Mark has fun with the Jinn

A couple of nights later, he found a note in his apartment upon waking up.
“The dragon eats it’s own tail. We’re having fun tonight. At a warehouse not far away from the airport. Come alone. Jinn”

Mark goes to that warehouse and waits for Jinn.

When he reaches the warehouse he already sees Rhea, leaned back at the entrance.

Mark looks surprised “Rhea?? What are you doing here?”

“Having fun, no? The dragon eats it’s own tail, or whatever it was.” she said smiling. “It’s good to see you.”

“Oh it’s you Jinn. I was just surprised to see my coterie member, that’s it” Mark smiles “So, what we will do here??”

“We’ll play a game of trust.” she smiled “And after this game, if everything works out well, then perhaps you’ll stage the next game.”

“Ok, let’s begin”

She opened the door to the warehouse. They entered the place. In the middle of it there was a man tied to the chair. With a potato bag over his head. He reeked of sewers. By him, there was a table on which a sword and a dagger lay. Rhea was slowly walking towards the scene.

Mark observes “What should I do with him?”

“Well, if we’re going to play together.” she said, approaching the table and taking the dagger into Rhea’s hand. “Then I must know that you’re willing to do what needs to be done. I’ve picked this bum by the sewer entrance… what a scum. Regardless, I want to see if you’re capable of killing. Here’s a sword” she motioned towards the other blade on the table. “Kill him.” she said with a smile.

Mark picks up a sword and kills the man with no hesitation.

“And now we’ll see how we can work with the consequences of our actions. I lied.” she said with a wide smile on her face.

“What??” Mark looks confused “Could you explain?”

She started laughing. “See for yourself” as she slowly started walking towards the door, still laughing.

Mark looks at the man

The man is no longer bleeding from the deep wound done by Mark. He lies dead, still tied to the chair. Still having the bag over his head.

Mark removes the bag. To his own horror this was not an ordinary bum. It wasn’t a bum at all, but Mark’s own father.

He felt his beast coiling up in anger by his side. Mark started fighting off the beast.
At the same time his nightmare powers spreading into the air around, as he was shouting at Jinn “JINN!! COME HERE FOR A MOMENT”. However, it didn’t really look like Jinn’s getting scared, on the contrary, the Jinn looked a lot more scary now.

Mark was still somewhat concentrating on containing his beast. “Mark, we don’t have much time here.” she said before glancing at her clock “Nop, I’m wrong. We DON’T have time”. The warehouse windows at the top flickered with some faint light.

Mark goes to Jinn “explain… I insist” and then, Mark’s beast took the reigns desiring nothing more but to rend Rhea limb from limb.

Mark is furious with Jinn, he has no concern for Rhea and attacks all out. Breaking her nose before she disappeared from his sight. At the same time, Mark realized someone’s rushing in through the doors. “Police! FREEZE!” was being shouted as they secured the doors.

Mark is fueled by rage and attacks the police. There’s quite a lot of police around and Rhea is nowhere to be seen either.

Mark runs towards one of the police man and attacks him with his bare hands. Mark lands a hit and the other police man can hear how his bones break from the attack of bare hands.

Hearing the bones snap like twigs, the other police men don’t really wait to see if they can stop Mark – they open fire. The bullets start piercing Mark’s body. Mark’s body falls to the ground, looking like it’s dead.

The police are scanning the location for anyone else. While the police are going of with “Area secured”, Rhea is silently chuckling in one of the corners.

Mark meets Jinn

Mark was sitting alone in their apartment when he heard a barely audible screech by the window. Turning his head, he noticed a being made of darkness, with yellow eyes behind it.

Mark goes to the window and opens it.

The being turned his head. “You wished to see me. And here I am.”

“Yes, I wanted. I am intrigued what you are”

“I’m a Jinn.”

“Jinn, what’s that?”

“Jinn, the sort of who fulfills wishes.”

“You are strix, are you? A message about them appeared in cacophony after I released you from that box. Or I am wrong?”

“You are wrong. I’m Jinn.”

“Ok, I believe you. What kind of wishes can you grant?”

“I can help towards almost any desire one might have.”

“Ok, I want power in this city. How could you help with that?”

“Oh, but you used up your last wish when you wanted to speak with me.”

Mark laughs “Well played, well played. How does one get a wish then?”

“Haven’t seen the stories have you? Jinn grants three wishes and he is free.”

“What were my first 2 wishes then?”

“You wanted to survive the trial. And you wanted to gain some power in the city.”

“Ok, I got 2 fulfilled but power in the city, I have little to none”

“Patience and it will be yours. I’ve given you some tools not to get destroyed before hand and I’ve made sure that someone doesn’t get rid you within the few nights which are about to come.”

“Really? someone was about to kill me? who?”

“Yes, someone was.now he will not.”

“I guess you won’t tell me who”

“Why would I?”

“To know whom I should avoid”

“Maybe it was your father? Or perhaps it was Greta? Or maybe it was someone else entirely.”

Mark looks worried “Ok, I won’t ask” pauses “So you are free now, what will you do now?”

“I’ll have some fun.”


“I’m yet to figure that out.”

“Hmm, can I have some of that fun? I would like to help”

“Sure you can. We can have fun together.”

“When you will have a plan, inform me, I will help you as much as I can. I presume you can read minds of people that you have possesed”

“I’ll inform you.” it said before flying off into the night.

“I will be waiting”

Mark meets Miss Kingsli
Learning some manners

Mark was caught by surprise, when one night, as he was leaving his apartment he almost bumped into Miss Regina Kingsli.
“Hello, Lehninger.” she said.

“Hello, and who might you be” he asked in surprise

“Miss Regina Kingsli, childe of Sir Alder Malkolmas Mangumas. At your service.” she tipped her head she said, when her head went back her eyes reflected the yellow of the nearby lamp post.

Mark thought for a moment and for some reason he thought it’s highly unusual for the light to reflect that way. But it was mostly normal now. Maybe he just saw it by mistake? Regardless, for some reason it seemed familiar.

“Hmmm, how may I help you?”

“Well, I’ve heard that you’re in need of some help. So I thought I’ll help you out a little.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your manners, Lehninger. Your manners need improving.” she said with a slight smile on her face.

“I am not known for my manners towards trespassers who claim that they came to help me and don’t explain with what” Mark smiled

“Trespassers?” she thought for a second “Oh, of course. I’ve brought no ill to your domain and as I told you already, I’m here to help. After all, knowing how to properly address your peers and your betters is an important skill to have in our society. People have died for less. And once I tell you about all that, I guess that will be a good enough payment for my trespassing?”

“It seems fair enough”

“Perhaps we should go sit down somewhere?”

“Well, you can come in my apartment”

“Alright” she said before following Mark back into the apartment.

“What do you want to tell me Miss?”

“Well, as you know, our society uses some titles in order to distinguish each other. Some titles denote function within the society, like Prince or Sheriff. Some can show you your age. Some people do not care for the titles and how you address them, but some others do. It’s usually better to stay on the safe side and use the proper titles. Usually, if you have to ask whenever you can drop the formal title usage or not – it means you can’t.”

“Ok, and so you want to tell me that I have insulted someone when I didn’t address him with his full title that is given to him by his covenant?”

“What matters here, is that you learn the proper titles to use in the future”

“Ok, where is the list of those titles?”

“It’s not that simple. But really, what you have to keep in mind is pretty simple. Firstly, use last name of the people you’re talking. First name is only used if you’re really close. Before the name, there may be another title. If he has a job in the city, you can use that one. For example Sheriff Ovenas, or Harpy Klein. Tho, that’s a rare thing to do. More often, if the kindred in question is of quality, you’d use Mister, or if he has earned the title Lord, in front of his surname.”

“So this is title system of Invictus?”

“Well, those who join the Invictus do gain the title of Mister or Miss, and become eligible for quite a lot more titles, should they prove their worth. However, the titles themselves are used by everyone equally. Nobody would want to show their disrespect towards this. And let’s not forget, that every covenant has their own titles, which are respected in the same regard.”

“So I should call everyone by their last name plus Mister or Misses?”

“Well, if they are of the Invictus. Otherwise you can keep to the last names. Of course, some of them won’t care if you call them by names either… that just shows how lowly they think of themselves. And obviously, if you call an Invictus a Mister or Miss after he has earned a greater title you might get into trouble too. For safety, I suggest you remember how they introduce themselves. And if you’re really unsure, it’s usually better to go with the higher standing title.
Humiliating yourself for calling someone higher rank is nothing compared to possibly mocking an elder for calling him by lower standard.”

“Well thank you for the information. Now can I have a question?”

“Of course.”

“What’s up with your eyes? They seem familiar, yet I have never seen you before and I don’t remember where I saw them”

“I… have no idea what you’re talking about.” Mark looked carefully trying to figure it out if she’s telling the truth, but she seemed honest.

“Maybe I imagined something. It seemed like your eyes reflected yellow light from the lamp post and it me reminded me of something,I just don’t know what. So I asked”

“Maybe you’re just seeing things? I wouldn’t really know what that might mean. Is there anything else? Since I think I spared enough of my time for you.”

“Well, thank you for your visit and a lesson that you thought, it was really helpful Miss Kingsli. Are you expecting anything out of me?”

She shook her head, before turning towards the door. “Have a nice night.”. Just as she closed the door Dr. Uosis appeared. “The darkness you had. She has it now.”

“Really? Do you think I should confront her or let her go?”

“I am not really sure.” answered the ghost.

Mark runs and catches Miss Kingli on her way out “I forgot” he pauses “Why did you decide to help me?”

“Because you helped me.” she answered.


“The things you do have further reaching repercussions than you sometimes imagine. Let’s leave it at that.”

“So we are friends or you just helped me this once?”

She just laughed. “Let’s be friends then.”

“Ok then, what are your future plans after I helped you?”

“Well see. Don’t be in a rush, Lehninger. There’s a lot of things to do.”

“Maybe your plans synergise with mine and we could help each other”

“Maybe. Or maybe I’m not ready to share my plans. But what are your plans, Lehninger? Perhaps I could see a synergy we can work off.”

“You know, I remembered one interesting thing that I found in one of the churches”

“How does that relate to your plans? And are you planning to visit more churches? What for?”

“There was an interesting black box”

“What about the box?”

“It was very interesting. After I opened it I was possessed and I don’t remember anything. Maybe you know something about it?” Mark said that with a smile

“Why would I know anything about it?”

“Well there was some darkness, that I want to know about and what it can do. If you come by it, tell him/her that Mark wants to talk with it” Mark smiles

“Of course. After all, I bump into darknesses every single night.” she almost laughed there. “Have a good night, Lehninger.” she nodded before turning away again.

“Tell darkness that when he/she comes and wants me to recognize him/her, to tell me these words “A dragon eats his own tail”. I think we could help each other” Mark smiles “Goodnight Miss Kingsli”

Mark meets the Harpy
Any shit worth a damn can survive and keep up the Masquerade in a peaceful city. It’s the chaos where you need to know how to act

FindingMiss Klein is pretty easy. After all, as the only harpy of the city, she happily speaks with anyone interested in hearing what she has to say. As usual she was wearing a perfect dress for her, her hair being fixed perfectly.
She was sitting by one of the tables casually playing with her fingers, waiting for tonight’s guest.

“Good evening Miss Klein”

“Good evening” she answered, extending her arm.

Mark shakes her arm. “I am Mark Lenindzeris, a member of the Dragons”

“Yes, I’ve heard about you, Lenindzeris.” she nodded. “Please sit, sit. It’s always so exciting to meet new Kindred face to face.”

“Oh you have?? May I ask what you have heard?”

“Oh, a Dragon with such a wide angle as yours? How could I have not heard.” she said with a wide smile on her face. “But that’s not really interesting at the moment. I’d rather hear myself, what you would have liked me to hear about you.”

“Well, I am doing a social experiment. Well, the Dragon part you know. I have some occult knowledge, that I could share for a reasonable price. And at the moment I have plans to bring a nosferatu family to the city. I really don’t know what else I can say, only that I aim high” Mark smiles “Maybe you want to ask me something?”

“A dragon who’s willing to share? That’s a new one. A family to Hartford? With our current situation feeding grounds come hard as it is. What is there to gain by that? Especially with your Family… Won’t Prince Hooker take your head off for diluting the bloodline of Nosferatu?” she smiles.

“You misunderstood me twice… I am not sharing anything that is exclusive to the Dragons or anything that the Dragons are interested in. There are fields that we know of, but they don’t interest us. Well, I am not interested to bring members of the bloodline, I just want the bloodline to be passed to us. And why do you think that Thomas would kill me for that?”

“So, in reality, you want to look like you want to deal in the occult information, but you’re actually unwilling to share any of the important bits? That really drives down your price… compared to someone like Grejus, who can usually get anything done. As for the other thing… well, you’re a Nosferatu. You tell me.”

“Well, maybe he is sharing all the information, it’s his choice. I will share only specific information, that is allowed by the Dragons.I know that he doesn’t like other nosferatus in the city and I heard that he killed them. But I am a Dragon, won’t I be killed when he wakes up?”

“I guess only time will tell. So what kind of information you could share?”

“Well, I shared misunderstanding with the werewolves”

“Misunderstanding? The war was harsh, many perished… Do you think it can be taken down as a misunderstanding?” she asked, curiously.

“Because the werewolves that attacked were the Pure ones, that want to destroy the world and rebuild it in their own image. Misunderstanding was, that all of the werewolves are the same as they.”

“And you found some proof to the contrary?”

“Yes, I talked with the werewolves, they explained to me that they were attacked as well and some of them were killed. And said that I should kill the Pure one on sight. Of course they could be lying, but would I still be alive if they weren’t?”

“If it suits their purposes – of course” she smiled. “We all lie when it suits our purposes. And if whatever they wanted to achieve with the war is done, then perhaps they no longer want to be hated? Or perhaps they want to divert us to their own enemies, who’re called the Pure? Wouldn’t you lie to somebody if it meant that he would go kill your enemies?”

“I doubt that their main enemies are your enemies” Mark smiles “None the less, they weren’t aggressive towards me. In the near future, maybe I will study them, I doubt Grejus will offer much information on them” Mark smiles

“Of course. Then you’ll be our specialist of the all relevant field of werewolf relationships.” she said, obviously losing interest on the topic. “So are you going to compete in the Miss Fuler’s competition?”

“Blood court??”


“The Carthian “thing” “

“Oh, you mean their blood lottery? Oh no. Guess you’re not in the loop then. Well, hear this then.Miss Fuler is organizing a contest, the winner of which get’s to decorate the next Court. Quite nice, eh?”

“No, I haven’t heard of that. I am still new to cacophony. Could you tell me more about that contest?”

“Heh, well Miss Fuler wants to receive mails with the offers for how the place should be decorated. The best suggestor will win and will be able to fulfil his decorations.” she then looked around and slightly more silently “But between you and me… She just wants to see who’s going to be offering best favor for the right to decorate. It’s probably gonna be less of a thing of who has the best idea of decorations, but just a silent auction for it.”

Mark give a big smile “How else it could be decided. I have a question to you, how did you become a harpy?”

“Well, when you’re the go to person for the news of our little society – granting of the title is just a formality. Why?”

“It seems like an interesting position, one might take”

She raised an eyebrow. “Being a Harpy is no easy job. And it takes up a whole lot of time. After all you must always keep yourself in the loop of things. And since your words can reach a lot of ears, you must be careful what to say. Especially about those who might bring your ruin. I suggest you to stay to your werewolf research.” she said with a smile on her face.

“You think, a nosferatu like me could become a Harpy??”

“No, I don’t think you could be a harpy.”

“So in what position you see me in? I think you have a good eye”

“Hmmm… “ she leaned back a bit, looking at Mark from top to bottom. “

“You’d make a good Hound, I think. You’ve got the mind to keep track of events and you have a keen mind on details.”

“It’s an interesting opinion. But do you think Sofija isn’t doing a good job as a Hound?”

“She’s doing her job very well, I’ve heard. However, I think her heart isn’t really set in the position. And besides, she’s a Dragon too, and the matter of hounds is a covenant matter. Perhaps your leaders think she could fill a better capacity?”

“I guess she has little time to do research… But we are Dragons, we obey the Kogaion and we do our jobs to the fullest, that’s why she or any member of the Dragons, will do his best in any position” Mark said that with pride

“And what does your Kogaion think of your best position to fill?”

“I didn’t ask him, but I think he is ok with the position I am in now. I am still a neonate, who has much to learn”

“And where do you see yourself in a hundred years?” she said with a smile on her face.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know where I will be tomorrow, yet alone hundred years. Neonates are dropping like flies these days, but I guess it’s common for you, an ancillae .”

“Really? Haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary.” she smiled

“I am still young, but so many deaths in such a short time is strange, at least to me. Maybe you can explain?”

“Which deaths do you mean? As far as I know, no citizen has died in quite a while now.. Mister Patonas was the last one, wasn’t he?”

“I think Chaitan was the last, unless you don’t think of him as a citizen”

“He certainly was not a citizen. Just like Rajani is not. They are mere visitors… “

“So the citizens are only the ones who were embraced by the citizens?”

“Those who have passed the Kiddie Pool.” she corrected Mark.

“But still, so many kiddie poolers died. I guess there isn’t enough feeding place for so many of us”

“They have failed their trial. Nothing out of the ordinary there. If they can’t survive there, we don’t want them running around our fair city without the watchful eyes of hounds, now don’t we?”

“Well yes. I am just happy, we got out fairly quickly out of that place”

“Let’s hope not too quickly. After all, we all want you to be prepared, now don’t we?” she smiled again

“We haven’t messed up yet, have we?”

“It’s not about not messing up right now, Lehninger. It’s much bigger than that.” she smiled.

“Unless you mean keeping the masquerade, I don’t know what you are talking about” Mark looks puzzled

“Ha, obviously a neonate. Shortsighted. What do you think is going to happen once war, famine or plague rolls around? Any shit worth a damn can survive and keep up the Masquerade in a peaceful city. It’s the chaos where you need to know how to act.”

“Do you think a war will breakout when Thomas returns?”

“Once again – shortsighted. I don’t mean kindred wars my dear. It’s the kine one’s you should be scared of.”

“It’s good the be paranoid, to some point, but I don’t think that there will be war anytime soon”

“Oh, you don’t think? Perhaps not by your standards. But what about in 10 years? 50? I think that our beloved American soil has not seen a hundred years without a war on it’s lands. Or something else equally scary. Those who will not be prepared will be the first ones to perish… and if you want to live a long and happy unlife, you should make sure you know how to survive when you have to fight for every single drop of blood. hence – The Kiddie Pool.”

Mark smiles “So that’s your reason for Kiddie pool. But Kiddie Pool is a harder version of the war, that at least in my eyes”

“You have not seen the war. If anything, Kiddie Pool is a soft gloves approach to the thing. You’ve got no idea what happens in a real war.”

“I don’t really, but in war, you can kill your enemies, openly, what you can’t do in Kiddie pool. And if war breaks out, I hope we end up on the same side, as you said, I would make a good hound” Mark smiles

“When the kine will go to war, there won’t be many sides among the Kindred. Just survivors.”

“It’s just a theory, but what would happen if Thomas woke up, wouldn’t there be war?”

“If Prince Hooker returned from his sleep, well. There’s not much of a war to happen, is there? Who do you think might be fighting in this war? Between Hawkswas and Birch, Prince Hooker has enough scary bastards to have a celebration upon his awakening. Not a war.”

“I didn’t understand you, do you meant that he’ll have a lot of support or none?”

“Have you met the Bishop? Or the Inquisitor? If a war were to happen, who do you think would oppose his return? Or more in truth, who would be capable of opposing his return? Do you have anyone in mind?”

“I doubt anyone would have enough power”

“Exactly. So you better rehearse your Longinian prayers.”

“I have read it, it has some interesting concepts, but you can find that in almost any book. Do you await Thomas return?”

“Prince Hooker’s return does not depend on me waiting for him or not. Let’s just say that I have nothing to fear in regard to this event.” she smiled. “What about you?”

“Well, I am a Dragon, that’s why I could die, but I am his family, that fact at least could keep me safe for sometime”

“There’s always hope for the sinner’s I guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if he forgave those who repented their wrongdoings.”

“Well I hope so”

“So, Lehninger, is there anything else you’d like to discuss with me?”

“I don’t believe so, I got what I came here for”

“Have a good night, Lehninger. It was very interesting to meet you.”

After this, Mark learned that she spread the word of his incompetence around the city. Seemingly, to discredit him and keep her position as the only harpy of the city.

Mark wants a bloodline

After his trip to the shadow realm and a few more nights to think things through, Mark returned to his mentor to report in and discuss some other things with him.

“Good eveningMr.Sarkejus. I came back to report my findings”

“Good evening. So what did you find there? Was it really something or is the ghoul just seeing things?”

“It was something alright… It’s a gateway to the shadow realm. It wasn’t the nicest place to stay though”

“To the Shadow Realm? The One?” it was obvious he’s quite surprised.

“At least I think it was the shadow realm. When I left the drawer, the hospital changed, everything changed and there we spirits, only spirits around me.Two sides fighting each other, disease versus the nurses.”

“Investigate it further then. Find out everything we can. Perhaps the place guards the secrets we need to breakthrough the Mystery of Augur. Perhaps that’s the place where we will find the way.” he said, a glimmer of hope pushing throught his scientific tone.

“I will return there and research that place. Just the first time I went there, I had no clue where I was going, I wasn’t prepared… This time, I will bring some equipment, mainly chalk” Mark laughs

“Good” he nodded “I hope you are making notes of everything? Every detail is important. Once you’re done observing, our next step will be to try experimenting with the thing. If everything goes well, soon we’ll break through the Coil and we’ll get you your promotion.”

“I will make my report detailed, from maps to names of the spirits of that place”

“Don’t forget the behaviours. And how we can change them. Or be changed ourselves.” he nodded.

Mark nods.

“Sir, I have one more question more of a favor. I would like to borrow your ghoul with a car. I want to go to another city and try to bring a nosferatu family from that city, to this city”

“I’m sorry?” his excitement chilling there. “ What do you mean go to another city?”

“I wanted to go to New Haven . And talk with the Nosferatu, that have bloodlines and bring one to our city”

He thought there for a minute “What arrangements have you made?”

“None yet, first I need a blessing from you and my sire to do it, my studies should go first after all. If I make arrangements, would you allow it?”

“And what arrangements would you make?” he asked.

“I would like to get a direct contact with one of the bloodline’s members or any other citizen’s and ensure my safe stay in the city”

“And do you think that the time you’ll be spending getting the said contacts and payment and the trip itself worthwhile? To bring a family here of which you do not even know the motivations? Are you really ready to jeopardize the investigation of the Shadow Realm?”

“I was going to do that after the Shadow realm investigation sir. I know that bloodline can be passed down without them coming to our city”

“I would not bless such a waste of time. There’s much greater things to be done with your time. However, if you do desire to stall your progress so much, then you should get your buddy, Rhea, in on this. I’ve heard there’s some Sangiovanni down in New Haven.”

“So I will use Rhea to make arrangements then, I won’t waste my time. I heard that Tina died, maybe you know what happened?”

“Well, I’ve heard she messed up in the kiddie pool? And he had so much potential… Rosmari ain’t happy, that’s for sure.”

“It’s so unlike her… She was really careful… I wouldn’t be surprised if she was set up”

“Really? And who would have set her up?”

“I don’t know, it’s just a hunch”

“Well, she was tried and sentenced. If Sofija didn’t find anything to get her out – there was nothing to get her out.”

“It makes me sad, I thought her as a friend, Albert took it even more”

“She had potential. Now it is lost. There’s nothing to be done about it.” he said and after a moments thought “We all lost a friend to the flames.”

“Who did you lose, if I may ask”
“It’s a story for another night.”

“Ok. I will be leaving then. I will give my full report after the investigation”

Mark visited his sire. Deonas Asburis was just having two of his ghouls fight each other in a test of endurance when Mark came over.
“What do you think?” he asked motioning towards the ghouls, struggling on the floor. Both of them obviously desperate.

“They need practise. May I talk with you in private?”

“The chances of their survival are low enough. What concerns you?”

“I am interested in bringing a nosferatu bloodline into the city from New Haven”

He turned his head from the ghouls to Mark. One of the ghouls looked like he was about to collapse. “That might be an interesting experiment and research on the changes the blood takes when gaining a bloodline. However, you’re quite young. I’m not sure your blood could have grown sufficiently strong? But that might be an interesting experiment in and of itself.”

“Mr. Sarkejus allowed me to go after I do a detailed investigation of the Shadow realm. During that time, I will try to make arrangements for my safe journey, I was told that there are Sangiovanni in that city, maybe Rhea will be able to make connections there. And what do you mean, my blood isn’t strong enough?”

“Well I’ve done some research on the topic. Mostly, it’s pretty hard to take on a bloodline if you’re not a close family member of the Avus.” he explained.

“Are you planning to join that bloodline??”

“Absolutely not. Joining a bloodline is like taking a shortcut, with the results not defined by myself. I will not go down for second best, when it comes down to my own blood. One day I’ll leave my own legacy, my own bloodline. Until then, it would be interesting to research more about it.”

“Then I will find a member of our family, who is willing to take that bloodline and give it to me, is that acceptable? Also, could I offer Dragons of that city to come to our city?”

“That’s a hard fetch. Who is it?Nikolas andFilbertas Hawksas? Both of them members of the Lance. Filbertas being an Inquisitor and knowing his outline in general, there’s no way in the world where he’d do allow it to be used for the benefit of the Dragons. So there’s little to no research opportunities with him. Nikolas on the other hand… might be a better fit, but he’s so pretaken with his library and attempts to expand it.
All else failing, we could try some experiments with you and your blood. Perhaps we could force it to become more thick.” he was thinking out loud.

“Could we convince Nikolas to join the bloodline if we donated enough copies of books for his library?”

“Well, those tomes should be fairly meaningless for us to give them to the Lance. And that would mean we’d need a whole bunch of them. Regardless, maybe he’s just so bored in his sewers that he’d simply take up the suggestion from his grandchilde? Probably not, but it’s worth a shot.”

“Ok, I will try to convince him. It’s a benefit for the family after all. And what about the Dragons of that city?”

“Inviting them for the sake of inviting them will win us little. Firstly we need to figure out if there’s some use out of it. And then you need them to have such a desire too. Not many would move from their own cities knowing full well what awaits them here” he said referring to the Kiddie Pool.

“There were some exceptions made, but still. I will look into it, if I will go to that city. But first I need to talk to Nikolas”

“Of course. It seems you’re taking on new projects quite soon. Haven’t you forgotten something you promised me?” he asked, turning his head back at the ghouls as one of the ghouls collapsed on the ground, seemingly from exhaustion.

“The thing is, the most promising childe is a ghoul of my coterie member. At the moment she doesn’t want to let go of her and I can’t force her as well”

The other ghoul looked at his master, his sight filled with fear and awe. “You mentioned you had several good candidates.” then he lifted his voice a little so his ghoul could hear it “Bring him to me. We’ll see if his body can be pushed further.”

“It will be done”

He didn’t say anything else to his childe, watching as one of the ghouls dragged the other one in front of him. He opened a case standing on the table by his side, within there were some strange syringes and other medical items. He took some of that and leaned over the ghoul.

Mark didn’t really want to see where this is going, so he left.
Mark needs to meet Nikolas.

Session 49th
The capturing of a Strix

A whole plot unraveled between the google doc play and finished in this session. basically, the darkness which Mark released when investigating one of the churches is a Strix. And it wants interesting things.

Mark wants a bloodline
Mark meets the harpy
Three feeding scenes by Mark
Rhea meets Rebeka and afterwards she meets Katerina
Strix storyline start:
Mark meets Miss Kingsli
Mark meets the Jinn
Mark has fun with the Jinn
Mark is questioned
Rhea is questioned
Mark meets Mr. Poster
Mark meets Ordo Dracul hound
Mark meets the Khaibits

The session itself:

  • In the beggining, Albert meetsSam. Sam has some doubt about cancelling the contract, but with Albert’s encouragement he tears it up. They go to the local bar to celebrate and after noticing that Sam is completely broke again Albert paid for the drinks.
    The night went pretty well, Albert convinced Sam to take up some studies – Computer Science.
  • On the next night, Albert decided that it’s time for him to get a ghoul. He chose the bartender In the local Black Bear Saloon. With some trouble to get him alone, he Dominated him into drinking his blood and setting up a trigger for him to come meet him tomorrow. On the next night, he gave him the second drink and explained a little bit about things.

Now to get back to the strix bussiness:

  • Mark wanting to hide Greta from the strix, and so he decided to try and ask for Daniel Rhinehart’s help. However, he was furious at Mark. Turns out, that he blames Mark for killing in his neighborhood, while in fact it wasRhea’s doing.
    Eventually, Daniel attacks Mark with his frost powers he frenzies and runs away leaving Greta to the whims of destiny.
  • The Jinn is not done messing with Mark. So soon enough he finds a note to meet in the local Governor’s Guard Museum. They passed the local police station and next door they go inside the museum. They find Nikas there, a man from Mark’s past. A man whom Mark broke and doing which he deeply regretted. However, he was possesed.
    Helena started fighting the man, calling up to her own powers of darkness to aid her. After a bit of fight, Mark started retreating outside.
    Meanwhile, Albert was waiting in his car by the door, there was the opened black box on the backseat. Albert was tasked with getting the box to the strix. After hearing some shouts inside, he decided that he cannot give a chance for the strix to escape. He pushed the pedal to the metal, smashing into the museum – luckily, the wooden door were not that tough, going over Mark and smashing into the corpse of Nikas – the Strix was pouring out of it, and since the box was nearby it was drawn inside. Mark jumped into the car and after Albert noticed the smoldering remains of Helena – he started driving again.
    The police were already on their feet, getting into their cars and started chasing them. The police manages to drive them off road – their car no longer operational. They were surrounded by cops. After slowly walking out of the car, Mark nightmare’d two of them, while Albert used Dominate on the remaining two cops. They forced them to carry the box into one of the patrol cars and they drove away.
    Once they were further away, in the kiddie pool territory, by Albert’s garage, they got out. They needed to fix their memory, and Albert was too hungry for that. He frenzied biting down into one of the cops. Noticing this, Mark decided that if one’s of them gonna die, there won’t be much worse if the other one dies too, so he bit down and gorged himself as well.
    Once Albert got back to his senses, he realized they need some help with this mess. They calledArchon Gillen.
    After hearing the situation, the Archon dominated Mark into standing outside and not listening, while he had a talk with Albert…
Session 48th

This time we had a lot less Google Doc play. Once again, bolding the interesting ones
Mark feeding scenes
Albert get’s called by Donaldas
Mark visits the Shadow Realm

So Amir Okanue, Rajani Ravindra, Mister Albert Heckles, Mark Lehninger went to another church. There they found warnings of Holy Monsters protecting the place. They pressed on. Down in the underground they found a hall and once they were in the middle of it, strange whitish light came and then, from the ground a few monsters appeared.


The ghostly creatures immediatly attacked the party. Rajani pulled out her blades started fighting back. Albert used his Animalism powers and strangely – they worked on the creatures. After the fight was over and the creatures destroyed Amir already laid in torpor. They moved on to the sarcophagus – it was empty. Afterwards they delivered the torpid Amir to his sire.

After this, Albert met Lady Liucile Sanders, Groom, who could grant them the permission to visit another one, since it lay in her domain. After the permission was secured, they went there, but they learned that the entrance to the catacombs has caved in about 50 years ago. If Thomas Hooker is down there – it will be very hard to get him.

They also visited the kiddie pool. There Mark introduced Albert to Marty “Bax” Baxton, who was really excited to meet them.

Mark visis the Shadow Realm
A Shadow Hospital

Mark was summoned by his mentor, Bertramas Sarkejus.
“Good evening” said Bertramas upon seeing his pupil. “How are the nights treating you?”

“Well, I can’t complain too much. We have our own lands, feeding place and they haven’t requested too much from us”

“And what about your studies?” he asked.

“I try to interact with spirits, met quite few of them. Also I learnt that werewolves would teach me more about them, but they asked for something in return, I yet to find that thing. Besides that, I was told about Loa, the beings to whom spirits serve. Kristoferis’ new childe knows about them much more, but I needed to pass the Crone’s trial in order to be tough by her, which I did.”

“Taught by them? They’ll stuff your head with nonsense, lies and false beliefs. You should not taint your knowledge with that. “ he answered concerned for his pupil.

“You mean the werewolves or the Circle??”

“Both, in fact. I thought you’re a Dragon, one led by evidence and truth. Not by gossip and false beliefs.”

“Sir, I am just observing and I found that they don’t fully understand the what they are dealing with. But I noticed that several of the Crone’s ritual places are highly attuned with spiritual energy and I want to investigate them. To do that I need them to trust me. As for the werewolves, they intrigue me as a supernatural species.”

“Be careful with them, they will try to get you out of your own path.”

“Oh yea, they tried, but I refused their offer and said that only information about spirits and werewolves will be exchanged between us. I talked too much about my self, why have you summoned me, is there anything I can help you with?”

“Well, your studies are what concerns me. And what about the Acolytes? There’s little they can offer you. After all, with every single true thing, there will be a line of faith tainted bullshit to go through. You could spend as much effort actually researching spirits, and that’s why I called you.”

“The thing is, I am a very young vampire and I need to make allies, that is a fact. Even if the Acolytes are misguided they still could be powerful allies. I am not trying to understand their religions or be affected by them… Through my observations of the vampire society I made a conclusion that social vampires have an advantage over loners. If you think that the time I spend with other vampires can be used more efficiently I will gladly devote myself to that task”

“There’s a difference between spending your time with other vampires and gaining allies, and allowing your mind and your studies to be tainted by lies. There’s plenty of vampire’s who’ll gladly make friends among Invictus and the Carthians. Regardless… about your studies. I think there’s something you should investigate and report back to me. My ghoul found something interesting… however it’s too risky for him to look into, so that’s why I want you to take a look.”

“If you will see me stray from the Dragon’s path, I will cut my ties with the Circle, but at the moment I mainly socialize with Kristoferis, he is family after all. I will gladly investigate it, just tell me where it is”

“Go to the morgue. My ghoul will show you the path. Hopefully the knowledge there will allow us to get new gains upon Coil of Augur.”

“Ok, I will go there. Where is this ghoul now?”

“He’ll be waiting for you there.”

Mark nods “I will go there then and report my findings. Have a good evening” Mark goes to morgue.

When Mark reached the morgue, there was a small rain. He entered the place, which was seemingly empty, but within minutes, a man came out through one of the doors. Mark recognized the man… it was Linas Margallow. The man Mark left to fend for himself back when he worked in here.

“Good evening, Mr. Skarkejus sent me here, there is something I need to see?”

“Is that all you have to say to me?” he looked disappointed and angry “This way.” he said turning around.

“Sorry, I was focused on the task… How are you Linas? What’s new?”

“What’s new? Fuck you, Mark.” he said walking down to one of the refrigerators.

Mark sighs and doesn’t try to small talk just waits till Linas shows where the spirits are located.

He opens one of the morgue drawers. “Get in.”

Mark goes in.

Linas closed the drawer.

Mark looks around goes in deeper. However, there is no deeper. He can barely fit in the drawer.

“Linas, why did you put me here?”

“Just sit in there.” he answered.

Mark waits as for max 2 hours. Two hours pass and nothing happens.

“Linas is this truly the place or you are making a joke?”

There was no response.

Mark tries to open the drawer.

He needs to use a little force, but the drawer pushes outside. He sees the morgue. And he sees a figure standing by the door.

Mark leaves the drawer, cleans himself a bit and makes a few glances towards the figure.

The figure slowly turns around, that man is wearing the thing, in which corpses are placed… his head strangely blury.

“Hello, who might you be?”

“Surm.” he responded silently, with his voice filled with sorrow.

“What are you doing here?”

He turned his head a little. “You should leave.” he said, ignoring Mark’s question.


“The King and the Queen might find you. And they’ll eat you.” he answered.

Mark looks for a newspaper or a book in the morgue.

However, without the slab, the drawers and Surm the morgue is empty.

Mark goes back to the spirit. It’s standing there looking at him.

“Will they come here?”

“Maybe they will.”

Mark takes out his notebook and waits for the spirits to come. He is just looking and reading through it until someone comes. Hours pass but nothing comes.

“by the way,who are they?” Mark asked without lifting his head up

“The rulers of the hospital.”

“What are the rules of the hospital?”

“Rules? The King has a few. I’m not really sure what they are.”

Mark looks up “I meant who are the King and the Queen”

“Tellimus and Shitala”

“And who are you? And what are you doing here?”

“I’ve already told you.”

“What do you know of the werewolves?”


“You don’t know what werewolves are?”

“Who are they?”

“I have read about them in my books. But the most basic explanation would be, shapeshifters, who keep balance and they know a great deal about spirits”

“Okay.” he said with a sad voice.

“Why are you so grim?”

“I’m not.”

“Why are you waiting for them?”

“I’m not.”

“So why are you here?”

“Where else should I be?”

“Shadow realm?”

He turned his head. “Shadow realm?”

“Don’t you know nothing about your kind?”

“My kind?”

Mark looks down and continues reading his notes sitting in the morgue. He’ll wait till 1 hour before sunrise.`Time drags on, but nothing changes. Surm is standing as still as ever.

1 hours before sunrise Mark stands up and goes home. He steps through the morgue’s doors and turns left towards the exit, but notices that the corridor is much, much longer. Mark still goes through the corridor. He walks down the corridor, step after step, before he realizes that he can barely see the end of it. He could see a ton of other rooms, and other corridors and even stairs connecting to other floors. Mark stops, looks around.

He sees several branching off corridors. Several closed doors. He can hear something to his right, down one that corridor. So Mark goes to check it.

Several corridors down, he reaches a flight of stairs going upwards. The sound is definitely coming from there. Mark looks who or what is inside.

He climbs the stairs, and after opening the door, he sees a hall open before his eyes. And to his surprise he sees a fight. There’s these strange nurses, with gas masks on fighting little boogie monsters. Seeing that, Mark just stands there doing nothing.

The creatures are fighting each other. There are much more of the boogie monsters than there are nurses, but they are holding their ground, fighting pretty equally.

Mark tries to uses Nightmare 2 on the boogie monster, but he realizes that those things are worse looking than he is and he starts going back to Surm, looking for the way. However, the corridors all look similar, and it’s hard for him to find his way back. But… The path was simple, it was just turn right, and then left… why the hell it’s not here.

Mark walks around, looking around, maybe he’ll hear or see something.

He hears steps down one of the corridors. Mark goes to that corridor and looks who is coming down. Down there he sees a woman, going down step by step.

The woman going down the corridor

After Mark notices her, she turns his head and looks directly at him.

“Hello” – said Mark

“Hello. Who are you?”

“I guess this is shadow realm, that makes me a very unlucky person”

“This is a hospital. Are you sick?”

“I don’t I am, but you can still help me”

“Alright. Let’s go.”

Mark follows. The woman leads him down the corridors for quite a long time. After a time, he sees more nurses, pushing carts and strange creatures within them. However, seeing them they just stop, allowing them to pass. There’s quite a lot of them around. They went upstairs several floors and they were in a small corridor with doors. One of them had the plate of “The King” on it.

“Sit here” she mentioned towards one of the chairs. “To one of the passing nurses with the gas mask she told, there’s an appointment for Tellimus”. She entered the door.

Mark sat down. The door opened soon and the nurse came out. “The doctor is ready for the appointment” she said.

Mark goes in. The cabinet was all empty besides, the table chair and some strange trophies on the walls. A man was sitting behind the table. Strangely, he looked more like a soldier than a doctor.

“Good evening, I am Mark”

“Good Evening, Mark. I’m Tellimus, The King of Order. We’ll Do Great Things Together Now That You Have Reported In For Duty!”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Of Course. You’re New Around Here. You Will Help Me Destroy The Queen.”

“Why do you want to destroy her if I may ask?”

“What?! There Will Be No Dissent Among My Ranks!”

“Before you judge me, may I explain my self?”

“You Are Not Being Judged. But If You Have A Suggestion Of How To Achieve Victory – You May Speak.”

“Why not offer her truce and attack her from the shadows?”

“Truce? Those Insane Creatures Neither Understand Truce Nor They Deserve One. They Must Be Wiped Out.”

“I mean trick her into thinking that you want that, but secretly you attack her there where she is out”

“Trick Her? Does It Look Like The Superior Forces Of Medicine Need Trickery? Are You Her Spy, Trying To Trick Me?!” he said.

“To tell you the truth, I am not even from the hospital. I got here by mistake. I have never saw The Queen in my life”

“And How Does That Change Things?” he asked.

“I am not her spy obviously and I just offered you a strategy how to get rid of her.”

“Your Strategy Is Wrong, Based On False Assumptions.”

“I worked in this morgue, I studied biology, I have knowledge about the medicine. Tell me your strategy”

“Cure The Disease. That Is As Much As A Recruit Like You Needs To Know”

“ok, but you don’t just send soldiers to battle field with orders “be there” you explain them what to do, could you explain me as well?”

“You Will Be Reporting In With Pesuto Ishi. With Him You Will Go To The Third Hall Of Research Where You Will Contain The Breach.”

“Ok. Can someone lead me there?? Also, I am not a spirtit, you know that, right?”

“NURSE!” He shouted. Pretty quickly one entered through the door. “Lead Him To Pesuto Ishi. You Are Dismissed”

Mark follows the Nurse. She leads him from corridor to corridor, until they find a small operating room. In the room, there’s many more nurses standing and in front of them there’s the spirit known as Pesuto Ishi.

He was silently telling them the plan in a language Mark could not understand.

“I was ordered by the King to meet you”

He turned his beak. “Are you a new recruit?” he asked in English.

“I guess I was made into one. I am from the world of the living, I am not a spirit and I would rather go home, because there is little to none nourishment for me here” Said Mark with sad voice “But if i must help you do something, so be it”

“But you are not of the living…” he answered plainly.

“I am a vampire, I need living beings to survive… That depends, I consider my self alive, but maybe you don’t hold me alive. Never the less, I am not from this world”

“I will not be the one to disobey the King’s orders. You’ll have to go with us.”

“Ok… I will go with you. But after the mission, lead me to the morgue”

“Yes. The Morgue is probably the best place for the dead. We wouldn’t want you to spread the infection.”

“Could you lead me there then?”

“After the mission, as I said, I won’t be allowing disobedience into the ranks.”

“Ok, where are we going?”

“To the Hall of Research. We will flank them and we will cure them.” he then returned to saying a few more sentences in the language Mark couldn’t understand, before all the nurses turned and started walking towards the door.

Mark follows the nurses. They are walking down corridor by corridor, going down to the first floor. Pesuto Ishi giving a few commands to his nurses. They were going around and then turning to his left, down the corridor he saw the morgue.

Mark is following the nurses because leaving them is a suicide.

Going down the corridors after several turns they went upstairs again, to see the fighting scene Mark witnessed before hand.

Mark looks what the rest are doing.

They are standing in a tight formation, preparing to charge into the flank.

After they charge, Mark goes after them. He is looking for the most outnumbered boogie monster and attacks him. After a short fight, the nurse aided by Mark manages to make the boogie monster run away.

After which, they joined up the other nurses and within minutes, most of the boogie monsters were routed and running away, while those who were unable to escape suffered a grisly demise exploding into a explosion of pus and ugliness.

“What now?”

Pesuto Ishi came to him “Go now, before you become the source of an outbreak.”

“Can you show me to the morgue?”

“We cannot spare the resources for that. You’ll have to find your own way.”

“Can you tell me the way?”

“We went past it when going down the floor. Just trace the path back and look for the morgue.”

Mark TRIES to do that. However, he once again fails. He looked for the path for an hour or so, and when he finally thought he knows where he is, he saw several of the boogie monsters.

Mark uses Nightmare to create a hallucination to make him look as a big monster and then he scared them intimidating them.

The little spirits ran away and Mark following them a little saw the doors to the morgue.

Mark goes into the morgue. He finds it as he left it. Surm seemingly didn’t move from his spot.

“Well, I met the King” said while going to the same drawer.

“Alright.” he says

“Could you close the drawer I go inside?”

He says nothing.

Mark lies down into the drawer.

Surm closes the drawer.

Mark stays there for an hour and tries to open the drawer. He sees the empty morgue. The real morgue. After which he returned to his haven with lots of thoughts in his head.

Albert get's called by Donaldas
And goes to meet Rebeka

Albert received a letter. To his surprise it wasDonaldas, begging to meet him as soon as possible, for everything hinges on it.

Having some spare time Albertas decides that visiting Donaldas might be useful or at least interesting. After all, he could provide a way to climb higher in the ranks of Invictus. Albert takes a late night bus to the kiddy pool and requests Donaldas presence.

Almost rushing, Donaldas comes to the hotel. Going to wherever Administrator tells him to meet Albert.

Albert asks for a key to any room so he and Donaldas could speak in private. Seeing Donaldas like this gets him curious – what might be wrong? Albert greets him with a “Long time no see. Why the rush?”

Rosie’s dead” he quickly spilled it out.

“Who, how and why?”

“I.. I don’t know. But, they attacked her in the clinic, during the day. And now… they’re going to trial me for it, Mister Heckles. You… you gotta help me.” Donaldas was speaking in a much more stressful manner.

Albert got a bad feeling in his stomach – “Wait, OUR clinic? Who the fuck.. Do you have any idea whether they were human, kindred or any other kind of abnormal?” Albert paused, looking at a scratched wall. “If I’m to help you in any way, first thing we’ve got to find out is who the fuck did it. Otherwise, it might as well be you.”

“No.” he said “It wasn’t me. We were just hanging out and then we went to day sleep, as usual, and then I wake up to find her bashed in with my shotgun. It’s a complete set up! I wouldn’t ever dare touching someone who wants to join the Invictus. Not stupid enough to bite at the First Estate.” he was grabbing for straws in his mind. “Look, if you help me, I’ll swear the oath to you.”

Albert thought for a moment – “How much time do we have? I know there are vampires who just happen to know certain things – they might be able to help in this case. However, I do not think that anyone in my circle actually possesses such power. We could also try pulling of a proper criminal investigation, maybe someone fucked up and left something behind.. Who knows..” Albert stopped for a second- “How long has it been since the death of Rosie? Did anyone search out the clinic?”

“Yeah, the hounds did… Found nothing. And I can’t find the goddamn Rosie’s ghoul. Surprisingly, she stayed until we went to sleep that night… maybe it was her. Or maybe she knows something… Or maybe she was killed as well.”

“Alright, we’ve got some sort of lead. Did you try telling the hounds about the missing ghoul? Moreover, are there any places we could try looking for her?” While asking question after question Albert thinks to himself: “There is no way this is safe to do alone, perhaps I should let the gang know about this?”

“No, not yet… I wanted to get into someone who might believe me. ah that damn Rebeka… I’ve no idea where to look for her. She would come and go whenever she would. I told the stupid Rosie to handle her ghoul better.”

“Wait wait wait… Did Rosie tell you that Rebeka’s her ghoul, or did you just assume that?” Albert looked at Donaldas, confused and unsure of what happened in the clinic when he and the others left.

“What the hell do you mean by that? When I joined her in the clinic she was already hers? Wait. Do you know Rebeka?”

Albert sighs – “Yes, and if she’s the ghoul that I’m thinking about, Rebeka did not belong to Rosie at any point. What else did Rosie tell you? Did she claim ownership of the clinic as well? This is just plain odd… I guess I’ll have to make a desperate phone call after this, you might not be the only one who’s sinking into deep shit”.

“Well, we lived there and nobody else was there, so of course the clinic was ours. And after this it’s gonna be mine. But… If she’s not Rosie’s… that explains how she could so easily go off. Without being bound, she could’ve easily done it! Or…” his mind wandered a bit. “Or the vampire to whom she truly belongs. Who is it?”

“It’s someone I know and someone who surely has no reason nor time for killing kiddie poolers.. It’s best that I contact her and ask what the hell might be going on or where to find Rebeka” Albert pauses – “Actually, I do know one place we could go to. Perhaps it’s worth the shot?”

“We might scare her away. Um… Perhaps we just give the location to the hounds? And… if it’s not a kiddie pooler, it means that he’s messing with kiddie pool. And that gives me even an easier time to not get burned up. Good. Really, please, tell me who is it. That way, we should be able to get me out of the loop and the cities big boys can handle the problematic asshole.”

“Hold up, don’t jump to any conclusions just yet, the ghoul might be dead as well – we don’t know that. First, and foremost, we need her side of the story. Then we can figure out what to do next. Plus, there’s been more than enough bloodshed already, we should try and do this as peacefully as possible. Shall we head out?”

“Sure, but whatever this is, someone’s messing with the city customs. And… and you’re avoiding naming him. Is it one of the Invictus?… No, that’s stupid, Invictus respects the laws and customs of the city.” he said standing up preparing to head out.

“Let’s just hope it’s got nothing to do with the person, as that would overcomplicate things.”

We head out to where Rebeka lives. Or at least used to live.

The house has light on. It seems that somebody’s home.

Albert rings the bell.After a minute or so, a guy opens the door. “Um, hello.” he says.

“Good evening. Is Rebeka home?” Albert politely asks.

“Who’s asking?” he asks, looking at the two men standing in front of him.

“An acquaintance by the name of Albert, she should remember me.”

“Um… Wait here.” he said, closing the door behind him. Albert heard the steps of him going somewhere.

“She’s definitely inside” said Donald

“One thing though, let’s try not to get on her bad side, alright?” said Albert

“Uh… As you wish, Mister Heckles.”

Within minutes Rebeka opened the door.

“Hey, Albert” she said, before noticing Donald then she got quite surprised. “Um, hey Donald.”

“May we come inside? I’d like to talk about a few things and find out what’s been happening around here since we left” Albert said in a friendly manner.

“Um, sure, Albert. Come inside” she said turning around and leading them to the sitting room. “I guess you won’t be having coffee?”

Albert laughs – “No, that won’t be necessary. Anyway, I’d like to catch up a bit on what’s been happening here. You seem to be familiar with Donaldas, right?”

“Well, of course. He recently moved in to live with Rosie in the clinic. Is something wrong?” she said with a smile on her face.

“Rosie? When did you two start living together? As far as I remember you weren’t actually familiar with each other..” Albert said a bit puzzled.

“Well, I needed a new regnant after my old one disappeared? Remember? That’s when I met her and that’s when she started living there?” she answered with her own questions.

“Yeah, that makes sense. How’s the clinic anyway? Have you been there lately?” Albert asked.

“Yeah, last night. There was this dude, got really hurt. So I made sure he’s ok before leaving. Didn’t Donald tell you this? So why are you here? Why did you show him my house?” she asked, suspiciously.

Albert looks at Donaldas – “Do you know this dude?” and then turns to Rebeka – “You both might be in danger, that’s why we’re here. We need to figure out what happened in the past few days”

“The dude? She probably means the client who was operated last night.” he said.

“Yeah, that’s the one. In danger? what do you mean?” confirmed Rebeka.

Albert looks at Donaldas – “When did shit hit the fan?”

“Last night…” he answered.

Albert looks around to see if anyone else is watching or listening to them. He couldn’t see anyone. Then he looks into Rebeka’s eyes and says “Answer my questions truthfully”

“Of course” she simply responded.

“Do you know that Rosie is dead?” Albert calmly asked.

“Yes” she said.

“That bitch! She was lying!”, Donald was almost shouting.

“Calm down, let’s hear her side of the story first” Albert said, then looked at Rebeka and asked – “Who killed Rosie?”

Her eyes went wide. “Um… what the hell? How should I know?”

Albert looks at Donaldas – “That’s why we don’t jump to conclusions” and then continues the questioning – “Do you know anyone who would want to harm Rosie?”

“Half of this friggin town?” She answered, still seemingly confused. Albert realized that she’s no longer under his influence.

“Well, I was unaware of that.. Interesting.. Now it’s really important that you speak honestly” said Albert, again looking straight into Rebeka’s eyes.

However, Rebeka’s will did not surrender to Albert this time.

“Gosh, Albert, I am speaking honestly. Whom do you think you’re talking with? If you don’t believe me you know where the fucking door is. ”

“Alright, alright.. Not that I am accusing you of anything, but did you have any kind of problems with Rosie? Any conflicts? Same question about Donaldas – did you two get along?

“Of course not, she’s my regnant. Remember? Why the hell would we conflict? And what did this douchebag do, that you two are here? Did he try to blame it on me or something?” she said, obviously irritated.

“This is like a fucking kindergarten” Albert thought to himself. With a slightly irritated look, he turns towards Donaldas and looks deep within his eyes. Unlike Rebeka’s Donaldas’ mind easily surrenders to Albert’s. Albert turns towards Rebeka and moves closer, lightly touching her shoulder with an empathic look. It appears as if someone or something deep within Albert is also trying to make contact with Rebeka, but it’s wishes appear to be a bit more seductive. Albert begins to speak “I think we forgot one person though..”

“Huh?” she asked looking firstly at him and then at Donaldas.

“What about Rhea? Did she abandon you?” Albert asked quietly.

Her eyes went wide again, she glanced at Donald. “Umm… Yeah, of course. Didn’t she tell you all of that? I thougt you two are close.”

Albert notices her confusion and calmly explains – “Don’t worry, Donaldas will not remember this. Sadly, I am not aware of the situation here – would you be so kind and fill me in on what’s been going on between you two?” Albert smiles.

“What did he tell you?” she asked

“He told me that one night he woke up and found Rosie dead, beaten up with his own shotgun. Now he’s facing death, so he contacted me for help. I wish for the best outcome for both of you, but in order to help I really need to know anything and everything that happened here. So, could you tell me about you and Rhea?”

“Why don’t you ask Rhea about it?” she asked.

“I really will, I was not expecting to find everything so different after such little time. But now, since we’re here, I’d like to hear it from you”.

“Everything’s fine. You really should find yourself a better thing to be looking into…”

“Fine? A person you live with got murdered and it’s ‘fine’? If you’re so calm about this, please give me a reason to stay as calm.. Moreover, I can’t just sit back at home and let innocent kindred die.” Albert says in a frustrated manner.

“Oh so the little vampire Albert, who never hurts anyone, is looking for justice? After fucking up the poor Donald’s mind?” she said in a mocking manner. “Giveme a break, Albert and don’t try to sell me your hypocrisy. I got better shit to worry about than this.”

“Honestly, if Donaldas was hearing this right now he could’ve just flipped his shit – we don’t want that. But tell me this – if Rosie was your regnant, who do you belong to now? Rhea?” Albert grows increasingly frustrated with this matter, he might just snap and do something he’d regret later. But he hopes that never happens.

“I always belonged to Rhea. And if you didn’t want him to flip his shit, why the hell did you bring him here in the first place? Is it really hard to call me and have me visit your apartment? Or you know, just come visit me alone? You have to drag his sorry ass here?”

“It just made more sense to be able to listen to two people at the same time. But alright, I’ve bothered you enough, especially since you don’t seem to like Donaldas all that much.” Albert looks at Donaldas and says “You don’t remember this”. Albert briefly pauses.

“He’s a sorry ass excuse for a vampire, that’s all. Just like you.” she added.

Albert laughs and tells Donaldas “I think she likes us. Come on, we better leave.” He then turns towards the exit.

After a few minutes, once they got quite far from the house, Donaldas returned to his senses. “It’s her… She definitely knows something about this.” he said.

“I agree – there’s something fishy going on. If possible, we should try and find a scapegoat or anything that could take the hit for you. I have a bad feeling that trying to uncover the mystery behind this is just gonna’ cause more trouble than anything. How long have we got before the trial?” Albert asked.

“I dunno… Maybe a couple of nights.. I’m lucky I managed to get it postponed as it is. Otherwise, I’d be already dead.”

“Alright, time is of the essence. I’ll go talk to a person who might help us. I’ll let you know once I’m done. In the meantime – keep an eye out for anything that might help you. Or anything that would seem suspicious… Not that you’re not doing this right now.. Erm.. Right. We better get a move on.”

“Of course.” he responded “Thank you for your help Mister Heckles. You won’t regret it.”

Mark feeding scenes


Mark goes near the apartments and waits whole night for someone to come out alone. Time passes, there’s a group of guys going out. Later on when Mark almost gave up on it, a woman came out. She wore hair hair tightly, had a gray jacket on.

“Hello, could you help me a bit??” said with a smile and used seductive beast (smile was the physical action on that. The luring of the beast, stripped away her weariness of strangers, her desire to help forcing her to step a step forward asking “What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

“I am not hurt physically… I just want to talk to a stranger… I have girlfriend problems…”

“Well, I have to get to work soon, and you’d find better company in some bar… But I guess you can lead me.” she said, against her own safety nudges.

“Ok” Mark smiles. He talks with her about Greta and what he should do and tries to bite in the alley where nobody can see them.

The woman didn’t even notice how he jumped on her and bit down, at which point she tried to struggle, but Mark was too strong for her to have any chance.

Mark stands in an alley near the bar, looking for drunk people coming out. An or so later, as the bar was closing down, the last drunk was asked out of the bar. Standing there, like a shadow, waiting for something.

Mark goes to him, uses seductive beast on a handshake “Dude are you ok?? Do you want me to take you home??”

“I’ fine.” he said, silently mumbling something beneath his breath. “will be here in any minute, mister.” he said, barely being able to stand on his feet.

Mark tries to put his arm on Mark’s shoulder and carry him “Dude, you don’t look fine”

“What the uck, man?” he says shoving Mark away as hard as he can. Mark almost falls to the ground, seeing the man’s angry and confused face.

Mark turns on Nightmare one. “DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!!”

The man’s anger quickly turns into fear.

“I was trying to be nice!! Either I carry you home or drag you the, choose!!”

“The… the taxi will be here any minute now.” he said, obviously scared.

Mark turns off Nightmare one. “Sorry man… I have some anger issues…we ok??” extends his arm as to shake. If he shakes hand Mark bro hugs him.

The man’s backing off slowly. “Yeah… Just… just leave me alone. Please…” he said almost in desperation.

“Will you leave me hanging??”

The man just turned around and started running. Him being drunk didn’t help with running much, so he was constantly hitting things and falling to the ground.

Mark runs after, tries to catch him, which turned out pretty easy. Within moments he had the wretched drunk in his grasp.

Mark bites and drinks blood.


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