Mark Meets Kristoferis
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Mark decided to find Kristoferis and he only knew a single place for that. He knocked hard at the door to his apartment. However, he could only hear silence. As he was about to turn around and leave the door opened up.

Mark walks in the house saying “Hello, Mr. Kristoferis”.

The corridor was dark, only a small shaft of illumination came here from further down the corridor.

Mark opens the door and yells a bit louder “Sorry to interrupt you, but can I come in??”

“Do you think the door would have opened, if you could not?” said a bleak voice from within.

Mark walks towards the illuminated room. “Well, I don’t know” pause “aaa, there is a thing I need to discuss, do you have time now??”

“I’m listening.” he said. When Mark got closer to the room, he saw that the room is lighted by a single table lamp, and that Kristoferis is sitting by the table doing something upon it.

Mark walks closer to Kristoferis “It’s about the ritual. My ghost tried to posses me, but he doesn’t remember anything after going down to the catacombs except for what I shouted. I think there is something hidden there”

Mark noticed that Kristoferis is building something with a set of lego pieces on the table. “So your ghost went down to the catacombs? That’s worrisome… I was wondering if all of that could have been your ghosts mess and Nadija misinterpreting things… But if it went down, then we did receive a message from the Crone.”

“Do you know what is down there??”

“Yes. Do you want to go there?” he asked, without lifting his head from his work, placing a few more pieces into his creation.

“Yes, that would be really interesting” Mark smiles “Also, there is one more thing” pauses “Doesn’t rules forbid killing another vampire??”

“Alright, do you want to take your friends with you there? It can be done during our next meeting.” he answered to the first question. “The law of the Prince does forbid killing of others. But if you really want to get rid of someone, I imagine you’ll find the resources to convince the Prince to grant you a permission.”

“I will offer them the option” smiles “So, if we find him, we should stake him and bring him to you them??”

Kristoferis lifted his head from his work, and turned his head. Can a normal human even turn his head that far? “Stake him. And then make your best judgement if it’s safer to bring him to me, or to come tell me where he is.”

Mark looks a bit creeped out “So will do that” looks at the table, thinks for a second “How would you interpret Nadija’s vision??”

“I already said during the ritual. We must prepare, for whatever is coming. I shall soon speak with the Prince about this.”

“Ok, tell me if something important come up” Mark nods and starts walking towards the door “Oh, tell Maiklas what my ghost said to me and what he did, he was interested, this doesn’t count as a favor for him of course” smiles “If you have nothings to add or suggest I will take my leave, have a good evening”

“It shall be done. And I’ll be waiting for you and your buddies who want to go down there during our next meeting. That will be interesting.” he said with a sound at the end… Mark couldn’t make out if it was a laugh, a caught or something much, much worse.

Mark nods and leaves

As he leaves the apartment, the door closes behind him.

Hartford: Forty seventh Session: Mark

As usually we as coterie gathered and talked about different stuff. I mentioned to the rest what I have learnt from the Cacaphony and Rhea shared her part, it seems she knew a bit more than me, but she is doing this longer than I have so it’s expected. She also confronted me with a matter of Aleksandras, she was to lead me to him.

We arrived at Aleksandras house. He greeted Rhea with warmth while paying almost zero attention to me. He was dressed in a green suite. I know I pay a lot to get this talk and it paid off, I found out that there are 2 bloodlines in nearby city, one that lives underground and one that calls it self royalty and belongs to invictus. Sadly Aleksandras didn’t know anything about the prince and what gifts we should bring him, I think that a unique object would be the best, but I will need to think about that.

Rebeka came by, she said that the clinic was running, which was a good thing, but we don’t need that anymore and if Sheriff would found out, that wouldn’t lead to anything good.

So we decided to go to the church. We went down the catacombs which were hidden behind the statue. While walking down the corridor Rhea noticed some the wall, apparently this place was cursed. Do curses even exist?? The rest of the way was clear, no traps. When we reached the sarcophagus I opened it. It was empty, but Amir and Rhea changed, they started shouting, blaming each other, Rhea almost flipped me off for no reason…. When we left the church both of them disappeared leaving me alone.

I decided talk to Daniel about the possible curses, but he was no different, he was very unpleasant and rude… Maybe there are such things as curses…

While going to Kristoferis place Amir mentioned that Gerardas got Sam‘s soul back. It’s good news,now I can do my own research on this matter without breaking my word. When we arrived at Kristoferis house he was sitting there constructing lego and his new childe was there too. Marie sensed that we are touch by Kalfou, Loa of misfortune and the curse could be lifted during the ritual. It’s very strange that Thomas was protected by voudoun magic, it makes no sense…

As I and Amir entered the ritual, we were placed in the center and their chanting went on for few hours. They said that we were still cursed and we should see them during the next ritual. Kristoferis announced that is was time for my trial. I was dosed with drugs and I had to bring some trinket from the back. I don’t see how this was a trial but I agreed. When I entered the catacombs I saw several spirits, they attacked me. I ran for the trinket. After taking the trinket, I wanted to see if Thomas was resting here, so I went to check that place. Though Thomas wasn’t there, a black metal bock with runes on it was there. I left it and went up stairs. The spirits were even more agitated by the trinket. I decided if I am going to die here at least I will check what’s in the box. When I opened it a black smoke came after me, the next thing I know I am in the middle of the street.

Hartford: Forty sixth Session: Mark

Kristoferis invited us to a CotC ritual, so we could talk with Maiklas about the church. When we came in Rhea kept her distance from the Crone members, for her reasons, but I approached Maiklas and Kristoferis. They were talking about something. I asked Maiklas if we could inspect the church, I lied that Rhea wants to look it for her pilgrimage and went to talk to her about it. It seems that Maiklas has enhanced hearing and heard what I talked with Rhea. I have him alternative reason, why we are going the, I lied again, but this time it was a more believable lie. Maiklas allowed us to go there, but anyone who would go there would be owing him a favor. I told our coterie members about it and they agreed. Afterwards I went to talk to Helena about the pedestal that is near the kiddie pool, I think I nearly convinced her about it. After that I don’t remember much, I blacked out. I saw horrible thing, demons and monsters everywhere. The next memory was Kristoferis holding a knife above me and I am tied up to a pedestal. It seems Nadija got a message from the Crown telling about the dangers that are coming and Dr. Uosis was the carrier of that message, he posed me after something happened to him down stairs. I had to tell about him to the rest of the Circle, what I didn’t really wanted to do, but otherwise they would have found out about our true mission. When we came home Dr. Uosis explained that he doesn’t remember anything else aswell.

Linda came by, she wanted to inform us about our deed. The pimp was handling his whores with much more care now, he wasn’t beating them and putting them in hospitals. After that Linda and Amir got into an argument about the rights and wrongs of this world. I saw both of their points, but there isn’t a right answer to that argument… Before Linda left I asked her so she would teach me the writings of the dammed, but to my surprise, Rhea knew them… She could have told us about it, I shared everything I can with her…

I took my kit and went to Daniel. He was in his church as usual. We had a little chat about his origin, but he insisted that he is a normal human, though he could see Dr. Uosis and he had a ghost of his own. He disagreed to give me his blood said that I would use it against him and when I mentioned a danger to his life area got a bit colder like that time we were in the church. It seems Daniel really doesn’t trust me, but maybe in sometime I will prove that I am just a scientist that is curious about his origin.

Hartford: Forty fourth Session: Mark

So we all agreed on Kristoferis offer, though I didn’t know if Rhea would agree, but for some reason she did. Albertas wanted to know about some strange disease, so I told him all I know about the subject, didn’t know if it helped or not, but he still went to the library to do more research.

So we all went to the bar. We wanted to find that white guyLucile was talking about. After we went in, we saw there are only 3 white males the, so we each covered one. Mine was just some random dude, but Albertas got the right one. After her ghoul, I guess, called her, Albertas started to drink with him. They shared their stories and again, Albertas got too drunk. You are a fucking vampire… why do you need to drink alcohol, you are a drunk or something??

When that plan failed, we went to some Rajani’s place. It was in abandoned hospital. While we walked in, some guy ran out, screaming something about phantom. We caught the guy and asked him,but he kept screaming… I guess that was Rajani’s doing… She left him… If we didn’t needed her… I left Amir and Albertas with the guy and went to see her. When I met her, she only agreed to help if I bring the guy, so I went upstairs, to find out that they let him go… Why… Just why??

We search trough the rest of the bodies and we found that they are staying in a hotel. Albert used his “Charm” and we got the room number. We checked the room, but it was empty so we tried the near by rooms. Some guy opened. We came back to the same room and we found a photo. In the photo there he was, the guy who just opened the doors. We went inside that room. Albert charmed the first guy, but the other remembered us and locked himself in the toilet… I broke down the door and he tried to attack me… finally i grabbed him and we brought him to Rajani’s place. We brought the guy. She killed him before our eyes… That was a sad site to see… After that, she told us about the churches and where we could find Thomas. In return for her keeping quiet, she asked to go with us to explore the catacombs, I think it was fair enough. Before we left, I asked her about the Crypt of Mythra. She explained that there are some believers in India, but didn’t know much more. And also she said that she was mehket.

Hartford: Forty third Session: Mark

I told the rest of my coterie what I have learnt about Irma (the red dress girl) and we all decided that it was a dead end. Also, I asked them to come with me to Kristoferis place, he had a task for us.

Word reached me that Chaitan is dead as well, that left me with an opportunity to find what he was looking for Crypt of Mithraic. I turned help to my mentor, maybe he knew something that could help me, but he only told me a legend and that there was no such thing here. But why would Chaitan come all the way here to look for it if it’s not here?? I guess I will investigate this on my own, if it’s an object of great power, I should find it.

Lucile decided to come by and brought us some news: “For the time being your rent will be quite simple. As the upholders of the Masquarade the Invictus must make sure that the Masquarade is defended. Make sure that it is so. if you hear any slips, take care of them. You’re not children any more”. I guess it’s fair price for living here, but I don’t think that’s the only think we’ll do to keep this place.

So we met up with Linda. She explained that there was a pimp, who hospitalized several of his whores. While we were going to pimp’s place, Linda saw some writing on the wall and informed us that we are entering the Invictus lands. Albert said that we wouldn’t break rules and turned back. At the pimp’s place there was a bodyguard, but I am a scary guy, so ran away with tail between his legs. We went to the office, Rhea locked the door. Upstairs we found that pimp with a whore. He was yelling at her and after seeing us he took out his weapon, but we wasn’t fast enough to shoot together with Amir we locked him mean while Rhea escorted the whore out. I had a little chat with him, scared him a little bit and made sure he wouldn’t treat his whore the same way again. And we left that building. While leaving we saw that bodyguard calling for reinforcements, but it was too late. I sympathized with Linda’s goals and I guess she took a bit of liking towards us.

Later that week we when to Kristoferis’ place. He had a very important task. We had to make an oath that we won’t tell anyone else about it. He explained that Thomas Hooker will awake soon we need to find him and kill him. And we are the most suited for that task, because none will suspect us of this task. Also he gave us a bit of information, that we can go to Elysium master or Rajani for information about Hooker’s resting place. I don’t know how about others, but I will do my best to ensure that Hooker never wakes up again. Not only he will break masquerade but he poses a great threat to my covenant.

Hartford: Fortieth - Forty Sixth Session
Smashing in a lot of stuff

So, we kinda ignored this for a while and now I’m trying to get back into full swing with the write ups. There will be a small change from now on, that is, I’ll try to provide a brief (perhaps bullet pointed) list of events, with hopefully my players chiming in with their character’s perspectives.

Our little PCs have killed Tamas and Arshad. After which they have visited the primogen, who’ve granted them their signature’s. Leaving the Kiddie Pool, they went to Lord Edmund Cartwright, Notary and Judex, who took Albert, from now on known as Mister Albert Hecklesinto the Invictus. The rest of the coterie has sworn an Oath of fealty towards him.

After getting out of the kiddie pool their life got a lot better. Firstly, they went to Lady Liucile Sanders, Groom, who gave them their own feeding grounds. The price was not really mentioned at first, only later on it was said that as agents and servants of the Invictus, they are to preserve the masquerade.

They meet Linda Alvares, who asks them to help her out with punishing a pimp. The said pimp really tortures and hurts his working girls, constantly putting them in hospitals etc. The group helped Linda out, putting the pimp into the hospital. Several weeks later, Linda visited them, to say that now the pimp avoid hurting the girls.

The group also learned that Tauras Viljamas Auksaburnis, Chaitan is dead.

They met Amir Okanue‘s sire. After getting the formalities out of the way, he tasked them with finding Thomas Hooker’s resting place. They found Rajani Ravindra an archeologist and relics collector to speak about possible locations. She agreed to help, under the condition, that she’s going there as well. She told them that her investigation’s have revealed that while still active Thomas Hooker organised the building of several churches within the city. However, she also managed to uncover that the official plans of the catacombs differ from the reality, so those could be investigated. They listed up all the possible churches.

Luckily for them, one was out of town – meaning it was in nobodies territory and they could freely go there. In there, they met a strange pastor by the name of Daniel Rhinehart. For some reason he could see Mark Lehninger ghost and he didn’t seem like a normal human. Eventually he allowed Rhea Sangiovanni to investigate the catacombs. They found a hidden room, lined with traps. It had a sarcophagus in it, which was empty.

The party arranged themselves a visit, to another church. One controlled by the circle. During one of their rituals they attended. There they promised a favor to Maiklas Rovenas from each of them, for a permission to visit another church within his lands. While still being in this one, Mark Lehninger asked Dr. Uosis to investigate the catacombs. Soon enough, Dr. Uosis returned, possessing Mark and thrashing about. He was restrained by the Acolytes, and Nadija Wescote brought a prophesy from this, telling about a great darkness coming from the North-West.

So what is the party doing now? Trying to find Thomas, investigating the churches and doing some personal stuff. (Gonna post that soonish)

They also had a wonderful movie night together with Tina Wats and Katerina Redfield.

These are the character specific versions:
Hartford: Fortieth Session: Rhea
Hartford: Forty first Session: Mark
Hartford: Forty second Session: Mark
Hartford: Forty third Session: Mark
Hartford: Forty Fourth Session: Mark
Hartford: Forty sixth Session: Mark

Hartford: Forty second Session: Mark

After getting all the signatures, we came to a palace. There we were met by Ventrue Primogen and Liucile. She took as to own new feeding grounds and showed our new apartment. After brief instructions, she left us. We walked around our lands, there were few good feeding places.

Mark goes out to feed in the restaurant. There he found a girl and fed on her

Mark with Albertas went to the Elysium. There they found Linda and Emile. They had quite nice chat, like Rhea she didn’t try to push her ideologies, she wanted to show us them, so we agreed to help Linda with her task.

Amir, Albertas and I went to look for a lady in a red dress and Lucile’s contact. It wasn’t hard to find him, because there were only like 3 white guys besides me and Albertas. I found an interesting spirit, I wanted to talk to it, but it was bound to the nightclub. I got to talk to it, but it wanted to kill the DJ because “he makes the music go off” and if I did that, it would tell me more about the lady in a red dress, I passed this opportunity. Later that evening that girl showed up. Albertas went to talk to her, but he got really drunk, so I had to step in. I drunk a bit with her and she offered to go to a hotel. On the way there I found out that she was just a victim of the demon, bringing him more victims everyday.

I came to my sire’s place where I met him and Bertramas. I wanted to know what I could do for the Dragons, but they were quite worried that Thomas might come back and started preparing for that. I also talked with Bertramas about continuing my studies and developing my coil, now that I am out of the kiddie pool. He was eager to continue the experiments and develop the coil.

Hartford: Forty first Session: Mark

After the successful job Edmund call us to the hotel. He explained that in order to get our signatures we must swear oath to Albert and our oath to him was fulfilled. I had no problem having swear oath to him, after all he is a member of coterie and I trust him. I think he was pleased with our work. We didn’t mess up and nobody knows that we were responsible for the deaths of those two. The city awaits us, but I can’t wait.

Before leaving the kiddie pool I decided to feed one last time

We were informed where to go to get our signatures. I only needed 2 more so I was sent to get them. I got a flower from Maiklas and one from Ventrue primogen . After we all collected our signatures we called the Sheriff. He was very surprised that all four of us got out this quickly, but he didn’t know what we had to do for that. Now we are citizens of the city, sadly we know almost nothing about it.

Mark went to Kristoferis, to offer his help for favors and he agreed, but the whole coterie must come for his task.

Hartford: Fortieth Session: Rhea

Me and Uosis: After all the shit that happened this week I needed to talk to someone… Preferably to someone who would be able to help me in this situation. I remembered that Mark had a psychologist following him around all the time, so I decided to ask him if I could have a chat with the good doctor.

Mark said it’s ok, as long as I help him with whatever dr. Uosis would ask in return. Once I agreed Mark called him up. I asked for some privacy and Mark obliged.

I told Uosis about Susie and how shitty I felt about all I did to her. He said I should try and make it up to her, but had no good thoughts how I could do that… I guess I could leave a letter with a way for her to establish contact herself… But I guess that will have to wait. I have done way too much already.

I also asked him about Albert’s outbreak of emotion, all he said was that it could be something, but I should ask Albert himself.

Alberts announcement: After another meeting with Cartwright Albert brought us cryptic news. Apparently Cartwright himself has been busy, and has prepared us a happy surprise. All we were told was to survive… Seriously? Survive? What kind of shit are we getting ourselves into… The only other thing we were told was that the shit is going down on Wednesday.

After this lovely news flash, I had an issue to discuss… Albert… He was the only one of us seen frequenting the clinic, which is kind of a security risk… I offered Amir to teach Albert obfuscate, so we would all be safer. I would have gladly thought him myself, but I guess a greater attachment between him and me could become a burden to all.

Kiddiepooler’s meeting: Tuesday evening we all got a message on our beepers. We were all called to the fireplace room… Wondering who fucked up this time, we were off…

Once inside, we set up shop at the table closest to the exit. In case this goes south we may be in the clear. As we settled down Donald came over and wanted to chat with Albert. He wanted to chat in private (he said something about not sharing secrets) and Albert went away to chat… Little did they know, they were still in my earshot.

Donald knew we were working with Cartwright… Long story short, he wants to be helpful and maybe, just maybe get on the Invictus good side. This got me wondering, maybe I should try for a position in the Invictus…

Soon after Albert returned, and told us of Donald’s offer, the sheriff came on to the stage (I chose to keep the fact that I heard it all to myself, no use blabbing about everything). His message was both frightening and fortunate… For one night only, the only rule that counts for anything in the kiddiepool is the masquerade… Seems like we have a legal way of dispatching the hindus… Sadly, the legality wasn’t the main issue we had.

After the announcement Arshad andTamas came to us with a plan of killing Daniel and his crew. This was an opportunity too good to pass up. Before anyone of us said anything I told them to meet us up a few hours to plan it all. They agreed…

Once back in the clinic, we decided to set Arshad and Tamas up, and kill them using Daniel… In other words, we lead them to Daniel like lambs (although I have no idea what kind of lamb Arshad is supposed to be) to the slaughter…

Tamas and Arshad visits Clinic: The hindus came over as planned. We agreed to attack Daniel in his home, split up into groups, ambush them… Plans were flawed but workable, just as we needed.

The general idea was that me, Arshad and some others would come in through the front (obfuscated) while Tamas andAmir guard the rear. We surprise them and kill them all.

While this was happening, Albert dominated Arshad to drop his weapons if he tries to attack anyone in Daniels group. This will surely give us the needed advantage.

Deal with Daniel: Once Arshad and Tamas left, I went away to deal with Daniel. Mark (for reasons unknown) wanted to come as backup. We all told him it was not a good idea (with all the history between them), but he still tagged along. We split up as I approached their door… I knocked and once they opened up I told them I had a deal.

I was taken upstairs where they were watching some game… I told Daniel I had a deal that could save their lives. Once I had their attention I tried to make a deal. At first Daniel was suspicious, since we and the hindus were allegedly friends. I told him they were becoming a threat, and we made a deal…. I kind of suspect that he will trick us out of most of the dealings, but since we don’t plan on staying here long I didn’t really care.

As I was leaving, Daniel said I should check their mailbox early next night in case they come up with some creative plans.

Checking the mail: The moment I woke up I went to check Daniels mail.They left me a note saying we should split Arshad and Tamas up and get Arshad to visit the basement. Basement seemed as the logical place for an ambush, so I just wrote “make some noise there then” on the back of the note, and pinned it to the inside of their door.

Fighting: We met up with the hindus, and set out to Daniels. Just as planned we split up and Arshad, Mark and I went up front. I opened the door and quickly checked for the note. It was gone. Just as we entered the house, we heard some noise in the basement. I pointed to Arshad to check it out, and we were right behind him. If we left him alone it would be too suspicious…

A few steps down I smelled gas… Just as I was about to run, I noticed Arshad had already jumped over us and was clear… The gas exploded… I got most of the blast, but it seemed like Mark had a few burns of his own. A fuckin’ bomb… Those damn bastards could at the very least told us… If they did this would have worked… Damn shitforbrains, Arshad‘s death was just an obfuscate away and they blew it… Any fuckin’ way, I heard Daniels crew coming down for their fight, I healed some of my wounds fighting the beast trying to run.

I saw Arshad drop his blades, so fighting an inner battle of my own against the wishes of my beast I hid both the weapons before subcumming and running away.

As soon as I regained my senses, I returned to the house. The fight was over and both Arshad and Tamas laid torpid.

After some well deserved screaming towards Daniel I calmed down. Albert asked Daniel why not kill them and they said there were no need. I offered to carry them home and leave them, so we did. We split Arshad’s blades amongst our groups as a symbol of good faith.

Murdering: Once Daniels group left, only I and Albert remained. I staked Arshad (just in case) and we started thinking what we should do.

To my surprise, he went for diablerie… This is not ok. I stopped him and talked him out of it. Tempting though it may be, there are some lines you just don’t cross. As he left to get gas and Rebeka, I looked around. The only things worth anything were Tamas’ sword and an altair… The altair looked interesting, but I had no idea what it was, so I packed it up for own research…

As Albert returned, we dragged the two of them down to the basement. There Albert dominated Rebeka to light the match and forget it ever happened…

I walked in there once they were only ash… They were definitely dead… Yet somehow I felt little remorse. 14th, 15th… Maybe I should stop counting?.. We all are monsters after all, maybe I should just embrace it all…


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