47th Session and the Google Doc Play before hand

Before this session, I decided that with those interested we can play some solo scenes over google docs. So there’s quite a few direct copy pasted scenes. I’m also providing a short summary of the session itself. Later on, if some of the players will provide their own Point of View stories, I’ll add those in. (and I’ll probably notify over the forums or something).

So the long list of solo scenes played out. You’ll notice there’s a bunch of Mark Lehninger here, but there’s a few others as well. I’ll bold the most interesting ones.

Mark meets Kristoferis
Rhea consults Oktavia
Mark wants to become more friendly with his brother, Zacharajus
Mark’s girlfriend and touchstone get’s into trouble
Mark meets Deonas Asburis, speaks about meeting the prince, his childer and gaining knowledge on the Mystical Architecture
Mark to join the Circle of the Crone?
Mark meets werewolves from Manchester
Rhea gets rid of Rosie
Mark meets Linda to ask her for a favor

Mark meets Bax, the newbie

The session itself:
Mark’s point of view

Storytellers summary:
Rhea andMark went to meet Aleksandras. In there, Mark learned of different bloodlines and little else.
After which, they went to the Union Baptist Church, trying to find Thomas Hooker resting place. They got down to the catacombs and they managed to find the secret entrance into the hidden part. There they found warnings of the place being cursed and anyone proceeding falling into the risk.
They did not listen to the warnings pressing on, and in turn getting cursed. Once they push open the sarcophagus they realize that Thomas is not in this one. Soon enough, the curse’s effects start to be felt upon them. They began bickering and within moments out of good friends they parted their ways in different directions.
Rhea went out of town, not far away from the church where they met Daniel Rhinehart. Rhea found a poorly looked after house, where she broke in and drained a granny dry. Rhea returned her to a semblance of life using her family gifts and began getting out of the house, planning to get rid of the body. But as she was passing the door she saw Daniel on the other side. She tried to run, but everything around felt to freezing colds and she herself started freezing. She barely managed to escape with her life – and knowledge that Daniel has some weird frost powers.
Amir met Gerardas Grejus, who returned Sam Mason soul contract to him, thus fulfilling his deal with Mister Albert Heckles
Mark and Amir visited the Crone ritual as planned before hand. There, the Acolytes of the crone started cleansing them of the curses. After this ritual, as Mark agreed withKristoferis beforehand he undertook the trial. He was dosed with drugs and sent into the catacombs to fetch back an item. He went there, barely getting past and fighting off several spirits. However, once he found the item, he decided to also check out if he can find the hidden part of the catacombs… the ones where Thomas Hooker might be. He went in there, but instead of finding the lost Prince, he found a strange rune engraved black box. He opened the box and then, black smoke poured out of the box and Mark blacked out.
Amir was waiting alongside the Acolytes for Mark to finish his trial. He went out of there, barely holding together, but he was congratulated on passing the trial. After a short celebration they left the church. Outside, Mark’s ghost Dr. Uosis, materialized, saying that Mark is possessed. Amir tried to get Mark back to the Acolytes, but he used his powers of fear to make Amir escape. However the ghost also tried to posses him and somehow it won in the fight – pushing out the other being into the night.

Mark meets Bax, the newbie
Google Doc Play

One night Mark was hunting as usual. He was walking down the street when he felt another beast’s presence. On THEIR turf.

Mark walks towards the beast “And who you might be??”

Mark notices a simple looking guy, wearing a sweater and a small hat. He looks worried. “Um… Hey. I’m. I’m Marty Baxton. Just call me Bax.” he said extending a hand to Mark.

Mark shakes his hand squeezing a bit harder than to anyone else “I am Mark. And what brings you to our lands??” Mark asks with a bit angry tone

“Me? Um, I’m not from here, really. I’m SOOOO glad I met another one like me.”

“You are not from this town??” Mark looks intrigued

“Nah, just got off the train. Like 5 minutes ago. Well, now I met you and I can certainly see you’re like totally rad, so everything’s gonna be fine.” he said putting on a smile.

Mark looks at Bax. “And I guess you want my help??”

“Can you?” he said, with a hopeful tone in his voice.

“Well, depends. What can you tell me about yourself?”

“Uh… Not that much. I’m new to this whole… Vampire deal.”

“To what clan do you belong?”


Mark face palms. “From what city did you came?”

“New York” he answered.

“Do you know about our powers?”

“Well, I figured some of that out… But, would really love it if you explained too. Maybe I missed something”

“What are they??”

“Well, I can run real fast now.” he said

“Ok, so you are either Mehket or a Daeva” pauses “You look like Daeva to me though” Mark Laughs. “If you want to stay on this city, there are things you need to know. First of all, you will have to pass the kiddie pool, to prove your worth. It’s a dangerous place where you can die. If you want to leave, I will escort you to the next station and you can leave this city.”

“I.. Do you think it will be safer in another city?” he asked

“This city is as safe as any other city for our kind, if you are smart. Travel is always dangerous and you can’t know what will you meet in another city, maybe you will be killed by werewolves or our kind.”

“Ah shit. I totally knew that you’re cool. You already practically saved my life. So what’s of this kiddie pool?”

“If you are ready, I will bring you to the sheriff and he will explain everything in detail. I suggest you make your choice then” Mark smiles

“Well, if you’re saying that those other cities might be as dangerous or even more dangerous than Hartford, then I guess my best bet is to stay here. After all, maybe I won’t meet someone as friendly as you” he said with a smile on his face. “So where’s this sheriff dude? And why does he have such a funny name?”

“ah…. your sire didn’t teach anything did he?” Mark face palms again “Ok… Sheriff is a position of power, he is responsible for the peace keeping and rules. If you want to stay in this city, you must meet him, he will explain everything.” Mark takes Bax to the Sheriff explaining basic stuff about the vampire society (Prince, primogens, traditions, clans, positions and covenants).

He’s listening carefully, thanking Mark all the way.

When they met Sheriff he looked carefully at him. “So Mark, has he done something wrong while in the city?

“Well, he said that I found his 5 minutes after he left the train, so I don’t think he did”

“Alright, means he got off in your territory. Check it out for problems. If anything comes up – notify me immediatly.”

“Will do. Also, I don’t know his clan, he is either Daeva or Mekhet, he left his sire or his sire left him….” Pauses “Bax, what happened to your sire?”

“Um… He’s dead.” he mumbled.

“How did he die?” asked the sheriff.
“I… I’m not entirely sure.”

“Did he die in NY?” said Mark

“Yeah.” he mumbled again.

M: “Maybe his sire embraced him and got killed for that. Did you know your sire before?”

“No” he shaked his head.

M: “Well, you don’t have a sire. I guess you can contact me if you have any questions, just send me a letter via the administrator”


The sheriff then said “His fate is not yet decided, Mark.”

“But I won’t see him soon, I won’t be able to tell him that, so it’s just a friendly advice for the future if he is accepted to the kiddie pool” Mark smiles.

“If you really wanna waste your time..” the sheriff responded. “Let’s go, Bax.” he said turning to walk away. Bax gave one look to Mark “Thank you” before walking off as well.

Mark writes down Tina’s address and gives it to Bax. “Go there if you are accepted to the kiddie pool”

“Thanks” he said, before walking off.

Mark meets Linda to ask her for a favor
Google Doc Play

Mark met with Linda Alvares. They met not far away from a whorehouse, where Linda worked.
“You wanted to see me, honey?” she asked approaching much closer than Mark was used to being with other vampires.

“Good evening Linda. Yes, I wanted to reach Aleksandras Sangiovanni. I don’t know if you could give this letter directly to him orOktavia. I would do it myself, but I don’t know where I can find them”

“Why do you think that an elder of the Sangiovanni wants to know what’s in the letter? Or why he doesn’t know it already?” she asked her eyes going wide at the mentions of both ranking Kindred.

“The letter holds no information, it’s an introduction letter and a request to meet Aleksandras”

“Why not haveRhea hand it over? After all, she’s one of Sangiovanni…” she asked, a little bit suspicious.

“I guess, it would be easier, but she is a rather difficult person. She has her heart in the right place, but I don’t think that she would do such a thing. Besides, if I would contact Aleksandras not through Rhea, but another person from Lancea et Sanctum, that would show that I am friends with another covenant even though I am a Dragon” Mark smiles

“Alright. But… That’ll cost you a big favor. I’d gladly get you introduced to a neonate, but you’re asking me to go to Oktavia and to ask her to go to an Elder… That’s a big thing you’re asking here.”

“If that favor won’t get me killed or won’t be directed against another Dragon member, then I will agree.”

She took the letter, a little bit reluctantly. “Alright, I’ll approach Oktavia during the next mass.”

The letter said: “Mr. Aleksandras, I am Markas Lenindzeris, childe of Deonas Asburis and a coterie member of Rhea Sangiovanni. I would be honored if you would met me, there are a questions to which only the oldest could provide the answers and I would be in your debt if you did that.”

Rhea casting rituals and getting rid of Rosie
Google Doc Play

Rhea waited for the apartment to empty out. She fed well before, all of this needed to be performed to be ready… Rosie has gone too far… Now she is going to pay. After a few moments of digging in her pocket she got out a small metal flask. This will help Rhea carry out her design… She focused, remembering all she was taught, she started pouring vitae into the flask. Try as she might, Rhea was unable to focus enough, the flask crumbled to dust in her hands…
Rhea frantically looked around her closet, to see what else she could use. Her eyes stick to a pile of loot she has yet to pawn… A delicate pendant catches her eye. This will do nicely, she thinks to herself and grabs it. Trying to calm the mind, she focuses on the pendant. After an hour and a half, she fed the pendant some vitae, making it into a reliquary.
Sad, but this will only hold until sunrise, so she had to work fast.

Rhea crept into the kiddie pool obfuscated and started making her way to the clinic. When she got close to the clinic she started looking around for anyone familiar.
The lights were on in the clinic, although it didn’t seem that there’s much movement inside.
Rhea turned invisible as she closed to the door. She looked inside to see if anyone is still inside on the ground floor.
Behind the table, there was a man sitting, he seemed to be on edge, constantly glancing at the phone.
Rhea looked at her watch, maybe he’s going to leave soon she thought. She decided to wait an hour.
As Rhea was waiting, she saw a car, practically fly into the parking lot. Tires squealing it stopped by the door. Two men jumped out.
Rhea took this as an opportunity to enter the place unnoticed, and waited for someone to walk through the door so she could slip in.
The two men moved to the backdoor of the car, pulling out a third guy, he was bleeding from his stomach, he was bruised and looking in a bad condition. They rushed through the door, without even closing it – it was pretty easy to get in, before the man from inside closed them.
Rhea followed the hurt guy into the basement, and when they were close to the door that separated her business from mr. Lee’s business. When the men got into the operating room Rhea listened in, to hear if Rosie was inside.
The moaning of the bleeding man, and the shouts of the doctor made it harder to listen, but behind the door, nobody even tried to be silent.
“Looks like another one came in” said Rosie’s voice.
Rhea waited for another 30 minutes. Listening to hear what is going on inside. She waited for a chance to slip in unnoticed, maybe the sound of Rosie going somewhere, maybe preparing for sleep…
“The smell of blood…” a familiar male voice said “Oh I’d like to go bite on that”.
“Do that, and you’ll regret coming into this place at all” said Rebeka, who was apparently in the room as well.
Damn, why is there always a party? Thought Rhea to herself.
“Look, sweetie, I’m not stupid, I won’t do it.” said the male “i’d just like to.
“I’m not your sweetie, Donaldas.” she said, with her voice as cold as Rhea heard her speak with her coterie mates.
A party of misfits… No way I could fight them all.
“Aren’t you too cocky for a ghoul? Rosie why don’t you make your ghoul behave? Or should I do it?”
Rosie laughed “Go ahead, try it. I’ll enjoy watching her kick your ass”
“Ah… I’ll go check on them up there, before he does something he’ll regret.” said Rebeka turning to go towards the door.
Rhea stepped away from the door to let her pass.
She passed Rhea and went upstairs, once she got to the operating room she looked in and asked “Is everything alright, doctor?”
“Oh goddamnit, stop SQUIRMING you little piece of shit” the doctor was shouting at the patient “As good as it can be, dear” he responded to Rebeka, after which she closed the door and started going back downstairs.
Rhea put her hand on Rebeka’s shoulder whispering “quite the party you have here…”
Rebeka’s fist stopped within inches of Rhea’s face. Then she looked surprised. Then she whispered back “Wanna join us?”
“I might, are they both staying?”
“Yeah. Protection and shit. Donaldas’ place got busted recently, and it seems that they two have similar plans, so they decided to join up.”
“Just a question, since when are you Rosie’s ghoul? I thought you were my little friend…” smiled Rhea.
Rebeka almost burst in laughter, restraining herself to keep the noise down. “They think I’m a rogue ghoul and that I needed a new regnant for my fix. Donaldas’ a complete moron, so he suspects even less than Rosie does.”
“Any evil schemes I should know about?” giggled Rhea silently.
“Mine or theirs?” she lifted her eyebrow.
“Their planning to get rid of someone… and shatter someone’s alliance here. And some more… Rosie’s smarter tho, she doesn’t let me in on the details, I don’t need to know.”
“And your plans?” Rhea lifted her eyebrow this time.
“Nothing you should bother yourself with.” she smiled. “So is there a particular reason you’re here, or did you want to say hi to Rosie? Can’t be me, since you got better ways to get ahold of me.”
“Well, I was gonna go kill someone, but if you’re currently using the bozzos…”
“Couldn’t care less. There’s some new blood in here, or so I’ve heard. If the space suddenly freed up, I could get someone more easily manipulatable in here.” she said .
“Care to give me a hand? I’ll show you a neat trick if you’re in…” Smiled Rhea.
“If that’s what you want…” she said a little bit nervously
“Something bothering you? I remember a time when you still enjoyed things you’ve never seen…”
“No, of course not.” she said resolving herself.
“So, let me in, and get the kids to bed, I’ll show you some new tricks if they go to bed before the sun rises.” Rhea brushed off Rebeka’s nerves.
“I ain’t their mother you know. A ghoul walks in and what? Tells them it’s time for them to go to sleep? When their comfortably sitting where they are with nothing whatsoever pushing them there? They ain’t human’s who might need a good night’s rest before tomorrow.”
“And I thought you ran the show here” giggled Rhea. “ Try telling them if they have nothing better to do they could help throw out the bodies in the fridge… or at least throw them out of the fridge and into a cell, you need the fridge space don’t you?”
“Rosie got rid of those like… a few nights after getting here. She has some cleanliness issues.”
“Oh, no materials for my tricks then, sorry…”
“Well, Rosie’s gun is on the table. I could take it, if you want to ambush. Besides that, I got nothing for you… Unless you got some other ideas.”
“Well let’s just say I wasn’t planning on sleeping today if you get my drift…” Smiled Rhea, “but don’t worry about the gun, I’ll have it gone before you know it.”
“Alright. Anything else before they miss me?”
“Lead the way”
She went through the door, pushing them wide open, as if almost jumping through them, before closing them, giving a wide berth for Rhea to get in.
“What’s wrong with you?” asked Donaldas.
“Oh, just enjoyed the sight and smell of blood you so crave.” she laughed at him.
Enjoying the distraction, Rhea closed in to the table and swiped the gun.
As she was doing it, Rhea noticed that the whole room was pristine. Even the blood stains, which Amir brushed for nights were gone. Time passed, as the trio discussed all sorts of things, none of which were really significant.
Rhea looked around, trying to find a suitable location to crash in case she was unable to stay awake.
She could see the fridges, and supposedly they were empty at the time. Looking around she also noticed that each of the tables had something very specific on it. For example, the table she snatched the gun from, has the gun cleaning equipment. One to the right, has some books on it and a lamp – a reading table, etc.
Rhea emptied the guns clip, and placed it back on the table with the gear… Someone this anal was bound to notice a missing gun, missing bullets on the other hand could be ok.
As the hours passed and the morning draw nearer Rosie asked Rebeka “Aren’t you gonna go home? We’re gonna get pretty boring pretty soon.”
“Oh, I’ll wait for those to be done.” she said offhandedly.
While waiting Rhea drained her pendant to fill up… Not really like she planned, but this should get the job done… As she stood there waiting, she tried to remember what was the way Donaldas fought, in case she needed to encounter him this day…Thinking hard, she remembered how Albert told her that Donaldas has shot him with a shotgun. So she started looking for it, but she didn’t find anything.
As they prepared to sleep, Rhea walked into an empty cell and found a corner… Now she just needed to stay awake.
The doctor seems to have finally finished the operation. They moved the man to a different cell, with a makeshift bed. They locked him inside, with some food, and started packing stuff up. “I’ll check on him once I get some sleep.
Rebeka led the men out, and went back downstairs.
Rhea stood up, pointed at the door to the room occupied by Rosie “ lets go”.
The door was locked from the outside, but Rhea made short work of them, before they entered the room. Rosie was lying in the bed, with one of her arm under the pillow. She was completely still, just like a corpse.
Rhea closed the door, and obfuscated it. No need for Donaldas to come in in case on a ruckus… Then she put on her blessed gloves and stealthily approached the bed.
Rebeka was watching.
As she stood next to the bed, Rhea let out a silent sigh. “One step too far Rosie, one step too far” she whispered and struck her in the face.God’s hand was trully in the gloves, as she could feel her nose, and even skull shattering under the weight of her fist. The scream came forth, from her broken mouth as she jumped upwards.
Screaming she ran towards where the door should have been.
As Rhea’s trying to punch her again, she suddenly and jarringly disappears – moves so fast that you can’t even keep track – and stands by the door nearby, for Rhea just to swing at air.
Rebeka tries to swing at Rosie, but misses.
Rosie’s desperately looking for a way out of the room.
Rhea moves forward with another punch, trying to pin Rosie down to the corner.
Rebeka looks around the room, knowing full well what Celerity’s capable of.
Rosie stops looking for an exit, instead she leaps upon Rhea lashing out with her fierce fangs. Unphased Rhea sneers at her and cracks her knuckles.
Rebeka goes and grabs a long lamp.
Rhea takes another swing at Rosie. Her fist struck her ribs as she tried to sidestep.
Unable to escape, Rosie turned to the last resort in the situation, she swung at Rhea while growling. However, Rosie acted more like an animal than a thinking being now, and Rhea easily sidestepped the swing.
Rhea tries to strike Rosie, but she misses.
Rebeka tries to block Rosie’s movement with the long lamp. Rosie leaps to the side, unwilling to be cornered so easily, after the leap she jumped back to Rhea in an enraged roar, she bunched Rhea right in the nose breaking it .
Seeing an opportunity, Rhea tried throwing a final punch, but pain distracted, she barely grazed Rosie.
Rebeka then tried to block her path again this time more successfully.
Still roaring in anger and pain and fear Rosie jumped back trying to escape the clutches, easily jumping over and running to the other end of the room.
Rhea jumped at Rosie, grabbing her.
Seeing Rosie stopped for a second, Rebeka let go of the lamp, grabbing her by her other arm.
The three women struggled in the center of the room. As Rebeka pulled on Rosie’s left arm, Rhea used this chance to punch her in the stomach. Rosie fell limp after that, her body crumpled to the floor with her arms still held by Rhea and Rebeka.
“Do you know what she’d pick up if she bolted?” Rhea looked at Rebeka.
“Bolted? A hard fetch… She’s in love with this… Solomon dude, or whoever he is.”
“In love… figures…” said Rhea. Then she focused for a second. A small black cloud appeared from her nose, and it fixed itself. “Still, collect the things she’d take with her if she thought of leaving…” Saying that she went to the bed and picked up Rosie’s gun.
“Not much, I guess. If she were traveling it would pretty much be her gun, the ammo, some of the tools. However, as I said, she’s not the type who’d simply leave. As I make it, she had big plans, and she’s stubborn as hell. If I were you, I’d look into ways to frame someone for this.”
Rhea took a long listen, as she approached the door. She wondered if Donaldas has woken up… Sure the fight was short, and not too loud, but people have been woken up by less.
All she could hear was the beating heart of Rebeka.
“I’ll go see if Donaldas is still out, and I guess his shotgun will do a fine job of finishing this…” She looked around, for a sec. “I might need to ask you for a little blood, if you don’t mind too.”
“Uh… “ she was obviously hesitant “Of course.”
“I’ll try to be gentile “ smirked Rhea, and approached her. She just stands there. “It won’t hurt a bit” Rhea whispered in Rebeka’s ear and bit down, letting her go after a few moments.
She moaned as if in pain, or in pleasure. It was hard to tell.
“Not too bad, was it? “ Smiled Rhea licking her lips, “now, let me go see if Donald is awake…”
As she slowly cracked the door Rhea turned around, and asked “ you wouldn’t know where he keeps his shotgun by any chance?”
“His stuff is in the freezer.” she simply said. After opening the doors Rhea saw Donaldas still sleeping his daily slumber.
Rhea slowly went to the fridge, and opened it, took out the shotgun and some ammo, and went back to the room. “ This thing will make a lot of noise… I think you should go home, rest. And thanks for the assist.”
“Uh sure. What about this place? What are you gonna do with them?”
“Not really sure yet, but I think I’ll blame it on Donald… And then run out to the nearest place to hide…” Said Rhea, then she looked around “ I should have brought a car to sleep in…” she mumbled to herself.
“Alright, I guess I’ll wait a couple of days before checking in on this place. “ she said before leaving.
“I’ll contact you… And if you need some vitae, do let me know” said Rhea, closing the still obfuscated door behind her. As Rhea heard Rebeka’s footsteps fade , she started to look for pillows, extra clothes and anything else that could be used as a poor mans silencer. She heard stories back in mr. Lee’s, about his guys muffling a gunshot down to a pop… Lies of course, but the noise could be reduced to at the very least remind everyone off a bad tailpipe, not a shot…
Unable to create anything even remotely good, Rhea abandons the idea of shooting, and decides to bludgeon what’s left of Rosie with the gun instead… After dragging her limp body into the bed Rhea took the shotgun by the barrel and swung away, till she was sure, Rosie’s not getting up again… After this little exercise, she crept back to Donald and placed the gun near him.
After this, Rhea went back to the room. She decided to leave first thing next evening, so she locked the door and went to sleep. As the sun went down, she regained consciousness. As usual, she painfully felt as her arms and legs regained their capability to move. She faintly heard as Donaldas’ was doing the same behind that door.
Rhea obfuscated herself completely and unlocked the door. She cracked the door open and slithered out of the room, placing Rosies gun by the door still inside. After this she moved towards the exit.
Hearing Donaldas’ “What the fuck?”
Rhea scurried away through the clinic, and into the night, unable to shake the feeling that this won’t end well.

Mark meets werewolves
Google Doc Play

Amir gave an address of the werewolves and Mark contacted them. He got a response saying “Take a cab when you leave the station”
After getting into the cab, he felt a feral monster sitting in the driver’s spot. “Where to?” he asked.

“Well, I said I am visiting you few months back, so I guess your place” Mark looks a bit confused

The driver started the engine and starts driving.

“Hi, my name is Mark by the way”

He was ignored. Soon enough, they turned a few corners and he found himself next to a small estate house. The cab driver lead him into the house where he shouted “Samuel, we got a guest!”

Within seconds, Samuel came down checking Mark out from his toes to his head.

“Good evening, I am Mark. I wrote you a letter few months ago”

“I’m Samuel” he replied. “So why are you here again?”

“Well, I just wanted to know you better and for a long shot maybe you know an answer to my question” smiles

“And what’s the question?”

“Well, we have a friend, that sold his soul to a demon and we want to get it back. Our kind doesn’t know much about them, some weird pastor with superpowers doesn’t know about them, so I thought, maybe you could know something about demons”

“Nop… Nothing bout the real deal that is.”

“Well, it was a long shot… Maybe I can come in, ask some embarrassing questions… and make a total fool out myself because I don’t know anything about you?”

“Well you can ask… not sure how much we’ll tell you”

“Can we go inside, it’s a bit awkward talking outside the cab”

“We’re already inside? Are you delusional or something?”

“oh… “ pauses “nevermind me” pauses. Does Mark see or sense any spirits around here? “Well, I would like to know more about your kind. I read a bit in textbooks and asked older than me, but they are unwilling to talk about you”

“Unwilling? How comes?” he asked. Mark didn’t see any spirits around.

“I was told there was a war between our kinds”

“Probably the last Pure Crusade they were talking about…”

“Could you tell me about that more?”

“The Pure went on a crusade. They pushed from the north. They were repelled.”

“The comes the part, where I look stupid, who are the Pure?”

“They are the werewolves who would see this world destroyed and rebuilt in their image. In other words, if you see them, do yourself a favor and kill them”

“How do I seperate them from you?”

“They have no regard for balance in this world. Not much I can help you with that, really.”

“How would they respond if I asked them are you the pure werewolves, and I am not being ironic here”

“They hold it as a token of pride, so I guess they’d respond truthfully.”

“I guess that’s a way of determining. I know I am stepping out of line here, but maybe you have some kind of trophy or anything else from fights with the Pure? Me and my friends are expected to meet the prince of our city and we need to bring him a present each. I just thought that you might have something” Mark smiles

“Trophies need to be earned, if you want one. The Pure shouldn’t be too hard to find, if you’re looking.”

“I am still very young compared to the others and I yet to collect anything useful, but maybe we can make a deal, a token of a good will? I promise, I would bring something also, but I would need to find something useful to you, or maybe you need something?”

“All I might need is a soldier ready to fight. And you don’t look like someone who’s able.”

“I have strenght, but I don’t know how to use a weapon. We have vampiric powers. That makes me wonder, do you have any?” They can see a light in his eyes, hoping for answers.

“We have enough strength to survive. Tell you what… you want, we can take you up for one of our hunts. You’ll be able to prove your strength and claim your trophies… but a fair warning, last one who took up such a deal didn’t live for very long.”

“Well, that doesn’t sounds nice… Hmmm, maybe you have relics or trinkets that you are willing to trade?” Mark is a bit disappointed

“And what do you have to offer in return?”

“If you are willing to believe me, I could bring something that I would find, because as I said, I am new this unlife. Or I could do a favor or maybe share my knowledge.”

“You’ve heard the only favour which might interest me. And we know enough of your kind not to be interested further. Perhaps you’ll want to trade once you actually have something to offer?”

“I don’t have anything at the moment… Well, except we have a giant blade, but I doubt that will interest you… Maybe you need knowledge about other beings, demons, ghosts, spirits or anything that I will find in a near future?”

“Well, you can try telling us something about spirits… I doubt you’ll give us something new, tho.”

“I studied them for sometime, I know a thing or two” says Mark with a bit of confidence

“Oh really? Well, I’m listening.” he said

Mark tells facts and research he did on spirits and everything about Loa.

After listening “Some theoretical principles and theory… nothing too much on hand tho. That is to say, nothing new. One can learn as much in a couple of trips down to the Shadow Realm… well if one survives, that is.”

“You go to the Shadow Realm??” Mark asks surprised.

“On the occasion” he said

“Wow, I just read about the shadow realm, I never expected to meant someone who goes there. How do you do that??”

“And why would I tell you that?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t think that was a secret”

“It’s not something we tell everybody.”

“Ok, it’s a secret” smiles “we all have ones I guess” pauses “How does one become a werewolf?”

“We’re born as such” he said, clearly getting annoyed.

“I see that I overstayed my welcome” smiles “Can I come sometimes, I see that I can learn much from you, if you are willing to teach me of course”

“If you’ll be able to actually offer something, then we’ll see”

“Ok, if I find something, I will come” smiles “Thank you for this evening, I guess I will be leaving now”

Mark wants to join the Circle?
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Markas looked up the Voudou Mamba’s location, and it seems their temple is found in a black neighbourhood, in the Meadow St.

Mark called the night before coming and arranged a meeting.

Mark goes to the location. After getting off on the street he notices strange signs. It seems that he’s entering the lands of the Circle of the Crone. Mark proceeds.

The place seems like an ordinary neighbourhood. There’s some kids and some guys, who look like they belong to some gang. Some people are eyeing Mark, he’s clearly an outsider here.

Mark knocks on the door where Mamba should be.

The house looks pretty ordinary, and within a minute a teenage boy opened the door. Behind him, some more kids could be seen, watching the newcomer.

Mark looks at the kids and smiles. “Hello, is this the place where I can find Mamba??”

“No” he shakes his head, but Mark was pretty certain this was the place, well, rather not this place, but the house inside the yard, which can be reached through this place. After all, he has visited her before.

“Can I go to the house that is inside the yard”

“10 bucks” he shoots back.

Mark takes out 10 bucks. “Here you go”, he said remembering that their sack of money is being depleted bit by bit.

The boy turns around “Alright, let’s go!” he said leading Mark through the house, into the inner yard, were the actual temple stood.

Mark goes to the temple and finds the door wide open, Mamba being inside, the only light inside is that of the candles. She’s praying at one of the altars inside. The altar is purple, there’s a box of cigars on top of it, alongside it, there was a bottle of gin and another one of white rum. Next to the bottle there’s some fish and spicy rice.

Mark makes his presence know, but doesn’t disturb the Mamba. He sits down and ways while she finishes what ever she is doing.

After several minutes, she stands up from her position. “So, Mark, what can I help you with?” she asked

“Good evening. I had few questions that I wanted to talk about” He smiles and looks around if there are any spirits in this building. “I wanted to learn from you about the spirits”

The spiritual presence here was quite strong, he could feel it, however he didn’t see a single spirit. “The spirits, they serve Loa as their loyal servants. Every spirit serves them and to know the Spirit, you must know the Loa.” she explained.

“Maybe you could teach me abou Loa then?” Mark looks with hope and interest in his eyes

“All the Loa have a sphere of life they look after, and they are the ones who can speak with the Bondye. One cannot simply learn of Loa, for to understand them, one needs to trully live with the Loa, to let them take your hand and guide you.”

Mark looks at the Mamba. Thinks for a second “How could I start this journey?”

“Firstly, you have to answer to yourself, why do you want to do it. There is no lying to the Loa” she answered quite simply.

“I yet to find my true purpose in this world and I am looking for it. But while I do that I want to learn everything I can about this world, how it works. Maybe then I will know what I must to”

“Perhaps Legba could help you. He sees all who pass through the crossroads and he alone knows the most. He could know, which Loa you should speak with” she spoke, still calmly.

“How could I speak with Legba?”

“It takes time and dedication to the Loa and to the ways of voudou. Some followers wait years until they get such a chance”

“Maybe I could start now?”

“So eager to learn?” she laughed “Tomorrow night we’ll be calling for Ghede and his guidance for Amare.”

“I will come then” Mark smiles “Are there any other beings other than Loa and spirits in this world?”

“You have much to learn.” she said “All of unnatural is either made by the Loa to serve them, or are Loa themselves, but in disguise.”

“What did Loa make?” Looks intrigued

“You will have to ask them yourself, should one day you have their approval.”

Mark holds a small talk and after it he leaves.

The Ritual*
The yard and the temple was filled with people this time. And none of them were white. They wore colourful clothes, some of them danced, others laughed.

Mark walks to Mamba when she isn’t busy

When Mark steps into the temple, he feels the presence of two more beasts inside. One familiar – other is not.

Mark walks towards the familiar beast.

He notices Kristoferis sitting in one of the rows, he turns his head towards Mark. Next to him, another female vampire is sitting down. She too is wearing the clothes similar to the rest of the people here.

Mark sits down near Kristoferis. “Good evening” Mark extends his arm. “You might be thinking what I am doing here”

“And I imagine you’re going to be explaining yourself just about now.” he said, without moving at all.

“Yes I was” lowers his hand “I am doing research for the Dragons and I am observing the rituals of these people. I think they could help me with my research without them knowing. I promise you, I did nothing just observed and talked to few people.” Turn the other vampire “How rude of me, I am Mark”

“Marie” she responded, in a similar tone of the mamba.
“Does our faith looks like something for Dragons to research and abuse?” asked Kristoferis, clearly not happy with Mark’s response.

Nods to Marie. Looks at Kristoferis “Who said to abuse? I came here to learn, to understand it. I don’t know how strong you are attuned with spirits, but I am. I can feel that this place is no ordinary place. You may think that I don’t believe, you may think that all I want is is to abuse everything, but I am not. I want to study the world that is around me and here is a good start to do so.”

“I am very well aware of the attunement of this place, however, you’re a Dragon. And you said you’re doing this as a Dragon. And I’ve lived long enough to know, that whatever the Dragon’s can abuse for their own petty gains – they will do so. Ignoring the greater spiritual matters. So don’t speak with me as if I don’t know… that’s exactly the problem… I know far too well”

Looks down. Thinks for a second “I talked with The Mamba yesterday. She said that you can’t learn about Loa without truly understanding them. So if I were to skip the spiritual matters, I wouldn’t learn anything and all my time here would be spent for nothing, don’t you think so?”

“The Loa will only accept someone who truly believes. If you want to learn about them – you’re in a wrong place. Go to the library, they should have some books about it. True understanding requires true belief… and you are lacking in that regard.”

“What is true belief? Maybe you could explain? And please don’t say that I am a dragon and I won’t understand”

“True belief is not something one can explain. That’s why it’s belief, isn’t it? Regardless, your descent down into the church will show if you have the potential for true belief…”

“So till then, can I go to these meetings? If I am capable of true belief and you would just kick me out of here, wouldn’t that be unfair to me? And I promise, if I am not capable of true belief I will never show my face here again, is that a good deal for you?”

“It’s not me who you should be worried about…” he said, vaguely.

Mark looks confused “What do you mean?”

“You’re messing with forces you can’t even comprehend, in a desperate attempt to understand them, Dragon. I can ignore the fact that you’re a Dragon, but it will be your own undoing. Not everything can be explained… not everything needs to, that’s the greatest failure of Amir… that’s the greatest failure of you.”

“Yes ,maybe not everything may be explained, maybe not everything needs to be explained, but there is this fire thirst for it. Maybe we don’t always can explain everything, but we try, we believe we can. Maybe we don’t share your beliefs, but we have our own. We follow our beliefs as you do your own, even if they differ”

“And that is why you will fail and the Loa will claim you. Don’t think that I didn’t warn you when you’ll be dying.”

“Thank you for your warning, but I don’t think that I will grow if I don’t try and learn from my mistakes” Mark smiles

After he said so, there was a corpse brought into the temple, It was placed before the altars. The drums started sounding from the back. Mamba began a song, asking for Legba to let Ghede pass to this world. Others starting dancing to the music and to the song. Now it was obvious why the benches are spaced out so far – everyone needed space to dance. Kristoferis was moving with great strength, power rolling off of him in small waves.

Mark looks at Marie, who’s dancing as well, her clothes leaving little to the imagination. But her wild dance, doesn’t look like something a simple man could do. It was bestial. Mark doesn’t want to ruin the ritual by not know what to do, so he walks to the edge of the room and observes the ritual.

The song turns to a song calling Ghede, the dance turn even faster, with some of the people laughing cruelly, one of the dancers, the boy, whom Mark gave money, jumps towards one of the altars, grabbing the long top hat upon it and a cigar out of the box.

The people here become ecstatic, praising the coming of Papa Ghede. The boy approaches the corpse and takes his hand, showing that he’s going to lead him to the afterlife. After which the boy falls to the ground, still clutching the hand of the corpse.

He wakes, within seconds, a little bit different, the cigar still smoldering in his mouth, he places the hat back on the altar, as well as the cigar, coughing as he does not smoke.

With that the ritual turns into a celebration, some of the people rush outside, when Mark glances that way he notices that there’s tables with food prepared. These vodouisants were celebrating the child’s death and his acceptance by Ghede.

Mark looks at Kristoferis, who’s now going with the crowd outside. Mark follows the crowd and he was looking for any spiritual activity during the whole ritual. Something strange happened to the boy, but even Mark couldn’t explain what it was exactly. At the moment, there were some weak yellow and black motes flying out of the temple, visible to his eye only.

People are eating, dancing, celebrating, the sound of drums can still be heard.

Mark approaches the Mamba.”How are you, Mark?” she asked with a smile on her face.

“It was like nothing I have ever seen. What were those motes that left the temple?”

“Huh? What motes?” she asked

“Maybe I saw something… It’s my first time in these kind of things I was a bit nervous”


“When is the next ritual?”

“What did you learn of this one?” she asked.

“It was something that I have never seen before”

“and what have you learned?” asked a voice from behind. It was Marie.

“I presume one of the Loa is responsible for death and it’s inhabitance. Truly not a power to mess with”

“Oh, of course. Among the Loa there’s quite a few who concern themselves with death and the passage between worlds. After all, we worship the death. There’s plenty of good one’s too. But those don’t really come aid one’s like us.” she said, with a little bit sadder tone in the end, disregarding the presence of the mamba completely.

“You don’t like what you are?” Mark looks surprised

“I don’t like that only some of the Loa will speak with me now. However, that means I can serve them better… but I do miss some of the kinder Loa.” she said, the mamba listening carefully.

Mark looks at Mamba “Oh right, this is Marie, but I guess you already know that” makes uncomfortable hand gestures “I was really surprised to see her here. Could I talk with you a bit later, I really need to talk to Marie in private”

She nods “Of course. Marie could teach you even more than I could” she said before turning around to join the celebration.

Mark waits till mamba leaves “What does she mean by that?”

“My full name is Marie Thérèse Alourdes Macena Champagne Lovinski “ she said, as if that should explain something.
“My full name is Markas Lenindzeris, nice to meet you… again” smiles

“So you’re interested in vodou, but you haven’t done any reading on it?” after she said so, he remembered a vague reference to her being a mamba, quite known among the mortals.

“Oh I remember… You were mamba”

“I am, just that not all of the Loa respond to my calls anymore.”

“Maybe they just can’t, they have their own duties and maybe they aren’t allowed by other Loa to communicate”

“They do not answer to creatures of death and darkness, it is that simple.”

“I guess it’s pointless for me to ask to teach me about voudoun” Mark loos a bit sad

“Pointless – no. But you’ll have to get Kristoferis approval first. And then we’ll see how you can start stepping into the Circle” she said.

“I see. I will talk to him about that after the meeting in the church, he said that will go to the catacombs”

“You’re already up for passing the trial? Good luck” she said with a smile on her face.

“The more times I hear it, the less I want to go there” pauses “I guess you won’t tell me what awaits there or what kind of trial that is?”

“I won’t. But if you have what it takes – you’ll pass.” she answered simply.

“And what happens if I” pause “don’t?”

“And now you’re asking me about the trial. It’s the leap of faith you’ll have to make for yourself.”

“Sorry, I am just very curious person”

She looks at him, and it looks like as if she’s looking into his own soul.

Mark looks a bit creeped out. “I will be leaving now, have a good evening”

She nods watching as he leaves.

Mark meets Deonas Asburis, speaks about meeting the prince, his childer and gaining knowledge on the Mystical Architecture.
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After arranging a meeting on the phone, Mark went to his sire’s haven. He went to the place, big fenced around estate house. Soon, after ringing at the door he was greeted by one of Deonas’ ghouls.
“Good evening, how may I help you?” he asked.

“Good evening, may I see Mr. Asburis??”

“Is he expecting you?” he asked, obviously being quite new here.

“Oh, you are new here” smiles “Yes, he expecting me”

After opening the doors, he lead Mark back to the house. A young vampire was standing there. “Lead our guest to the meeting room. Master is already waiting for him.” he said to the ghoul, who just nodded at that.

Mark nods in a greeting way to the young vampire and follows the ghoul.

:Deonas was sitting in his usual chair, couch already ready for Mark.

“Good evening Mr. Asburis. I came here with a few question if you don’t mind”

“Good evening, Mark. Please sit down, and let’s hear your questions.”

“Well, I would like to know if you have any books on mystical architecture. It’s know that some buildings have some occult properties on their own and maybe you have some books on that in your library”

“Occult architecture? And why are you interested in that? Is there a building you care about in particular?”

“As you know Mr. Sarkejus is researching spirits and I am helping him, maybe there some distinct pattern in buildings that could show where it’s most likely to find spirits”

“Aham… Well do you think he did not come here to ask for it? But that’s besides the point. All books on the matter I’ve already given away…”

“I see, then next time I will go straight to him concerning these questions. Also there is one more thing. How could neonate like me could get audience with the prince??”

“It’s not Sarkejus, to whom I’ve given these books.” he said “Well, why do you want an audience with him?”

“So Kogaion has them?? Well, I heard that he is looking for a childe, I want suggest few people, I know it’s a long shot”

“Yes, Kogaion researches such things. Really? You have some people who’re capable enough to offer them up to the Prince?”

“Do you think it would be possible to get several books from kogaion?? Well, I don’t know what he is looking for, so maybe…??”

“Well, it entirely depends on how much your goals will align with his. As for the people, who are they? I could see if they’re worth anything.”

“My deepest apologies, but I would like it to do it on my own, I know that if you checked and picked them they would be better suited, but how will I learn if you do everything for me??”

“Or you go to the Prince, with me full knowing what you’re doing, and then I have to suffer the humiliation of your failure?”

“I wouldn’t have offered him anything before knowing what he is looking for” smiles “And even if I would learn that, I wouldn’t rush to offer him any of them.” pauses thinks for a second “Would if be acceptable if I would only bring people after I learnt what the Prince is looking for and eliminate all that aren’t worthy??”

“Well, tread carefully. Obviously, you and your comrades could easily get an audience with the prince, under the guise of introducing yourselves to him. I’d suggest bringing him some sort of a gift as well. Besides that, I want to see those people who might be worthy anyways.”

“I will arrange the meeting with them” smiles “What kind of gifts does the prince like??”

“A very good question.”

“Well, you know him longer and a good gift from me would be good for you as well”

“Meet the Prince, and you’ll see what I mean.”

Mark looks a bit confused “Could you tell me more about him??”


“Is it a secret..??” Mark looks really confused at this point


“You are not allowed to…??”

“Then that would make it a secret, wouldn’t it?”

“I guess it would make case by case” looks down as if he doesn’t want to go into detail “amm, I heard that there are hunters in the city”

“I’ve heard the rumour as well. And until it’s something more than gossip flying in the wind – it’s not worth my time.”

“I will look into it with more detail though”

“You must have plenty of free time then, to be chasing gossip around. I’ll definitely ask Sarkejus how are your studies going and why you seem to not have anything to do.”

“It’s not like I will invest all of my time into it…I just thought that it could bring some recognition to me by other citizens if I found out more about the hunters… But if you think that it’s pointless, I won’t pursue that gossip”

“Good.” he answered.

“I just remembered, maybe it will be interesting to you. Our coterie went to the crone’s ritual and Nadia got a prophecy that great evil come from north-west if I remember it correctly. I guess she meant Thomas Hooker”

“A great evil? I wouldn’t waste time with their talks if I were you. And why do you think she meant him?”

“I heard rumors that Thomas will awaken soon, they must have heard the same thing and thought it was him.”

“It could be it. Latching onto any piece of information to put some credibility to their delusions.”

“Well, even if it’s their delusions, I would still keep an eye on that side, just to be safe” smiles

“Even the mortals have stopped giving credibility to the delusional long time ago instead putting them into asylums.”

Wide smile “That’s true. Maybe there are something that you would like to discuss with me?”

“Besides seeing your prospective candidates, there’s nothing.”

“Then I will take my leave”

Deonas watched his childe as he was leaving by the side of his ghoul.

Mark meets Greta and Dr. Hilbert
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Their apartment was completely empty. All Mark’s buddies went out on some of their own errands. Wouldn’t be here for at least couple of hours.
There was a knock behind the doors and as soon as Mark opened the door Greta leaped into his hands, hugging him as hard as she could.

Mark hugs her and looks at her eyes, kissing her. (activates blush of life when he saw Greta)

“I missed you so much, Mark!”

“I missed you too” smiles “You could have called, I would have came to you or we could have met in the city”

“I couldn’t… I…” she said, with her eyes filling with tears “Mark, you must get me out of here… Let’s… Let’s just pack everything up and leave.”

Looks at her “What?? why??”

“Look at all of this…” she said with her tears rolling down her cheeks “We can’t continue like this. I want to be with you.”

Mark hugs her again “We can’t run away, not now” pauses “Soon… soon we will be together forever, you just need to wait a bit longer”

“Mark… I’ve been waiting for so long. Why can’t we run away? Of course we can. We can move… I dunno. To Florida! or to Europe! Of course we can… but I just can’t live like this anymore!”

Mark looks her into eyes “Greta, I would run with you to the edges of the world, but we would have to run every single day for our lives… no place is safer than here” pause “I got this new place, things are working out for me” smiles “And when I will finish a few jobs we will be able to stay forever” smiles

“Uh… Alright… But… In that case… there’s this doctor… he’s…”

“Doctor” Mark looks worrier “What doctor

“Dr. Hilbert.”

Looks at Greta “And what does this doctor do??”

“He.. umm…” she went all red and returned to the brink of crying.

Mark hugs Greta “What did he do” looks worried “Did he hurt you
She bursts into crying, nodding softly.

Mark really angry, but he tries to stay calm and talk without a tone “Where can I find this doctor?? I need to talk to him”

“the hospital…” she said still sobbing.

Mark hugs her a bit harder, so he would feel the warmth of her body, looks her into eyes “You don’t need to cry, I am here. I promise, this doctor will pay for what he has done” kisses Greta on the forehead. “I know it’s hard, but could you tell me what he did??”

She starts sobbing harder again and pushing her deeper into Mark’s embrace.

Mark holds her with one hand and brushes her hair with another hand trying to calm her down.

Bit by bit she calms down, but it’s quite obvious that forcing her to think about it might aggravate the situation again.

Mark walks Greta to the coach, tries to sit her down while he goes to make tea, taking his eyes of Greta just for a few seconds.

Mark found some old tea in the kitchen – it wasn’t the best, but it’s something. He made the tea and returned to Greta. She took the cup.

Mark sits down near Greta, holds her hand and smiles. “I will keep you safe, I won’t let anything happen to you again”

On the next night, Mark decided to find out what’s going on.

After calling the hospitals reception, Mark finds out that Dr. Hilbert, being a surgeon, does not have night shifts, but he can be called to work at nights during emergencies.

Mark takes few hundred bucks from the money bag and goes to the reception of that hospital.

It’s quite empty, with a few almost sleeping people around. In one of the corners there’s a bum who’s moaning softly. The woman on the reception is obviously tired.

“How may I help you?” she shoots at Mark.

Mark uses seductive beast on her. Wide smile as physical action of lashing out.

She looks at him with a surprised look on her face.

“Hi, my name is Mark and i wondered if you could help”

“Are you sick?” she asked, still focused on Mark.

“No no. You see, I want to make a surprise for Dr. Hilbert. I would go to his home, but I don’t know where he lives now. So I thought maybe you could call him to his office and I surprise him there??” Smiles and takes few hundred dollars and places it on the table

“Calling him on an emergency might put me into huge trouble… you know being fired kind of trouble.” she says with a worried face.

“No no, he won’t say anything about it, I will talk to him and he won’t even mention you” smiles

“Uh, alright, his office is #303.” she said picking up the phone and taking the money off the table.

“Oh, one more thing. Don’t mention that I came, it’s a surprise after all”

“Of course.” she said, with a sly smile on her face. “There’s an emergence. Please call Dr. Hilbert to the hospital.” she said to the phone.

“Thank you” Mark says with a big smile on his face and goes to 303 office

Mark reaches the door numbered 303. The corridor is completely empty.

Mark checks if the door is locked. Of course, in the middle of the night, doctors lock their private offices. Then Mark looks around if there are chairs where he could sit down or a hallway from where he could see the office
There’s a couple of benches next to each of the doors.

Mark sits down on one, but one closest to the office.

After about 30 minutes of sitting he sees a doctor in a hurry walking down the corridor, with quite an angry face on.

Mark waits until doctor enters 303 office and follows him after few seconds.

The doctor approaching the door, stops a few meters away “Who the hell are you?” he asks Mark.

Mark looks at the doctor, makes a very very weird smiles and stares at the ground in front of him.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” he said, obviously pissed off.

Mark stands up and goes to the doctor and extends his arm to shake hands.

The doctor backs off, having no desire to shake hands. “Fuck. Why the loonies always bother us at night. Back off before I call the security!”

Mark raises his hands like this http://i0.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/007/508/watch-out-we-got-a-badass-over-here-meme.png and takes few steps back, slowly moving towards the stairs like this.

Dr. Hilbert turned around, and started walking back to the stairs from which he came, murmuring something beneath his mouth and glancing backwards towards Mark.

“Wait, Dr. Hilbert, there is something I need to talk about with you”

His steps stopped, he turned around “Talk with me? Do you know what time is it? I should be in bed with my wife and you want to talk with me?!? Come back during my working hours, asshole.”

“Please” uses seductive beast on words “It won’t take long”

“What the hell is wrong with you?” he asked still standing there.

“Please, could we talk in your office it won’t take long it’s very important”

“Come back during my WORKING hours, god damnit.” he said shaking his head

“Ok, I tried to be nice” competitive beast roll, Mark turns on nightmare 1 “Either you go into that office and have a chat with me or I will find you where you live and I won’t be this nice. I guess you love your wife do you??”

Trembling a bit, he pulls out the shaking keys and unlocks the door.

Mark walks in after the good doctor. Inside he stands by the door. “You know, funny thing happened just the other day” looks really angry “Greta came over and she cried, when I asked her what happened, she mentioned you. Now spill it, what did you do”

“What?” he said surprised. “Nothing! That crazy bitch is lying!”

Mark’s just is just standing there, trying to control his anger “ammmm…. Sorry, is my hearing wrong or you just insulted her??” making a fist.

“No, no, I didn’t” whimpered the doctor.

“So if I called her right now, she would say that you did nothing??” said with sarcasm

“Of course… Of course she would! I did nothing bad to her. How could such a respectable surgeon as me do something to such a sweet young girl?”

“So give me your phone”

He just moved aside. There was a phone on the table.

Mark dials Greta’s number. He could hear the slow beeping signal, Greta is probably sleeping, however she should soon wake up.

Mark hangs up “She is sleeping” said Mark with disappointment. Looks at the doctor “You know, if I found out that you are lying then you will see me really really and you definitely don’t want that. So I will ask again, did you or didn’t you do to Greta something??”

Shaking his head vigorously “No, no, certainly not. How could I?”

Looks for lies.Dr. Hilbert is all trembling, he couldn’t be lying in such danger.

Mark calms down as he believes that the doctor was telling the truth. “I am sorry for scaring you like this… Sometimes I get overprotective….” pauses “Maybe you know what happened to her??”

“I… She’s young and inexperienced… Who knows what she thinks was done to her. Perhaps it’s some sort of ploy for her… after all, she’s just a nurse here. Heard that she wanted to get promoted by sleeping with someone… “

“Huh?? I don’t believe she would…Really, she is not that kind of girl…” Mark says with a bit less confidence in his words

“That’s what I thought as well… such disappointment…”

“So you want to tell me that she actually slept with someone??”

“I don’t really wanna put her name in a worse position than now…”

Mark looks at the floor “I will be going now” he opens the doors “Ah yes, don’t get the reception girl into trouble it’s not her fault, I made her call you in here, ok?? And I really sorry for any trouble I caused you…” Without empathy roll, the doctor can see that Mark is really sad.

The doctor was silent.

“Ok??” Mark says angrily

“Sure, sure.” he said

Mark nods

Mark Meets Zacharajus
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Mark come to the kiddie pool and goes straight to the hotel. “Good evening administrator, how are you doing, what’s new??” Mark says with a big smile.

“Business as usual, Mr. Lehninger. How may I help you?” he said.

“Ahhh yes, I would like to meet my brother Zacharajus, could you call him??”

“Certainly.” he said picking up the phone and pressing a button on it. “Please call Zacharajus to the hotel.” after which he looked at Mark.

Mark looks at the administrator “Would you like some blood??”

“If you’re so kind, I’ll gladly take it.” he said

If there is the usual cup, Mark fills it with 1 vitae (I have honey trap, so administrator gets 1 wp back and the blood is really good) and waits for Zacharajus.

“Thank you very much, Mr. Lehninger. Would you like a room?” he asked, with a wide smile on his face.

“Yes, that would be nice” smiles

Administrator takes one of the keys off the wall and hangs it over to Mark. Once he get’s to the room he notices that it’s fairly cleaned up, with no broken furniture or anything. A proper hotel room.

Mark sits down and waits for Zacharajus to come.

Within minutes, Zacharajus enters the room. “Oh.. It’s you.”

“Yes, I wanted to talk to you, but I won’t force you if you don’t want to”

He stepped deeper into the room “Force me? So what are we going to be talking about?” he asked in a somewhat reluctant voice.

“Well, we are family and I wanted us to be closer” smiles “I got this feeling that you don’t really like me”

“You say? You stumble through your unlife deserving nothing ,gaining everything by chance and you want me to like you? I’ve earned this. What have you done?”

Mark looks puzzled “What do you mean, you earned this”

he sat down in one of the comfy chairs “What do you think I mean? I’ve been in this far longer than you have. I had to earn even my right to be in the kiddie pool. And you’re just a spoiled brat, who got it all for nothing.”

Mark looks down “So you view me no more than a spoiled brat” pause, sigh “I am sorry, I can change the luck that I had and father told me nothing about you, I really didn’t know that” looks directly into his eyes “I don’t want you to hate me”

“Alright. So what’s your angle? You’re out of the place here anyway. Why do you care what I think?”

“As I said, we are family and that means something to me”

“So you’re hear out of the kindness of your hearth? Now? After you’re out and not when you were still here?”

“Why else I would be here?? I would even offer my help, but I guess that you wouldn’t accept it and it would anger you” looks at the floor. “I am not lying to you, I truly want as to be a family”

“There’s nothing you can help me with.” he said standing up

“I know” says looking at Zacharajus “But please sit down, I want to talk to you more”

“Oh so there is something…” he said still standing

“Well yes, I wanted to know more about you” smiles

For some reason Mark’s words sounded really convincing and Zacharajus sat down. “So you really just want to get to me know with no ulterior motives?”

With a gentle smile “Yes, I want to know you, father only said that I have a brother and that he is in the kiddy pool, that is all i know”

“Fine. I was a ghoul in service to him for many years. After great service I asked him to be granted an opportunity – and so I am here.”

“What did you do for a living before you became a ghoul??” Leans a bit towards Zacharajus

“Chemistry. What about you?”

“Really??” Zacharajus can see a big smile in Mark’s face “I worked at the morgue, before that I studied biology. Well the morgue was the place that I met father the first time”


“After that, I was turned and Mr. Sarkejus took me as an apprentice, where I stayed before I was allowed to go to kiddie pool”

“Really? And what did you do for Sarkejus to give you the permission?”

“I had to learn a lot of stuff, I had to learn coils and I helped Mr. Sarkejus with his research. I spent several years doing that, it’s not like I was turned and I popped up in the Kiddie pool” smiles.

“You learned? So what are you gonna do when something twice the size of you charges you? You’re gonna throw books at him?”

Mark laughs “No” still laughing “I am attuned with our clan’s blood, I would make sure that someone would cry for him mama” still laughing

“Sure.” he said, obviously quite reluctant to converse.

“Do you have any hobbies??”

“How much time do you think I got in here for hobbies?” he tilted his head.

“Point taken” looks few seconds at Zacharajus “How was it after left?? I heard Albert and Tauras died”

“Nothing out of the ordinary, for the place. How’s the outside?”

“Well, we got lands after we left, for which we don’t need to fight” looks like Mark is thinking “People are nicer, but we can’t walk where ever we want, you need to ask permissions, basically it’s the same with less violence”

“Good to know.”

“How many signature do you have??”

“None…” he said a little bit more silently

“There is no need to be disappointed” pause “believe that you will get them if opportunity presents itself” smiles

“Of course, I will.”

“I know that you don’t really like or trust me, but if there is anything you need, let me know” smiles

“Of course I will. Who else can I trust?” he asked, without expecting any response. “Are we done?”

“You could have left anytime you wanted”

He stood up and left.

Rhea speaks with Oktavia
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The Sangiovanni estate house sits in silence. Several ghouls are doing their chores. Silent scribbling can be heard coming from below the house, by Rhea’s ears. Oktavia is sitting in the study, reading a book.
Rhea knocks on the door.
May I disturb you for a moment? – she asks.

Lifting her head from the head, noting down the page she’s on. “Of course, Rhea. Please sit” she motioned towards the chair in front of her. Then looking at the electric fireplace, which looked like a burning one. “Today’s technology really allows us to see things, we never thought we could, doesn’t it?”

“It’s familiar, "- smiled Rhea. – “Sometimes I miss the warmth of a burning fire.”
As she sits down, she looks at Oktavia and asks:
“I wanted to ask you if you could help me. I don’t want a handout or anything, but I want to know what my friend and I could do to get her your signature?”
“Your friend?” – she said, as if not knowing. Allowing Rhea to say everything herself.
“”/characters/katerina" class=“wiki-content-link”>Katerina… She feels really miserable and alone in the kiddie pool, and I just want to help her… I know this is kind of abusing our relationship, but as I said, we don’t need a handout, just a task that could earn her a signature…"
“And do you think she can handle herself out here? Where the watchful eyes of the Hounds will not be making sure that her slip ups don’t get out of hand? Especially if you say that she’s all miserable down there.”
“I said she feels miserable, not is…” – smiled Rhea. " I know she can handle herself fine. And to tell the truth, out here there are far more watchful eyes than the hounds… On the other hand, she is a friend, so my judgement may be compromised, that is why I’m asking for a task, so you could see for yourself if she is ready."
“So what is she capable of? "
“I know she’s a fair hunter, and is good with animals… I believe she still owns a massage parlour in the kiddiepool, so she is more than capable of feeding herself and managing a place such as that… She also joined the ranks of the circle… I don’t know what that speaks to you about her judgement, but it should speak well about her capabilities…”
“The Circle takes in anyone who’s willing to take some pain. Not sure if that speaks much of an accomplishment. In any case, she shall owe me a Major boon for my signature and it will be the third signature she get’s.”
“Thank you so much. I’ll make sure you don’t regret it.” Smiled Rhea.
“I’m sure of it. Is there anything else bothering you, Rhea?”
“Well… There is this girl… In the kiddie pool… "- says Rhea, noticeably reluctant to talk.
“What of the girl? "
“Well, she’s special, and I feel I had been torturing her, unintentionally, but still torturing… I want to make things up for her, but I promised her I won’t come near her again unless she wants me to…”
“Are you looking for advice from the Sanctified or from an older of your family?”
“At this point I’m looking for advice from a friend…” – said Rhea looking at her as a lost child would look at her mother.
“Sadly, making things up for one of our kind is far too hard.” – she said, trailing in her thoughts for a second – "Usually we destroy and ruin all we touch. It takes a great deal of experience to be able to make things up. If you really want well for the kid leave her be. If you really really want to help her, get her family out of the kiddie pool and forget about her afterwards. "- she said, in a cold voice, carrying no motherly love at all. Or is she simply unable to speak otherwise?
“I see… Any ideas how I may get them out of the kiddiepool? "- said Rhea somewhat saddened by Oktavia’s answer.
“It’s a mortal family. Living in a shitty neighbourhood. I think the hard part here is finding a place for them to move to.”
“Thank you again, I’ll think about what you have told me. -” Said Rhea standing up.
“Walk with God, Rhea.” – She nodded to her while opening up her book again.


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