Albert speaks with Archon Gillen about their fate
Hartford: 50th Session Google Doc Play

“Mark, please go outside and watch guard. Make sure that you cannot hear what we speak here. Only come back if you see something suspicious or if one of us calls you back inside.” he said. Mark just nodded and went for the door. To Albert’s eyes it was quite obvious what happened.

“So.. We’re in deep shit, aren’t we..?” Albert asked with audible desperation in his voice

“We have two dead cops. A crime scene with a corpse. Huge damage to a well liked museum. And a caught strix on our hands.” he was accounting the things.

“To be honest, I’m not quite familiar with other entities such as the strix – I knew they were dangerous and after seeing Helena dead I really couldn’t think of a better way to capture that thing.. Though the dead cops were never part of the plan.. It just.. Happened..” Albert sighs – “I might as well set myself on fire and save some time.. But shit, this mess is not going to clean itself up, so the least I could do is try and fix this up.. I just need some kind of guidance on what’s the best way to do this.”

“So, Mark just went ahead and willingly killed a cop. Thus, destroying any chance for a witness.”

“I wouldn’t have let this happen, that just didn’t make any sense.. But I was in no state of mind to control myself, moreover to control him.. He must’ve seen me feasting without any hesitation, so he decided to join in… Of course, the ventrue have ways of making new witnesses if need-be, though such a witness should be prepared carefully and with great consideration for any details..”

“Yes, but any such witness will be nothing in comparison to actually have a cop, whose partner died as a witness. In any case, we have a huge mess here. We could use the fact that you caught the strix to get you out. Nobody will be surprised that Mark blew it so hard… after all, the talks are already flying around about him.”

“The strix was originally after him, he had his arse in deep shit. No wonder he fucked up. However, let me ask you – if you had a vampire killing entity chasing you and the person that was in place to protect you died at the hands of the demon – wouldn’t you be at least a bit startled? Couldn’t we at least give him some kind of chance?”

“He has repeatedly insulted others, greater kindred then he is. Including me. He will not survive for long either way. Blaming all of this on him and giving the spoils to you is the best course of action for the Invictus. Don’t blow it on someone who can’t even behave or you just might drown with him” he explained.

“That god damn idiot.. Always getting into deeper and deeper trouble.. Wouldn’t it be possible to spare his life in some way? Wouldn’t it be enough for him to become a.. servant of some sort? At least that would teach him to respect others and give him the authority he so desperately needs.. Moreover, it would allow him to pay back those he’s insulted.. “

“Well, if we frame it as a show of power to the other covenants, then perhaps he could be spared. Perhaps give him to Lady Auksaburnė? She’d handle him properly. You could address her during the Board Meeting. If she takes him up, his life could be spared.”

“Yes, I’ll ask her. Thank you. But what about the situation here?” – Albert nods towards the car. “What should I do now?”

“Well, we need our cop killer. Good thing, that last week, I deleted Mark Lehninger from the morgue list. And tonight, Mark Lehninger has kidnapped two policemen, killed one of them, injured the other one heavily. The brave man, managed to shoot Mark to death. He’s gonna be filled in the morgue and that’s how Lehninger’s life ended. All the haters will have a nice grave to spit upon.“

“Is there anything else I can do to help?” Asked Albert, with a feeling of slight relief.

“Well, we still need to put Mark to torpor.” he said.

“Any stakes lying around here? Or do we actually need to make some bullet wounds?” Albert asked.

“The less people we need to dominate, the better. So we should shoot him to torpor. And for him being strong. Do you think he’d agree to it? Well, we can say that he’s to be torpored as our dummy for the mortals. His legal identity dies, but he survives. We’re not even lying.”

“He should agree, though his beast might not. We’d have to be quick about it.”

He nodded. Went outside and called Mark back inside. After which he looked at him and said “Once you rise in the evening, immediately go to the hotel, in the kiddie pool, present yourself to the administrator, and tell him that you’re waiting for me. Then go to the room he gives you and wait until I arrive.” he took a breath, looked into him again.
“You were not dominated.”
“You stood guard.”
“Ready?” he asked Albert.

“Wait, so what exactly is the plan? I’d also like you to know that I’m really bad with firearms – I rarely if ever resort to them, thus their handling is a mystery to me..” said Albert, feeling a bit useless.

“We tell Mark that we need to torpor him. We torpor him. During the board meeting you ask Lady Auksaburnė to take Mark.”

“Alright. I’m ready.”

Archon looks at Mark as he snaps out of it.

“We’re going to have to torpor you. The official story will be that you killed the cops and they managed to shoot you dead. Thus Mark Lehninger disappears together with this mess.
Tomorrow we pick you up from the morgue.”

“Ok. It’s fine with me” said Mark.

Rhea visits the mass
Hartford: 50th Session Google Doc Play

The church was filled as usual, with all of the Citizen Lancea et Sanctum members and some of the Carthians and those of the First Estate.
Rhea entered the place.
After a few glances here and there, Rhea decides to sit in a near empty pew and pray in silence.
After a few minutes of silence and murmuring, Justas Sangiovanni joined her. He gave a quick remark about her coterie mates not being present, before Bishop Birch came into the room. His bearers of the Claws and of the Mask stood by his sides. He looked quite glorious. He began his sermon, in Latin. Even without understanding the words, Rhea felt uplifted by his words.
The mass came to an end, after which Rhea was informed that the Bishop wanted to speak with her about her education and her duties. While other believers spoke among themselves, Rhea saw Solomon Birch waiting for her.
Rhea looked around once more, and approached the bishop.
The bishop’s bearers still stood by his side. Both ghouls. Both of them held a pillow upon which a golden mask, and golden claws were placed. They represented the human side and the monster side.
“Good evening” he said with a wide smile on his face.
“Good evening, sir” she replied with a slight bow. “I was told you wanted to see me.”
“I’m no sir, Rhea. So how are your studies going? Have you made progress upon Latin? Theban Sorcery?”
“Excuse me, ever since I was turned to this unlife, I seem to have this thing with people of high authority such as you… Strange, how joining a family makes you care what others think of you…” Said Rhea musing of for a bit, but in a few seconds she gathers herself. “My Latin is progressing albeit slowly due to other nightly activities. My friends, when they and I find the time, do teach me. Theban Sorcery is also a thing I’m slowly learning. I’m happy to be able to call upon the miracles of God in more trying times nowadays.”
He listened carefully “And your friends? Do they find a place in their hearth for their true purpose?” he asked.
“They are still stumbling in the dark, but I see them fulfil their true purpose more than occasionally, even if they know not that they do Gods work. They are not ready to see the light, but with the right guidance they may be. I think they got a better understanding of it when we were out helping Linda.”
“Showing them the path is extremely important. Even if they stumble in the right directions know, who knows what they might do once they stray.”
“I’ll try to always be there to show them their way.”
“Good. In any case, as you know, next week is the last week of the month. And we need a Scrounger for the occasion. I thought to offer you this sacred duty.”
“It’s an honour. Do you be needing someone in particular, or will any sinner do?”
“As usual, it’s for the scrounger to decide. I’m glad that your faith is strong. You will do a lot of good in this world”
Upon hearing Solomon praise her, Rhea decided to pitch him an idea she had, “I had a question for you sir, a suggestion more likely maybe.” She started.
He looked at her with great interest.
“You see, I’d recently got out of the kiddiepool, and the situation there still somewhat haunts me. Due to intense struggle for both signatures and lands some of our kind, potential great kindred, get trampled, starve… give in to the beast… A friend of mine had this plan, selfish though it may have been it had potential. He wanted to employ the local slaughterhouse to bring animal blood to him and those he wishes… I think we could take this plan, and set up a soup kitchen of sorts, make sure that those in dire need get some nourishment and shelter. Of course I understand that this somewhat goes against the whole idea of kiddiepool, but if going there would be public information, an admittance of current weakness but potential to future greatness… I think such initiative would save a lot of lives both kindred and kine, would help reduce the masquerade breaches inside kiddiepool, and of course bring up a lot of young kindred understanding that the church is kind and welcoming to those in need. Because a lot of my former peers in there were highly misinformed…” Stated Rhea sometimes going of to rambling rather than explaining. It was sure to see that she was rather passionate about the idea, even if unable to put it all to words.

He listened carefully. “Sounds like a very interesting idea. One could exist in the hotel… Of course, this would need the approval of the primogen council and the Prince. If we don’t want to get too much resistance from the powers that be, we should probably do this through the council itself. And for that, you’ll need to convince one of the Primogen to place this before them. After that, we’ll need to ensure that the Sanctified get to run the place.”

“I could try to convey this idea to Nikolas, or Oktavia… Somehow I don’t think that others will give me a second thought” smiled Rhea shyly.” It’s good to know that you would back me on this.”

“Our congregations fate stands on the shoulders of those, who are willing to do what’s necessary, Rhea. If you believe that this will help us guide our society – do it.”

Rhea looked around to see if Nikolas had already left. He was still speaking with Lord Brinkamanas. In the meantime, Linda gave a smirk to Rhea as she went around her to speak with Bishop Birch.
“Good evening, Bishop. We got a lead…” she began speaking in a hushed tone, were it not for her acute senses, Rhea wouldn’t have heard as much.

Rhea smiled and nodded to Linda and went closer to Nikolas, waiting for him to be done with his business.

Several minutes passed, before Lord Brinkmanas gave a nod to Nikolas and went for the door.

“Good evening, Primogen Nikolas” Said Rhea respectfully waiting for him to acknowledge her.

He turned his head. “Good evening. Always busy, ain’t you?”

“Trying to be.” Smiled Rhea. “Speaking of which, I’d like to ask you for a favour. I was hoping you would allow me to visit the churches of Hartford. The ones that reside in your lands to be precise.”

“The churches? Why are they of interest to you?” he asked.

“As a mortal I had little time for the house of God, so now that I have the time, and even if limited, freedom, I’m off on a pilgrimage of sorts, visiting the churches of our town. I’ve already visited some… The architecture in this town is breathtaking.”

“So be it, quia minorem gratiam tibi fas terras ecclesiarum vestrarum obiectivo uidendi” he finished in Latin.

“I’m sorry, but my Latin is still fairly bad. Could you please translate?” Rhea asks slightly embarrassed.

“Ah, my dear, when dealing with the Kindred, it is the Latin language which is enforceable. Learn it and all of the intricacies of it. I merely aid that you shall be owing me a minor favor. “

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. And I am trying to learn Latin, but languages were never my strong suite. While I have you here, may I interest you in an idea I had just discussed with the bishop?” Started Rhea hopefully.

“Of course.” he said, but obviously a little border by this time. He’s more used to his books.

Understanding that her companion’s patience is running thin Rhea tried to quickly retell her idea to Nikolas.

“Perhaps, it’s of use and perhaps it’s interesting… but not to me.” he answered.

“I understand. Thank you for your time.” Says Rhea bowing slightly. “I’ll be visiting the churches soon, and I’ll be waiting for your requests.” With those words Rhea starts moving towards the exit. I guess I’ll have to pitch the idea to Octavia, maybe someone in the Invictus… She thought for herself.

Hartford: Fifieth Session: Declan
Rise of the Declan

Declan along side his sire arrives at the board meeting. Everyone from the Invictus was there except for the Inner council, they were having the secret meeting. During that time I was introduced to Mister Fergusonas’ childe Mister Sawicki. He was an interesting person, we both like night clubs and hang out, I think I found my self a friend here. After that Miss Liucija told me about some of the members before she was requested to meet the Inner Council. Miss Liucija came out really pissed, like she was slapped with a brick. I tried to ask what happened, but she wouldn’t even talk to me. After that, the Inner council joined the rest of us. We sat down. There we some notable news:
The Strix was caught by Mister Heckles also, he was introduced as one of the newest members.
Then Mister Fergusonas introduced Mister Sawicki and he swore and Oath to Mister Heckles.
When my turn came, my sire wasn’t her self, she talked with anger… After few seconds I knew why… I was assigned to Mister Heckles. It was the biggest surprise for me, because I had to join Lady Cook. I couldn’t do anything, I have no word now. Lady Cook stood up and expressed her disagreement with the council’s decision but the Prince said that it will be that way. It was clear that Lady Sanders was really happy with this.
Lord Cartwright was promoted to Baron Cartwright.
Lord Birksramas was insulted by Roystonas Grazusis. Prince Akadas offered a duel and Sir Mangumas volunteered to challenge Roystonas Grazusis on the next Court.
Miss Klein talked about Mark and a coterie that was searching for Thomas Hooker.
Mister Gillen reported about the Kiddie pool and Mark. He was given to Miss/Lady Auksaburne.
Miss Kingli thanked Mister Hekles for capturing the Strix
Miss Kels reported on her progress with the nightlife sphere.
I when I asked what sphere I should take on, I was suggested media.

After the meeting me, Mister Hekles and Mister Sawicki headed out to hunt. We went to the bar that was located in his feeding grounds. The bartender was overexcited to see Mister Albertas, maybe a usual client or something. I and my new pal Mister Sawicki saw few girls sitting behind the table and we knew what to do. We approached the girls and seduced them. Mister Sawicki left with his while I tried to convince mine to go to the toilet, but she disagreed. What else could I do, oh yea, I used dominate on her.

Rhea meets Rebeka, and then she meets Katerina

Rhea got to the address written in Rebeka’s note. It was a mid class hotel. Certainly not the best way of spending coterie’s money. Regardless, Rhea easily found the room, booked for two under Rebeka’s brothers name.
Rhea knocked on the door and waited for an answer.
Within minutes someone approached the door, opened it slightly. It was Rebeka, noticing Rhea she immediately opened the door and allowed her inside.
Rhea entered, looked around to see if there was anyone there besides Rebeka.
The TV was running. Rebeka’s brother was watching the action movie shown there.
“Shall we speak here? Or can we go someplace private?” Rhea asked.
“We can speak here… I can ask him to leave if you prefer.” she said.
“No need, I guess… So, what’s going on? What happened?”
“Well, your friend Albert visited our place. Along side Donaldas. Was quite surprised to see the two at my door step. They’ve asked a few uncomfortable questions about Rosie’s death. I didn’t give them anything useful, but still… Donaldas knows where I live and so, it wasn’t safe enough for us to stay there. Who knows what he might do without Albert there…”
“Albert did what?.. Is he insane?” facepalmed Rhea. “And to think I considered him to be the smart one in our group… Anyhow, Albert is keen on saving Donaldas’ life, and after some uncalled for interrogation, he knows I did it… He wants my help framing someone else. Tell me whatever you told those two, and we’ll see about sending you two home.”
“Well, I did tell them that I knew of Rosie’s death. That was really stupid of me… why didn’t I think better of it. Besides that, nothing pretty much.” she responded thinking about that evening.
“Give me all the details… Those two together can really fuck your mind up…” Whispered Rhea looking at Rebeka’s brother. “Are you sure you said nothing?”
“Of course I’m sure.” she answered, a little bit annoyed.
“Dear Rebeka, I believe I know those guys and their abilities a bit better than you, so if you’d be so kind, give me answers, not attitude…”
“O-f – c-o-u-r-s-e – I – a-m – s-u-r-e” she said slowly. “Isn’t that an an answer?”
“Details… Or is that not enough of a question for you?”
“There’s not much for details there. They came in, asked a couple of stupid questions and they left. I already told you what I told them. Donald is assured that I’m behind this, for some reason. Albert didn’t spill your name after all. I think Donald also mentioned that whoever is my real regnant will get into trouble for having me around there… dunno why.”
“He was just grasping at straws. But this does pose a problem… I might have to relocate you somehow.”
“And what about the clinic? Someone needs to take care of it, if you’re to get the money… That is, how long it will take for some other vampires to overtake it without me there.”
“No need to relocate you too far” smiled Rhea. “But still something must be done.”
“I’m all ears.” she smiled. And as she did it the TV went silent. Her brother stood up and started walking for the door. “Where are you going?” asked Rebeka.
“For a walk.” he said, obviously frustrated, he opened the door.
“What’s bugging you? Bad movie?” Rhea tried to stop him.
He glanced at his sister. “Sorta” he just mumbled, looking at Rhea.

“So tell us what’s bothering you, Maybe I can help?” Rhea tried smiling sincerely.

“Stop all of this?” he said quite silently, lacking self confidence.
“Stop what?” asked Rhea. “What are you talking about?”
He sighted, then it looked like he was about to say something, but instead he stepped through the door and slammed them.
“Ah, just leave him be.” said Rebeka.
“So I see your brother isn’t overly thrilled with your employment.” Smirked Rhea. “Either way, have I told you why we left the clinic? It might explain why moving you away might be a good option too.”
“Not really, besides getting some bigger stuff to do? So why did you leave it?”
“Well, that place is a sort of a staging area for my kind, a trial of maturity so to speak. Those who pass are required to leave, and lose all connections to the place.” Started Rhea. “Since my friends and I got out, I’m supposed to either take you away with me, or cut ties… I was playing it fast and loose for now, but if threats start flying it may be a problem for us… Say, how much does a flat in town goes these days? Maybe I could get some work, get you two a house elsewhere?”
“30k+ I guess… or if it’s rent then 300-400 a month.”
“Wow, no questions, just answers and results… You are turning up to be quite the asset” smiled Rhea. “I’ll go through my sources and see what I could get you. For now I guess you can stay here”.
“Sure thing.” she said, smiling.
“Contact me if you need anything. Oh and by the way, I think I’ll ask Katerina to look after the clinic for now. I think you need to lay low.” Says Rhea standing up.
“Figured as much… that’s why I’m here after all. Thank you, Rhea.”

An another night…

Rhea arranged a meeting withKaterina. She took a room in the hotel and waited there for her.
Soon enough, Katerina came.
“Hi, how are you holding? “ Rhea greeted her.
“Could be better. They just released new pack here… Never thought I’d see such strange people.”
“Really? What’s so strange about them?”
“An over-excited dude, a katana wielding japanese girl and a black woman, who by the looks of it would fit to be my grandma? Not to mention all her vodou stuff… “
“Well, would you say our group looked better in our humble beginnings?” Laughed Rhea. “As long as they don’t cause trouble, right?.. “
“Well the voudou lady is an acolyte. The other two seemed reasonable enough… So for the time being I don’t see too much trouble coming from them. Perhaps I’ll need to ally with them now… that I’m alone again…” she said, ending in a little sadder note
“About that… I have good news, I got you your third signature.”
“What? I don’t have my second one yet…”
“I guessed as much, but that is just something we’ll have to work at.” Said Rhea smiling.” So who’s signature you have?”
“Maiklas’” she said “So, whom did you get that one? And what have you done for it?” she looked worried. “I… You shouldn’t risk for me, Rhea.”
“Well, I had a good long chat with Oktavia, and for a huge favour to be named later she agreed to be the one to give you your last signature. so now we just need to find out what would it take to get you one from those left. And don’t worry about me, let’s just get you out of here.”
“Alright.” she said. “If you say so. So what’s going to happen now?”
“I guess you should write to the remaining three primogen, and we’ll see who’s task is the most possible, how’s that sound?”
“Well, I’m an acolyte, ain’t I? We can probably roll out Nikolas immediately. I’ll write to the other two right now.”
“Don’t write off anyone, this stupid war of faith should not be present in this day and age…”
“Tell that toGiliana.” she just smiled shily.
“I notice that I have to tell that to loads of people… What has Giliana done?”
“Well she’s the hound, isn’t she? I don’t have to tell you with what kind of shit we have to put up from them…”
“Oh yes… I actually was thinking of trying to be her replacement, but I don’t know if I’m good enough for that… And I think I don’t exactly fit the asshole part of the requirements” laughed Rhea.
“Of course you are. You’re smart and all. But… you know, Helena’s quite nice, at least now. So perhaps it’s just the covenants rubbing shoulders?” she smiled
“Maybe… And thanks for the vote of confidence. I’m starting to have a problem with my own covenant to tell you the truth… Sanctified do have a bad name in this town, and looking from the side, people have a right to that… I find it rather sad, but noone seems to want to do anything”
“Have you spoken with them?”
“About the position? Not yet, as I said, I feel a bit too weak for this job” Laughed Rhea.
“About the name…”
“Had a few in family chats, not exactly an issue I want to raise to the general public”
“Well, I’ve heard Solomon is pretty scary and a lot of citizens respect and fear him… or something like that. Anyways, is there anything else, Rhea?” she smiled.
“Oh yeah, would you mind looking after the clinic for the time being? Rebeka’s away for a while, and I don’t want my partners in the healthcare business having to deal with an infestation of kindred.”
“Um… I can try. Can’t promise anything. I’m having enough trouble with the spa as it is.” she answered, obviously sorry for the current state of affairs.
“What’s wrong? Someone bothering you?”
“No, everything’s fine. I just can’t promise anything certain, you see?”
“Sure, no worries” smiled Rhea. “ I just hope no one causes trouble, because if Mr. Lee gets pissed of at someone here… Lets just say for a mortal that guy could probably clean this town of kindred all together…” pondered Rhea looking to the side. “ Which reminds me, I’ll need to talk to him soon. Do contact me as soon as you get some responses, ok?”

“Sure. Thank you, Rhea.” she smiled.
“Thank me once you’re out.”

Mark meets the Khaibits

Mark met withPrestonas in one of the bars in Mark’s lands. It was convenient for Prestonas to arrive there.

“Good evening, I am Mr. Lenindzeris” said Mark extending his arm

“Good evening, I’m Prestonas.” he said shaking the hand “I assume you wanted to speak about the current Strix situation?”

“Yes. I think that I am the most capable of the Dragons to aid you with Strix so I want to help you”

“Most capable? A brave announcement from someone as young as you. Let’s hear it out.”

“Well this Strix has a weakness, he can’t enter uninvited, but I already wrote that on Cacophony to warn everyone, I know about basic of his banes and this Strix can not be affected by mind manipulation powers. But I guess you already know that. So it’s better if tested my knowledge about it yourself.”

“And how did someone as young as yourself came to possess such knowledge?”

“Would you share a secret or better yet a covenant secret with me?”

“Is it a covenant secret?”

“No, but it’s a promise that I made and I won’t break it by talking about it. So, I have the knowledge, we should use it”

“Alright, well then.. my sire is the best informed on these matters. You should be meeting him then.”

“If you say that I can meet a elder of the circle then we can go to him”

“Well, if you do have valuable information then he shall see you.”

“Ok, we can go then”

They drove to meet Džeimis Franklinas. The house was completely devoid of light. And after the second door, there was only pitch darkness. Mark couldn’t see a thing, which was pretty unpleasant.

“Good evening, I am Mr. Lenindzeris”

Prestonas laughed. “We’re still in the corridor.” he placed his hand on Mark’s shoulder to navigate him in the place. It was pretty confusing.

Mark facepalms. “It’s total darkness… how can you see in here?”

“huh? Well, all of the Khaibits can. And some of the other kindred, I know of can see in pitch dark as well.” he said continuing to lead Mark.

“Hmmm, interesting” he said, feeling something small and strange move by his feet.

“Might I dare ask, what’s on the floor?”

“You’re better off not knowing.” she said quite calmly.

“Ok” said Mark worried

After a few more minutes, or so it seemed to Mark they stopped. “He’s claiming that he has some knowledge on the Strix and that it might prove useful to us.”

“Ah?” said quite a silent voice. It’s owner was scribbling something on paper. “Really? And what do you think?”. The creature on the floor squeaked a little bit, as if giving a response.

“Good evening, I am Mr. Lenindzeris. I want to prove that I can be useful, maybe there are questions, that could prove my claim of knowledge about Strix?”

“Well tell me about the Owls and we shall see the validity of your knowledge.”

Mark tells him about the Strix and what he knows about them.

“Impressive.” he responded.

Prestonas then added. “Yeah, he learned all of this from a secret source.”

“One we didn’t tap in already? Or one we already know off?”

“Due to a promise I made, I can’t tell you… I am a man of my word. But I can share this knowledge with you and help you destroy or trap Strix”

“Well, we need to locate it first.”

That Strix is called Jinn. He wants to be free and do whatever he wants. He can’t be manipulated by mind controlling or targeting powers and he can’t go in uninvited. That I know of him. Also, every kindred should be aware of yellow eyes and call you if spotted. But the Strix can read minds of those who he possesses, so that won’t work for our advantage”

“Jinn…” he said silently.

“Do you know him?”

“Yes. Have you released him?”

“Why would you think that I would release him? I know so much about Strix, that I wouldn’t release one on purpose!!” said Mark a bit angry remembering the death of his father “Because of that monster my father is dead!!”

“Let’s see. A factual nobody gains a bunch of knowledge about the Strix just after the Jinn is released into the wild. The Strix which fulfills wishes… or so it claims. The strix could have told you those things about it’s kind, due to you asking for them. And_ then_ it kills your father. And that is where you spoiled it for yourself.” he laughed “The Jinn does it’s three wishes and then it sets out to destroy the life of the one who released her.
Why else, would the Jinn kill your father?”

“My knowledge didn’t came from that thing!!” Mark said with anger “The only thing that I want to do with it is destroy it!! Maybe I released it, maybe not, all I know I was drugged and sent to the catacombs, I was told that I passed the trial, but I don’t remember that”

“Your trial? The catacombs? You mean to tell me that you found that darn thing in the catacombs?" after a second of thought. "So that’s where Prince Hooker hid it.” he thought for a second. “There must be deeper catacombs, or something?”

“As I said, I was heavily drugged and sent there. I don’t remember everything clearly… Just a big black object that looked like a box”

“We need the box. Tomorrow night you shall go there withHelena. And you shall recover the box.”

“The sooner, the better” Mark thinks for a second “I know I am not the one to speak, but that place isn’t the best place to hide the Strix… I mean, high vampires go in and wonder the catacombs… I guess I was the unlucky bastard to open it… This keeps better and better…”

“Well, I do wonder where you found the thing. Prince Hooker did assure us that it’s safely locked away. We’ll see what Helena has to say once you two get the box.”

“I will help in a way I can”

On the next night…

Helena was already waiting in the middle of the church, by the desecrated altar.

“Good evening Miss Viljamson. Shall we go?”

“Of course” she said turning around and starting to walk towards the entrance to the catacombs.

Mark follows her to the catacombs. He remembered that looking at spirits attracted their attention, so he will ignore them.

“I hope you came here fed.” she said, before pulling a dagger out.

“No one told me so…”

“Through tribulation comes enlightenment” she said, opening up the hatch and raising her knife.”Your hands.”

“What about my hands?”

“Raise them.”

Mark raised his hands

Helena slashed with the blade opening deep wounds on each hand.

“We shall go down and you shall bleed. Thus you will appease the spirits and we’ll be able to pass. Then you will show me the way to the box.”

Mark goes into the catacombs. First he approaches the spirits.

Mark believed that Helena gave him protection from spirits and goes in. One of the spirits attacks him and he jumps backwards through the boundary before it tears away Mark’s leg.

“You fool, I told you to bleed.” said Helena, obviously disappointed.

Mark starts to bleed and tries to enter again. With his hands bleeding and blood dripping on the floor he enters the boundary again. This time however, the spirits do not attack.

Behind him, Helena follows suit, slashing her own wrist and entering the boundary while bleeding from it.

He goes where he found the relic. Looks around as if searching, but in reality he is investigating the relic.

After finding nothing interesting about that relic. Mark walks around looking for the entrance to the lower catacombs. He knew the hidden switch perfectly well, located on the same altar.

Mark looked around the altar. “hmmm, this should move somehow” He walks a bit around the altar. Then he stops at the switch to the hidden passage. Pushes/pulls the switch and waits for it to open.

The passage slowly opens, Helena looking at him carefully. They descend the stairs to find the room. As they walked down Helena asked “So, in your trial you had to fetch the statue. After getting it you what? Decided to explore the place?”

“Spirits attacked me, I was really hurt… I thought I’d die… I wanted to find another exit…”

They reached the floor, finding the treasures and still open sarcophagus. Helena looked at the scene then approached the box and looked into it. “So you’ve released it from that box?”

“That’s the box I remember”

“Well, you had to be really high to think that’s an exit.” she said, looking at the box. “Let’s take it out.” she said grabbing on one of the ends.

“Before we go… can I have some blood?? I am quite hungry and we’ll need to carry it out”

She looks at him. “Sure.” she said before feeding Mark from her palm. Then she returned back to her position.

Mark helps carry the box out. When walk near spirits, he bleeds 1 vitae

And so, they were out of the catacombs. “Let’s go to my car” said Helena, slowly they carried the box. Just then Mark realized that the box is far too heavy to carry for someone of Helena’s physique.

“Ok” Mark though for a second “You must have a lot of vigor… To carry this box”

She just blinked slowly, quite ignoring his words, once they got to the car she opened the back door.

Mark helps load the box, examining it in the light of the night. “Shall I go with you?”

She shook her head. “We’re done for tonight.”

“Contact me when you will need my help or need me”

And within a couple of night’s Mark was summoned there again. He felt even more unease this time around. It seemed that the blackness and darkness here is even thicker.

Mark tries to find his way through the darkness, he’s quickly met by Helena, who escorts him.

“Good evening Helena”

She was silent. Mark felt uneasy in this place. They went, seemingly much longer than the first time he was there. Finally they stopped.

“Good evening, Mark”, said the same voice.

“Good evening.May I ask what do you need of me tonight?”

“Well, the Jinn is after you. So you are the key to finding him and locking him down, forever.”

“I will help how ever I can. But I have this question, to which the answer is really unpleasant” Mark pauses “What will be my punishment for this?”

“That is not for me to decide.” he answered.

“The Invictus or the Prince?”

“More like ”/characters/maiklas-rovenas" class=“wiki-content-link”>Maiklas, for it was done on his lands.”

If they are watching, they can see a smirk on Mark’s face. “Do you have a plan?”

“Find the strix. Get it into the box. And that’s where you come in. You are it’s target, so you’re most likely to find it. So where it will strike you next, is the question?”

“Then I guess I need to make my public appearances and keep the box near me”

“So be it. Helena, you will walk by him day and night, until you two find the Strix.” said the voice.

“As you ask” she answered in submission.

“I guess we should go to Elysium first”

“We will take our leave then” said Helena, turning to escort him out.

Once they were out, she lead him to outside, where a new black darkened window car stood. The box was on the back seat.
“Guess we’ll keep the car close as well. So, where you possesed by the Strix?” she asked as she was getting into the car.

“Yes, but I remember nothing. How close should the Strix be and should he be in his original for us to catch him?”

“Yes, it needs to be in it’s original form. And it doesn’t matter if you remember something… If it were in you, it means it went into your memories and that means it knows where it will hurt the most. That’s probably how it got to your father. Anyone else who she might target?”

Mark pauses "Yes!! We should go to there (tells adress ofGreta’s house)

They stepped out of the car next to Greta’s house. Just now Mark actually realized that Helena isn’t wearing her usual red dress. She’s wearing jeans and a comfy tank top.

“Wait near the door, I will go in and check”

“No. My sire specifically told me to be by your side.”

“Ok. But don’t try anything fishy”

“Fishy… I’ll do whatever needs to be done to capture the Strix.”

“She is not to be harmed!!”

“Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.” she smirked.

Mark turns on Nightmare 1. To which Helena shoots an angry look. “How dare you?”. After which Mark felt much lesser before her.

“She is not to be harmed!! She is the only thing I have!!”

She looked at him. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

Mark glanced at her with a bit anger. “Let’s go”

She nodded.

Mark goes to Greta’s apartment and knocks.

There’s no answer.

Mark knocks harder.
There’s still no response.

“Can you open these doors, I don’t want to make a scene”


“I guess I will have to kick them out then”

“Be my guest.” she smiled.

Mark tries to kick the door out. The door isn’t that strong and with a loud crack it falls down. After that Mark walks into the apartment.

It looks like there was a party here very recently. There’s trash, bottles everywhere. There’s even some needles on the table.

Mark searches for Greta in the apartment, but it’s almost empty, except for a guy sleeping in the bed and another girl, lying in the bedroom on the floor. She looks passed out.

Mark lifts up the guy. He’s still sleeping. Mark bitch slaps him several times for him to wake up.

“Uh… whaat the hell?” he says barely conscious. Mark realizes that the guy’s naked.

Mark turn on nightmare 1. “Wake up you little piece of shit”

“Who are you, man?”

“Where is Greta? Talk” Mark squeezes the man, so would know Mark’s strength

“I don’t know man. Just… let… me… go…” he said in pain.

“I’ll ask again. This time I want an answer or your thing there” points at his penis “will never be used again”

“Really man. Got no idea. Last night we partied… and if she’s not here, I’ve got no idea. Maybe she went to restock or something.”

“With whom she was last night?”

“What do you mean? There was a lot of people here.”

“I mean, where there some new strange people that were always near Greta?”

“New strange people? Dude none of us knew the girl till a few nights ago.”

“Where did you meet her?”

“At this party downtown. Then when it was over she invited us all over here.”

“Remember, did anyone kit around her?”

“Um…” it was obvious that he can barely remember anything “Well there were a ton of guys who were hitting on her… but nothing “out of the ordinary”, i guess.”

Mark looks at Helena “Should we go or wait here for Greta?”

“It’s your call.”

“I’ll leave her a note. Later we can check this place again. Now we should proceed where I wanted to go first”

On the note “Greta, go to my place and please stay there. If anyone asks there, say you are my friend. Mark”

Then Mark on the way out says to the guy “If Greta comes by, tell her I left the note” and leaves to the Elysium.

Mark with Helena goes to Kristoferis place.

He welcomes them.

“So what brings both of you here?” he asked.

“The Strix is after him, and so I’m here to catch it when it strikes.”

“And I came to discuss one matter, I would like to discuss it in private, without Helena hearing it”

“Džeimis Franklinas has asked me to stand guard by him at all times, so that the Strix could not attack him out of my sight, Kristoferis. It’s inadvisable for me to part.” immediately said Helena.

“Mark, looks like before the Strix matter is resolved, you’re stuck with Helena by your side.” said the hierophant.

“Well ok” Mark thinks for a second “Ok… You remember the task you gave me? So I want reward from it changed. The thing is, I can’t do that task if I am dead, so I would like you to persuade Maiklas, so he would give me the most mild punishment for my actions in his lands.”

“Seems fine.” he said. “You should hurry with the task then, since now you’re not only racing the clock, but the trial as well.”

“Can you do it in advance or should proceed the task with Helena at our side?”

“Mark, do you make payments in front, when there are no guarantees, that you’ll actually get what you want? Now it’s your life on the line as well. Better be quick.”

“Well, in this case I would gamble. There are only 2 places left and I paid a lot to get to the rest, not even knowing if I can complete my task”

He nodded. Helena was looking at both of them carefully trying to discern what’s going on.

“So you will try in advance??” Said Mark with desperation in his face

He looked at him. “I thought I already made it clear. Better hurry up, before Maiklas has to trial you.”

“Ok, but Helena will find out about your task…” Mark looks at Helena “we should go”

“I thought you’re planning to kill the strix first, no? I was very clear with my instructions.” he said. Helena’s eyes jumped from one side to the other.

“Ok, Strix comes first then. Let’s hope arrangements for the task will be made soon, because it doesn’t depend on me… "

“When your sentence comes up, will you use that excuse as well?” laughed Helena, seemingly amused by the situation.

Mark just looks at Helena. “Laugh now, but you have to follow me every I go. I wanted to postpone the task that I was given by my mentor, but it seems we’ll go there” Mark made a sarcastic smile.

“Ha” she laughs “Sure, don’t worry, I won’t get into trouble. I can simply watch, enjoying you fail at that task.”

Mark starts laughing "Not if you want to go back safely.
“We’ll see, Mark.” she smiled.

“I know the safest way back” Mark smiles “do you have any idea where I will go??”

“Enlighten me” she was still smiling.

“The shadow realm. Home of the spirits” Mark smiles

Her jaw almost dropped there for a second. She looked at Kristoferis. His face was untelling.

“And why would we be going there?” she asked.

“I was given an order from my mentor. I can’t say no” Mark was still smiling

“Your mentor?” she looked with a questioning look. Then she turned her head towards Kristoferis who shook his own lightly. “We will hunt the strix down and then you can go to the very depths of hell if you so desire.”

“It’s not wise to disobey a superior’s orders…” Sighs “It’s against the Dragons rules”

“Has he ordered you to drop everything and do his task immediately? My superiors have given me an order to capture the strix as soon as possible. It looks like you have other tasks from Kristoferis. Guess you’ll have to prioritize, but the Strix is our top priority.” she said.

“So why are you making fun of me?? Is that more important than Strix”

“We’re wasting time here regardless. So might as well have some fun. Let’s go.” she said, before turning to walk towards the door.

“Well, you wasted even more time. And securing my life isn’t wasting time. If I am dead, who will draw Jinn?” Said Mark following Helena

“Even a bigger reason not to go to the shadow realm until it is done then.” she said.

Mark goes to Greta’s place again on the next evening. It looks like there’s a party going on inside.

Mark goes into party and looks for Greta. He finds her among this mass of people. On the dancefloor, wearing some sort of tattered rags which barely leave anything to the imagination. She’s dancing between two guys, who are awfully close to her.

Mark walks up to her and pushes those guys down to the ground. They fall quite easily. The surrounding people looks at them. However, Greta is pretty ignorant to the situation. She’s still dancing. Slowly looking around and then directly at Mark. “Excuse me? I was dancing here.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“Of course, Mark. How could I forget you?”

The guys were standing up “What the hell, fucker?”

Mark looks at the guys “If you don’t want his head” points at one guy “In your ass, you will fuck off. I am talking here.” then looks at Greta “Why haven’t you called me?”

Greta looked at him, then around herself. “Hello everyone!” she shouted. A lot more people started paying attention to her. “Meet Mark! My ex-boyfriend, who wants me to finish the party! And who’s a major asshole anyways.”

Mark looks at Greta, leans a bit to her and whispers “Please, be safe. I will come any time, you call” then he turns around and walks towards the door.

With some boos and shoos from the crowd he passes and leaves, Helena stepping out with him. As soon as they were out. “Your girl’s possessed.” said Helena.

“Possessed by him?”

“Dunno. Couldn’t tell. But who else? I’d say it’s fair assumption to assume it’s him. And even if it’s not, we need to destroy it regardless.”

“Uosis, can you show your self please?”

Within moments he appeared.
“What an interesting conundrum. The girls possessed inside. Around her a bunch of drunk lowlives.” he said.

Mark glanced at Helena, but she wasn’t startled or surprised by his appearance at all.

“Can you try to force him out of her as you did to me? It’s the same darkness as you call it, right?”

“I can. But what happens if I fail? Or what will the lowlives think seeing the girl struggle on the floor as much.” he was wondering. “Is it worth the risk?”

Helena turned to the old man. “You’ve pushed out a strix before?”
“Yes, ma’am.”

“Were you informed about Jinn’s banes?”

“The usual ones, plus the box thing, plus the invitations? Yeah.” answered Helena. “If we want to get her out of the body, it’s either through her death, or through the Strix’s desire. “

“NOT HER DEATH!!” Mark thinks “Let’s carry the box up, I will clear the room of people and Uosis will try to kick out Jinn out of her. When he is out, he’ll get into the box. Does that sound ok to you?”

“You’re gonna clear the room of people? There’s like 50 half drunk people? Let’s call Emersonas. He’ll call the police on them, they’ll pack most of them up, the others should jolt pretty quick. That way, we only need to make sure she stays in the room long enough.”

“I would have used my nightmare on them. But ok, your plan sounds legit as well. You said you can turn invisible. Can you hold it, without damaging Greta?”

“Well we need to get her alone with us, until then it would be counter intuitive, no?”

“What do you think Jinn would do if police showed up?”

“Run? Escape the body? Turn herself in? Many different options. But what I’m sure of is, she won’t consider them a threat.”

“We need to clear out the room…. I can make all of those 50 people scream in fear for their mommies, but I don’t know what would the Strix do”

“And that’s why we don’t want it to think it’s threatened, until it’s gonna be too late? no?”

“So we could call the cops and see what happens?? We know where it is, it doesn’t do any threat to us at the moment”

“Sure” she said, turning to go outside.

“We should keep the box near the house, if it tries to go out in it’s original form, it will be trapped. Make the call”

She nodded and then the two walked out, to the next payphone. She called “Hello? Pass this on to Archon Gillen.” she said, before giving him the address of their place and saying that it’s pretty urgent.

They watched the place making sure that Greta didn’t leave the place. Within an hour or so Archon Gillen came. He approached them.

“Good evening, Hound” he nodded to the girl. “So what do we have here?” he asked.

“There’s a party going on here. We need everyone, except for the owner to be out of this place. The owner is possessed by the Strix and we’re here to hunt it down.”

He nodded. “Alright. How does she look?”

“But the girl that she is in not to be hurt!!”

Helena described the girl and then the Archon turned to the payphone himself seemingly ignoring Mark.

Mark glares at Helena with anger.

Before picking up the phone. “Are we expecting resistance from the mass?”

“There are 50 drunk people out there, whose party was just interrupted… they will be angry”

He picked up the phone and called. “Hello, there’s a party needing separation….yes…yes… I’ll meet you here.” he said to the phone.

“Can she be arrested, but not taken to the station?? We need to separate her from the mass”

“How dangerous is she?”

“If she holds you as a treat then yes. But if not, she is just a harmless girl… But I guess she will try to get her self shot…” Mark looks down “NO GUNS!! SUBDUE HER NO KILLING!!” Mark said that with increased tone

“Who do you_ think_ you’re talking with?” he asked. “Does it look like guns need to be pulled in a simple drunk people clean up? Why is he here anyways?” he asked Helena.

“The Strix is after him. Possessed his girlfriend or something like that… that’s why he’s so jumpy.”

Mark just stands there, hoping for the best ready to act if he sees that something is not right.

They wait standing there, speaking little. After about thirty more minutes a patrol car came up. Two tough looking policeman stepped out. The Archon came to greet them, speaking something with them by their car.
After the talk, he returned. The policemen stood there. In about twenty minutes another police car came in. With 3 more guys. One of them was obviously new. They went inside the building.

“Let’s open the box”

“Sure.” said Helena turning towards her car explaining to the Archon. “Once we get the Strix out of the girls body, we need to get it close to the box. It should be drawn to it…”

He didn’t respond, he was more concerned with what’s going on in the building.

“Oh, and don’t try dominating her. You’ll just get dominated yourself.” she added as an afterthought.

Some drunks went out the door, quite in a hurry trying to get away from the place.

“My friend here will do the getting the Strix out part” said Mark

He didn’t respond, watching the building carefully.

The majority of drunks were out. Some bang was heard. With that the Archon started running towards the building. Helena looked at Mark.


“And that was a shot, Mark.”

Mark runs inside the house.

The Archon was by the door. Another two cops were to the sides, with their guns drawn. There was some moaning coming from the inside. Someone was in pain. The Archon stopped Mark. “Wait here.” he whispered.

“I will for now, but it better not be a shot at Greta or the one who shot, will die”

He switched places, quickly glancing into the room.

Mark could hear crazy laughter coming from the inside. “SOOO MUCH FUN!”, it was Greta’s voice. Strangely distorted.

“Ma’am” one of the cops said. “Everything is going to be alright now. But I will have to ask you, to slide the gun outside the room.”
“Outside the room? But how will I kill this scum without the gun?” she asked.

Mark whispers “Can I go in now?”

“DON’T YOU MOVE” she shouted at the injured man inside.

Archon looked at Mark and slowly nodded.

Mark raised his hand and slowly started walking towards Jinn in Greta’s body. “Jinn, it’s me. Can we talk?”

When he passed the door. “STOP RIGHT THERE.” she shouted at him. Standing half naked in a strange pose, with a gun in her hand.

“So it’s your fault that my party was over.”

Mark stops “I came here, because there was a shot, I thought Greta was injured. Can we talk outside for a moment? Please”

“I’m pretty fine where I am right now, Mark. I got some swine here” she gestured towards the injured cop, he was holding his side, which was bleeding.

“Can I come in?”

“And why would you come in? I’m fine with you being exactly where you are. Just look, what an interesting situation we got ourselves into. Lotsa fun. An insane shooter. The policemen on the other side of the door. And a random guy in the know trying to speak the psycho out of doing something stupid.” she said as she was toying around with her gun. “Lots of fun. Just like we agreed.”

“You said next time I will layout the rules for the game. Didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did. But you didn’t handle the first game really well.” she smiled. “And that means you can’t have the next one. “

“aahhh, but you are in one already. And you aren’t handling it well aswell. But it can all be fixed, if you come with me. And if you do well, we can play another game, now by your rules”

“I’m not handling it well? HA.” She laughed maniacally “Here’s a new game. Kill the policemen, and I leave little Greta’s body.”

“If you go downstairs with me, I will kill anyone you want”

“That’s not how it works. You handle a game properly, and then we play yours.”

“But you are not playing my game now… And after I set you this much fun, you want to waste it?? The prize is downstairs”

“Really? What is it?” she smiled.

“Now now, I can’t spoil the fun, can I?”

“Well, I can’t go there with all the cops here. So kill them and then we can go.”

“Take me as your hostage, they will let you go as long you point that gun to my head”

“We both know that won’t do you any harm. So why would I let you get this close to me? It’s not that easy.”

“I trusted you once, now you should repay with the same thing”

“And you didn’t handle the game properly. You got angry at me. IF you hadn’t, then you would have won my trust.”

“Well, as I said before, you aren’t handling this properly as well. How can I trust you, if you don’t trust me?”

“You don’t set the rules, until you win, Mark!” she said, before starting to scream. Suddenly she bites around the gun.

“If you want to play more games, you shouldn’t put a gun in your mouth. There is no spirit of game in that”

As suddenly she falls to the ground, black mass flowing out of her mouth, ears and nostrils.

Mark starts going downstairs.

He easily dodges the cops and starts rushing down, Helena at his back. “What’s going on?”

“Uosis is doing his job, Jinn is coming out!!”

She barely managed to stop. Turned around and started rushing back upstairs.

When Helena turns back Mark yells “Archon come here, hurry!!”

However, he didn’t respond before Mark could hear Helena cursing – it’s too late.

Mark goes up again

He sees one of the cops calling in the wound. And is helping him, the other two have rushed to Greta and now were handcuffing her.

Mark looks desperate…He ask “Where did it go??”

Helena was looking through the window. “Outside. And away into the night.” she smashed a vase with her bare fist.

Archon Gillen was observing the situation.

Mark goes to Archon and whispers to his ear “Don’t let them take her away…”

He looked at him. “Don’t ever dare threatening me, or my men again.” he looked back at Helena. “Is there anything else, H?”

“It’s gotten away…” she simply responded.

In Latin “Don’t let them take her away”

He also switched the language “Or what? You’re gonna threaten these men again? Lehninger, be glad that the masquerade needs someone blamed for that man’s wound.”

In Latin “I never intended to hurt them! I was buying time you fool. Blame someone else, but she needs to be safe”

“Buying time? By threatening me and my men with death, should they harm the girl? And you call me a fool? Seems that Miss Klein was completely right about your lack of tact.”

“I wasn’t threatening you, I was warning you about my beast. If she had died, I would have lost it. And when it comes out… You know the rest.”

“Then learn to handle yourself better. Be glad, that this is not the kiddie pool. You’d die for less.”

“Nevertheless, I NEED Greta by my side. Blame someone else”

“What’s… What’s going on?” it was Greta, she was crying now.

“She can always plead insanity. Shouldn’t be that hard to get that in. And I greatly advise you to learn some manners. Less forgiving might get her killed to teach you a lesson.” he looked around and then spoke in English a little bit louder. “This is a mess…”

Mark interrupts him in Latin “You need me to catch the Strix. Either you give me Greta or I will do nothing with the Strix. Because both ways it’s death to me”

He looked at Helena. “Do you really need him?”

“Not really, but his cooperation would be helpful.” she said.

He turned back to Mark. “We’ll just get her to the station then. To get her into the system.” he smiled. “I’d learn some manners if I were you.”

“I will go with her then, to the police station, she is really scared”

He stood up. “Sure, if Helena agrees.”

“Well, the Strix ain’t gonna be anywhere tonight.. so we might as well go there.”

Mark goes to the police station with Greta calming her all the way.

She’s filled in as a suspect and released under an order not to leave the city.

Mark tells the address of the Daniel’s church to Helena “Please, go there”

“Alright. So what are we trying to find there?” she asked starting up the engine.

Mark looks at Greta “Greta will be safe there”

After the drive, Mark could see the lights in the pastor’s house.

“You sure? If this is some trusted friend or something, Jinn might know about him too.” asked Helena.

“I doubt Jinn will go there, even if he did, the person I am looking for, would know that Jinn came”

“Who is he?” she asked.

In latin “I don’t know, but he isn’t a human. He is some supernatural, you know, like werewolves and humans differ, so he does too”

“Well let’s go meet him then.” she said, obviously interested.

“He isn’t that friendly towards vampires”

“And you’re gonna trust him with your precious? This will be fun.”

“He cares for humans. Greta is a human”


Mark waits till they arrive there

Mark meets Ordo Dracul hound

How are you meeting her?
Markas call her first to arrange a meeting in location of her choosing. Sofija Martinez chose the Hartford library as the location of their meeting. When Mark got to the place he easily found her in one of the glass sealed meeting rooms.

Markas walked in “Good evening Miss Sofija”

“Good evening” she said in a silent tone. “Please sit.” she indicated the seat on the other side of the small table.

Mark sat down. “I came with a few questions, but they depend on the first”

She looked at him. “Let’s hear the first one, then.”

“Can you as a hound have lackies, that can speak in your name and deal with a matter at hand?”

“Right, you’re new. Yes, any kindred can have someone speak in their name or deal with the matters at hand. Some even employ ghouls for the occasion.”

“Ok, can I them help to deal with the Strix and speak in your name while dealing with that matter?”

“And how would you help dealing with the Strix?”

“Well, I know that it has banes, like if you surround him with fire, it couldn’t escape. Or that he can’t come in uninvited. I can provide what I know”

“Alright. And what do you need my name for?”

“There is an item, that could help to trap that fucker, but it’s in another vampires lands. I would have gone there myself and took it, but if I am caught, I would need to explain a lot and it would be taken away. Let me assure you, they don’t know about that items existence. If I won’t be caught, I won’t use your name, but if I will, I’ll just say that you told me to get it as a hound and that it’s important for capture of strix. If we catch the strix with it, you can take all the credit for it in return”

“So why don’t you go to the said vampire and tell him that? I can hardly imagine that there’s a Kindred in our city who would not lend you something if it meant getting rid of the strix.”

“But don’t you want all the credit for it? Don’t you want to be the saviour? And you wouldn’t even need to do anything” Mark looks at her puzzled

“Why do you want to give away all the credit? Just so that you can trespass onto someone’s lands? You just got out of the kiddie pool. Getting the strix would net you some nice recognition. Instead you’re giving it all to me, just so what?”

“Ok…We could share the credit”

“You’ve already piqued my interest. So why do you care so much that you don’t want him to know you entered?”

“That land belongs to the circle’s primogen. If he found me there lurking… in that place… he would kill me… But if I had your word to back it up, then I would get in trouble, but he wouldn’t kill me.”

Helena and her family are most righteous hunters of the Stix. It so happens that they are of the Circle. Mere mention that you know something about the strix will get them to convince Kristoferis to let you show the way.”

“I guess they would, but then all the glory would go to them. I don’t understand why don’t you want to outclass the circle and show that the Dragons are truly the strongest when it come to any matter?”

“It’s not about being the strongest. It’s about getting it done. Helena and her family are the best there is for hunting the Strix. Just because of their families powers. Now here’s my counter proposal. I will go to Helena myself. I will speak with her and I will tell her of the thing. In return, you will remain anonymous and perhaps they won’t find out that you’re the one who released the Strix.”

Mark looks down, looking sad “ok… that’s a good deal… but there are lancea writings on that box which need to be translated. The box is located in the catacombs (Mard describes in more detail), it can trap the strix back again. But I must warn you, the Strix can’t be affected by mind manipulation powers”

“Alright, Mark. Thanks for your contribution.” she nodded.

“Also, if you get me and Rhea to the box alone, I think we could help you decipher what’s written and what you should do next.”

“We shall see.” she nodded.

“I will do any research I can on Strix. Also if you have any questions about it, I may try to answer them”

“And you think you know more than those who fight them as their job?”
“I don’t know who knows more, but 2 heads are always better than one. Won’t you agree??”

“Of course. Well, if you do know so much, you should certainly talk with one of the Khaibit. They would keep the discussion with you properly.”

“Maybe you have contact of Helena or any other Khaibit? I will approach them offering my help. Just please don’t mention them that I gave you information about the box…”

“Well Kristoferis should know where Džeimis could be found. As for Prestonas, he’s in the service of Derikas Spalding. You should get into contact with them. Tho with a loose Strix, I imagine they’ll be focusing much more on that, instead of their services.”

“What about Helena, she is the easiest to find,no?”

“Of course. She’s also the hound who’s going to be most on hands with this whole thing. You can go to her as well. But I thought you’d want to avoid her.”

“mmm?? Why should I avoid her?” Said Mark with a deep interest

“She’s a hound. And at the moment you have secrets from her, no? Regardless, if you want to meet her it’s not that hard. After all, the hounds make themselves available.”

“Then I will definitely avoid her. I will try contact the other Khaibits via Kristoferis”

“Is there anything else, you’d like to share with me?”

“I guess you read my mind many times, no? Anything you want to discuss what you have learnt?”

“No, I haven’t. I tend to avoid plucking through people’s mind’s without a good reason to. Good night, Mark.”

“Good night Sofija”

Mark meets Mr. Poster again

Mark goes to the last poster boy’s shop. He went there with obfuscate. He finds the Kid gaming on his xbox.

“Hi, I have few questions”

“Hey. Yeah? How may I help you?” he asked pausing his game and standing up.

“Do you know of a creature Strix??”

“Of course. After all, I can get you anything.”

“Could you get me a complete control of the Strix for me? I meant that every command I give it, it obeys and has no will of his own”

“I’m an agent of free will, Mr. I won’t be taking someone’s completely.”

“Hmmm, interesting. But can you destroy it or trap it?”

“I can give you the skills to do it. Or a helper with the capability.”

“Ok, and what should I give you in return?”

“What can you give me in return?” said the boy putting on a sleazy smile on his face.

“I heard you trade souls. Would mine be good enough?”

“Your soul for the skill to handle your Strix? Seems good to me. How long would you like to keep the knowledge for? A given soul has just this much energy in it… I can give better skill for a shorter duration, or a weaker one permanently.”

“Well will I know immediately how to use that skills? And how long does this short duration?”

“A week? A month? A year? And yes, since this requires improving you and not your circumstances, you should leave through that door with the skills you need.”

“Before we make a deal, how will my life change when I will be without a soul? What are the alternative methods to this?”

“Well, that guy Sam was completely fine, wasn’t he? Alternatives? Backing out now? You either want the true knowledge on this or you want some half assed thing…”

“He is a human. I just want to ask, will I die when my soul dies?”

“Nop, you won’t die.”

“Ok, then one more question. Will other supernatural creatures notice that I am without a soul?”

“Well, I would guess that those who can sense such things, could sense that. Makes sense, doesn’t it?”

“Ok, I will ask of one type in particular. Spirits, will they notice it and behave violently towards me?”

“Of course not.”

“Then by giving you my soul, you will give me power and knowledge how to seal Strix?”

“Knowledge IS power.”

“I know that, believe me… “ Mark pauses “I just want to make it clear. You will give me a supernatural skill to seal the Strix or knowledge how to seal him?”

“Well, I deal in potentials. You have the potential to learn these things… supernatural powers are a lot trickier. So here, I’m offering you the knowledge.”

“Why are they trickier?”

“Because that’s how the mathematics of the universe work.”

“Ok. That thing ruined my life enough!!” Said Mark with a bit rage in his voice “I have to make it suffer, even if it means selling my self… Where is the contract?”

Mr. Poster smiles opens the drawer and pulls out a sheet of paper, within seconds the sheet of paper fills with words. He pulls out another pen, which is more akin a knife.

Mark takes up the paper into his hand reading it in his mind.

I, Mark Lehninger, together with Mr. Poster enter a permanent binding contract where I grant my soul to Mr. Poster and he gives me the skills necessary to handle the strix.

Mr. Poster also handed him the pen, obviously it had no ink. “With your blood, please.”

Mark spits a bit of his blood to the palm of his hand and soaks the pen. “What should I write?”

“Well, you got to sign it.”

Mark signs the contract. Just as he finished signing and Mr. Poster was taking it back Mark got washed over with a feeling of immense foreboding, giving him a taste of the magnitude of his decision.

“Don’t use my soul just yet, I will be wanting it back. I presume I will learn everything when I will leave?”

He laughed “Um, have you missed the part of permanent on the deal? As for using the soul, I’ll use it as I see fit. It’s mine after all. And your side of the deal… it’s coming. Any minute now.”

“So I guess you won’t trade my soul back. Well… I guess I deserve it”

“Well, you don’t really have anything else to offer. Since I already have everything from you.” as he spoke it, Mark remembered reading a few books about Strix when he was still with his sire.

“As I remember, you said I can trade my soul for other souls, aren’t I correct?”

“Trading Sam’s soul back was an interesting experiment. Turns out, that to actually claim the other souls I need a complete contract, which.. as it happens.. uses as much energy of mine as making them fair and square.” with every word of Mr. Poster Mark’s mind was being hammered by knowledge of the strix, and capability to understand such things.

“Well then, I will tell you if it was worth it, to trade my soul in”

“Of course it was. Have a nice hunt” he nodded

“Have a nice evening Mr… I never caught your name”

“It’s on the contract. Mr. Poster.”

“Well, strange name, but I will go with it” Mark leave for his apartment.

Rhea is questioned by the sheriff

Rhea was called to meet the sheriff as soon as possible. They arranged the meeting somewhere in Rhea’s own feeding lands in one of the parking lots. Ramiras didn’t look like he’s looking for small talk.
“Where you were and what were you doing three nights ago?”
“To be honest sir, I have no idea… I just went for daysleep one day and woke up after…” Said Rhea looking honestly confused. “ I was planning to consult with someone about this, I am a neonate after all, so I was not sure if it was semi normal or not.”
He stepped forward with an angry look “Don’t you dare lying to me, you little bitch” he almost speed now, being uncomfortably close to b Rhea. “What where you doing on that night? I know you were involved with ”/characters/mark" class=“wiki-content-link”>Mark"
“I told you, I have no clue… If you think Mark was involved maybe you should ask him.” Rhea took a step back. “Come to think of it, I woke up with a broken nose… I would like to know what happened as well. I originally thought I slept in… but the broken nose seemed a little strange…”
He looked at Rhea. “You were possessed by a Strix. If something like that happens again immediately inform me or one of the hounds.” He said before turning away and starting to walk away.
“Wait, what the hell is this Strix? what happened?”
“It’s a thing which hates Kindred. Don’t try to work with them. Mark made this mistake. Kill them on sight. They are your worst enemy.”
“Why doesn’t the Mark trying stuff part surprise me…” sighed Rhea silently. ”How do I kill these things? I didn’t even know I was possessed? Where? No… Who could help me learn about Strix? I can’t kill what I don’t understand…”
The sheriff didn’t respond walking away. When he was quite far “sunlight and fire, might help” and with that he walked away.

Three feeding scenes by Mark

Mark waits whole night for a single person to come out of the bar. The hours dragged on, quite a lot of groups went out and the bar closed. The guard locking the doors behind him.

Mark turns on nightmare one and walks up to the guard. Looks at him with a creepy smile and uses beastial aura on him saying “Hi…”

“What the hell do you want?” he said, a worried look passing his face.

“You will go with me or I’ll break your legs here and now”

“Ah… Alright. There’s no need to get all violent here” he said, looking around slowly.

“Lock the door and come with me” After the guard locks the door, Mark puts his arm on guard’s shoulder and leads him to dark alley

In the dark alley Mark is holding his hand on guards shoulder and slowly moves to whisper “Thanks” and at that moment he bites. The man tried to struggle, but utterly failed. Mark’s hands were as unmoving stones and the guard’s blood flowed into Mark’s mouth. He could hear his heart beating. He could practically hear him tried to fight his way out, but there was no strength left in him.

Mark is waiting his prey in one of the parking lots. By the early morning hours, he sees a man carrying a big device next to his head, talking into it. He wore an expensive looking suit and was heading towards one of the cars.

Mark turns on his nightmare. “Sir, this is your unlucky day.”

“I’m sorry, some bum probably wants some change” he said into device, seemingly unnoticing Mark at first, then he lifted it a little bit from his head, looked at Mark. “There’s a dinner down the street. Go get some burgers or whatever it is, you’d like to eat.” before extending a twenty dollar bill towards Mark. still holding the bill out, he got the device back to his ear. “So as I was saying, we’re going to buy that stock. I don’t care what Guzman thinks”

Mark grabs the man’s arm and squeezed it a bit. “You misunderstood me. Stop talking to yourself and go with me”

“I’ll… get back at you.” he said pressing one of the buttons on the device. “Please… just let me go. I need to make it to the plane.” he said obviously scared. “Here… I’ve got more money… And and.. take my phone… it costs a LOT. Just, just let me go.”

“When does your plane leave?” Said Mark with a smile

“In an hour, man… I was just getting to the airport. Just take my money and the phone… that will get you tons of money and you’ll be able to live for like a month… I can’t miss the flight.”

“Hmmm… Why is this important to you?”

“It’s a business trip. It’s my work. C’mon, just take it” he said, extending the big device towards Mark, glancing at his other arm, still in the hold of Mark.

Mark let’s go of the arm, laughs a bit “Go, until I change my mind”

He immediately moves to one of the cars and starts unlocking it’s doors with his hands shaking. The keys drop to the floor.

Mark sighs and starts walking away.

The man finally get’s into his car and immediately drives away.

Mark goes to the station and looks for a bum. It’s not easy to find a boom here, between the nearby police station and the prostitutes who don’t like their presence it’s pretty rare. But Mark just noticed one as he was just shoved away from the streets. He was heading around to the bridge of the highway.

Mark goes to him and tries to approaches him obfuscated. Looks around if nobody sees them. They already got around a corner, so the few people who are in the streets are far enough.

Mark tries to hit that bum. After landing a hit on his chest, the poor bum hits the wall. Mark immediately jumps to drink his blood.The bum manages to jump to his left, trying to escape Mark’s clutches shouting for help at the same time. Mark hits him again. He lands another hit, the bum again bashes against the wall. Then he turn on nightmare 1.The bum barely holding his breath, started running away from Mark. But it was quite obvious that he’s hurting more than he can handle. However, he barely got a few steps away from Mark.

“Don’t run away from me” said Mark with angry voice.

The bum’s slowed his steps away from Mark. Is he listening to Mark or is he simply unable to fight on?

Mark goes to the bum. It was obvious that with every step Mark takes, the bum got smaller in the wake of the monster. And as Mark was closed, the bums body no longer held it together and he fell to the ground – unconscious.

Mark turn of nightmare and looks around. The street is empty, his screams for help remaining unheard… or unresponded to.

Mark takes a sip of the bums blood. After that, he picks him up and carries to a phone booth. And calls the emergency number.

Mark is questioned

Mark opened his eyes, seeing hisMentor feeding him blood. He feels a lot calmer. Yet somehow sad, having lost his father. Having lost a little bit part of his own connection to humanity.

By his mentor’s side there were two more Kindred. Sheriff Ramiras Ovenas and Hound Sofija Martinez.

“Where is he??!!”

“Where is who?” asked the Sheriff.

“The thing with yellow eyes…. ”/characters/rhea" class=“wiki-content-link”>Rhea had yellow eyes”

Mark’s chest was still hurting, obviously some of the bullets were still inside of him. “What thing?” he asked quite seriously.

“It was a black big shadow and it had yellow eyes. It was in Rhea”

“What do you know of this shadow?”

“It once possessed me, then I saw him in Miss Kingsli’s body. I don’t know what today is, but that day it was in Rhea’s body”

“Mark, please, start with the beginning and tell everything you know in as much detail as you can.” said the Hound.

“It came to me in miss Kingsli’s body the other day and I confronted it. The other day it left me a note, saying come to the warehouse, that we’ll have fun. That dead man is my real father” Mark says really sadly.

“Confronted it? Did you know what it was back then?” she asked.

“I don’t fully know what it is now. I made an assumption that it is a Strix. I wanted to observe more and support my assumption”

“Ah you stupid shit.” said Ramiras, obviously quite pissed off. “So is there anything else you know of it?” I wouldn’t want to be beating it out of you.

“I asked it about it’s plans, but it didn’t gave me a straight answer, just that it is planning a lot of things”

“You asked it… Never trust an Owl. If you think the Kindred lie a lot… they are harmless babies compared to what one of those creatures will do… as we can already see… Killing your father, framing you with all those cops.”

“Is that all?” he asked.

“I failed all of you… I am ready for my punishment… Whatever it might be….”

“He wanted to deal with the strix.” said the hound, looking carefully at Mark and his reactions to this.

“I thought I could use Strix by playing his rules to eliminate several of core lance members… It wouldn’t have been traced to me… but I paid my price for that and a lot still awaits me….”

“One does not play the Strix. So, what we know of it? Possessed you, then Miss Kingsli, then Rhea Sangiovanni? Is there anything else for us to locate and destroy it?”

Thinking: “You don’t have to tell me that twice… But maybe his container could help”
Saying “He was held in a box with Lance writings on them”

Almost losing his patience the sheriff said “Do we have to drag every single word out of you?”

Saying: “That’s all I know”
Thinking: “I don’t want to die… I don’t know anything else, what does he wants from me?”

“Alright. So now we’ll need to go question the Sangiovanni girl and Miss Kingsli. You better hope that their story lines up with yours. “

“They shouldn’t remember that time they were possessed”

“Yeah, but perhaps they’ll be able to at least confirm that they were possessed.” he said pulling out a stake from his jacket. “You’ll be kept in torpor, until they two are questioned. If there’s something you’d like to tell me before hand, now’s the time.”

Saying: “I told you the truth”
Thinking: “_My life is now in hands of invictus and lancea members… what could go wrong…”_

With that, the Sheriff stepped forward. Without Mark’s resistance it was quite easy for him to stake Mark.

Mark couldn’t even tell how much time passed, until the stake was pulled from his chest. He was in a different location. This time it was just him and the Sheriff.
“So… The box with the Lance writings.”

“Circle of the Crone lands, they use it for their rituals and trials”

“They use the box for their rituals? Is the Strix part of the trial?”

“no, the box is in the catacombs. They use catacombs for the trials. I doubt they had idea about that being there”

“So they are unaware of it? Good. What about that coterie mate of yours? Rhea?”

“I told none about the box”

“That’s not what I meant. Do you trust her? Can she stay silent?”

“She can stay quiet. I would trust her with most of my secrets as she did”

“Well then, whoever imprisoned the thing, must have known something. And those writings on the box should be able to reveal things. Fetch the box and get Rhea to examine it.”

“Can we use your name to enter the catacombs? Tell that you told us to go there?”

“If that were the case, don’t you think that I’d go there myself? You’ve been there once, get there again and get the box. We don’t really want to alert the Circle to what you’ve done, do we? Or the Lance for that matter.”

“It’s a really big box. I doubt I can lift it alone or with Rhea”

“As I said, we don’t want to alert the Circle. If I get involved in this too closely, then the risk to get that alert substantially increases. And that probably directly correlates with your survival chances. So it’s your call, you handle it yourself, finding who can move it for you… or just getting Rhea down there, or I can get involved and the risk for you increases.”

“We’ll get that box out. Maybe Albert will help with his ventrue powers”

“Good. Once Rhea looks into the writings send me a report and we’ll see how we can get rid of that shit. Also, any reason why it’s so interested in you? It got your father killed, you framed… is the rest of your family safe? Better get them out of town for a while…”

“Maybe because I talked to it or maybe it’s his understanding of fun, because he said I will have fun. Thank you for the warning”

“I guess that’s all for now. Unless you want to add something about this whole mess?”

“No sir”


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