary night, as far as you could tell. However, there was a visitor visiting Miss Fuler. An ordinary human being. AsDeclan knew, they were pretty close, but Liucija asked Declan not to get involved with him, nor tell anyone about him.
This time however, the human was asking uncomfortable questions to her.

Declan just stands where he is and listens to the whole conversation

She dropped a few excuses to the mortal before a loud slow knock happened on the door. She cut the talk with him and went to the door, looking through the peep hole. She turned to the mortal.
“Ah shit.” she said. “I’m really sorry.” she looked into his eyes. “Go home. Don’t turn back for anything. Give me a call tomorrow.”

And then she opened the door, letting him out. A bald tall man stood on the other side of the door. He was wearing a suit. Declan could feel his beast. He stepped aside for the man to leave and when he was a fair distance away she spoke.

“Oh, Bishop, what a lovely surprise.”

“You haven’t learned the lesson yet, have you?” he said stepping inside. Liucija was obviously not happy to see him here. Only now, Declan saw a small briefcase by his side.

Declan uses Auspex 2 on the Bishop. And suddenly Declan’s beast knows answers to:
What is this person afraid of right now? The smell of darkness, the hope of knowledge, lingering death can be felt upon the Bishop.
What is this person’s Requiem? Declan notices how confidently he moves in, how the very air of belief around him causes Declan to desire to stand by his side.
What is one of this person’s psychological vulnerabilities? Declan sees the halo around the Bishop, his strength and belief. But it is cracking. Or perhaps it might crack. Or perhaps…
Is this person a diablerist? Declan sees the tip of his fangs, pristine white and clean.
Why did this person come here? Bishop is eyeing Liucija, with a big smile on his face, and perhaps a little cruelty in his eyes.

“What do you want?” she asked, not bothering to keep the pleasantries up for long. He went around her, and placed his briefcase on the bar, turning his back to Miss Fuler.

“I want you to understand who you truly are” he said, slowly and deliberately. He opened the briefcase and put his hands in it.

“I know perfectly well, what I am.” she said.

“Oh really?” he asked. “so what of that man who just left? One of the man you just Dominated just to keep your secret from him. You’ve gotten too close to him.” he was explaining.

Solomon twisted on his feet, on his hands shining golden claws. Within seconds the claws went into Liucija’s face. She screamed in fear, anger and pain.

Declan waits a second to see if he continues to attack.

“You will never be like them!” he shouted before cutting right through her left cheek, a gaping hole could be seen. Liucija ran deeper into apartment, into her own bedroom.

Declan continues to watch, what will bishop do next.

Bishop Birch quite calmly cleans of his blades, with one of the clothes lying around. He then placed the claws back inside the briefcase and left the apartment.

Declan speaks with his sire before the big day
Hartford: 50th Session Google Doc Play

They were in Liucija’s skyline apartment. She was reading a book and making some notes throughout it. By now, Declan knew that she only does this when she’s concerned about something.

“Good evening Miss Liucija. What a wonderful evening we are having” Declan smiles

“Wonderful. Um. Of course, Declan, of course. I’m investigating an old manuscript which shows new connections between Latin language and America. Interesting, isn’t it?” she asked, turning her head towards Declan, but her eyes remained pretty cold.

“Yes, very. It should be interesting”

“How are you feeling? Soon you will be a true citizen of Hartford, no longer tied to me.” she asked, almost as if offhand.

“Scared a bit. There are so many things that I will need to do on my self”

“Yes, and you’ll also be joining the First Estate.” she said. “And swearing the Oath of Fealty.”

“Yes, I am waiting for that. I wonder, who it will, that I’ll swear to”

“Well, I’ll ask Lady Cook to take you as her vassal. Her skills as Au Pair would be invaluable to you. Not to mention that it would position you better to repay the debts you already have. Second in the row probably would be her childe, Miss Klein.”

“That would be perfect” she can see a big smile on Declan’s face “I would love to swear the Oath to her”

“I guess so.” she said. “Now don’t forget what I taught you. Don’t forget the proper way to address. And don’t interrupt others. Once everyone has said the word, then you may speak.” she said, obviously not really interested in the words themselves. Saying them, because she needs to.

“I won’t forget. I will on address someone only if asked and I will arrive a bit earlier”

“Alright. Is there anything else you would like to talk about before the big night?”

“You could give me tips, what not to do”

“Don’t break our law.” she said, pretty vaguely.

“Ok. What should I do after I become a full citizen, I know The Invictus take control of all human spheres, maybe you can tell me what I should try?”
“Law Enforcement is pretty well taken up by Archon Gillen. Mister Fergusonas is infiltrating the underworld. Mister Fonteinas is working up the businesses and corporations of Hartford, he might need some help. Hmm… Guess you’ll have to find a sphere where we’re not involved. I know the media is taken up by the Ordo Dracul Hound. Think for a bit, and you’ll find a niche fit to your talents. Of course, this largely depends on what Lady Cook will have in mind for you.”

“Yes, her opinion will determine” Declan smiles “If not, I will take the night life. I will take the clubs, museums and other cultural spots”

“That’s a good place to start. Tho, you might get into competition withMiss Kels. As far as I remember, she said she’s going to try and get a club under her. I won’t be surprised if she’s gonna try and expand.”

“Maybe Lady Cook will let me take over. If not, I will take a sphere that she’ll give me”

“Good” she answered with a smile. “Shall we dance?” she asked.

Declan nods and walks to takeMiss Liucija’s hand to dance.


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