Hartford: Thirty-ninth session: Amir


I bumped into Tauras on the street one day, which was a nice coincidence, since I wanted to meet him anyway. He told me he had been looking for me (so it wasn’t really a coincidence after all), and apologized for not talking to me in such a long time. I… was surprised, I give you that. Frankly, I expected him to ask for a favor, but instead he offered one himself. It was really nice of him. The funny thing is, I wanted to offer him help myself, especially with the Inquisitor situation, but Tauras told me that Helena dealt with it. That was a relief. To be honest, I have no idea how I could’ve helped him with a problem this grandiose.


Gerardas came to us offering help with Sam‘s situation. He asked us to follow him to a cruac ritual place. Rhea, however, refused to step outside the boundaries of the kiddie pool, so we proceeded without her. When we reached our destination, we saw an alter. We were asked to give some blood and after an hour the ritual was completed. Gerardas said that the ritual confirmed that we are definitely dealing with a demon. He said we should search for “the Red Woman”, who he refers to as “the other face of the demon”. We perform another ritual. This time he told us that we might find her in a club outside kiddie pool. The club is owned by Liucile Sanders. Gerardas told us that he’d go to that place and we parted ways.


I went to Tina for my first day of learning. She seemed really nice, even humble in her way of speaking. All doubts aside at least I have a wonderful teacher. We waited till the sunrise to start the first training session, which was both an exhausting and fascinating.


Albert told us that Edmund had no intention to spare Tamas’ life. It was a pity. Killing anyone is a terrible thing, even someone as dangerous as Arshad. Although, who knows? Maybe Tamas is just as dangerous. We talked about our possibilities and the team decided that Albert should implant Arshad false memories and Uosis should make him insane.


I visited Felix, we talked about stuff. I told him I hadn’t seen my mom in a while and I missed her. I asked him if he ever missed his family. He said he used to. Used to? Does this mean he doesn’t anymore? I asked him if he had any childer and he said yes. We talked about him, but it didn’t seem like he cared too much about him. Somehow it made me think about Kristopher. I told Felix I hated Kristopher, although honestly I wasn’t completely sure of that. I told him I hated my existence. The accursed unlife. I feel like I shouldn’t have complained so much that night, but all that stuff got piled up in my mind, driving me insane. I needed to talk to someone about it and for some reason Felix felt like the right person.

He told me I should just stop worrying about all that stuff and embrace my existence. If I wasn’t satisfied with my life I should do something to change it. He gave some examples, like giving my blood to junkies in exchange for an apartment. I tried to argue how that was an immoral thing to do, while he said it would be their own choice. Sure, their choice. A “choice” influenced by blood addiction.

Although I didn’t agree with everything he said, I was glad to talk to someone about those things. And I was glad that Felix was there to listen.

Hartford: Thirty-ninth session: Rhea

Talk together: So we got into our weekly meeting… Kind of a weird habit if you think about it. I bet this is how lawful employment looks like… So our great boss Albert strolls through the room giving us this weeks agenda. Apparently he was in another meeting with Cartwright. Bad news, we are not to spare Tamas. I couldn’t believe how nonchalantly we were discussing the death of our so called friends (what the hells kind of monsters are we becoming?)… We got into the discussions over what disciplines could be used and how little we actually know about those two. So as the stealthiest of our bunch (and the only one with tracking experience I might add) I offered to follow Arshad around a bit.

The post: I got a response from Octavia. She said it was ok for me to share my abilities with my teammates. I wondered how they would react… After all this seems far more unnatural and disturbing than what we usually see… I guess I should discuss this with each of them separately, just to see the way they may react and how I may better my approach to the next teammate… This begs the question, should I share this with Rebeka

MeetingGerardas: One night we were visited by some unknown person (to me at least)… He introduced himself as Gerardas. All but Mark seemed to trust the guy, but I guess his reasons are his own, because he didn’t care to share… I guess I won’t pry.

So as I was told, the guy is here to help us with our demon/willworker problem. He told us he would try to get us information, but that we needed to go someplace. We all set out, and on the road he started talking about how we should keep this affair secret. Well since I had already spread the word to Octavia and Samuel, and I guess Nicolas could have worked it out quite easily, I told everyone, that it was too late. Gerardas stopped in his tracks and made me promise that I won’t inform anyone else and that I should downplay everything to them just in case. Well, since my investigation into this matter has run dry anyway, I told him I’d be silent.

After a while of walking I understood we were going to the circle’s altair… I appologised, and went off… They may taint themselves with the the rituals of these neo pagans, but I will not. If they get the information, I’d win either way.

Visiting Susie: I visited the girl who sees through obfuscate again. This time she has covered her entire window in posters… I guess she doesn’t want to play… I crept around the other windows and heard her parents talking about… Susie… That’s her name. I guessed I‘d try to establish contact once again, so I crawled up to her window and knocked.

I heard her gasp… Yes, a surprise visit from me, your new imaginary friend. But instead of coming out to play or talk, Susie just cranked up her music… Ah so we’d play a game of cat and mouse again, I smiled and waited. Her parents will come and ask her to keep it down… It’s the middle of the night, they pretty much have to…

In a good fifteen minutes I heard her father tell her to turn the music off… Then the sound of a door closing, the game starts anew. I whispered loudly, so she could definitely hear me “Susie, come talk to me”… And she answered… In a sad voice she asked me what I wanted. I told her I just wanted to talk. She replied that I should go talk to someone else… I tried to force in a joke, but the only answer to that was sobbing… And then it hit me… What was a fun game to me was a fucking nightmare to this little girl… I felt like a monster, all I could say was “sorry”… I told her that she will never see me again, if she desires so and she screamed something pretty close to yes. I jumped down still in shock of my own blindness or stupidity more likely.

What kind of monster had I become? How could I torment a child so blindly and easily?.. I felt like crap. This calls for a lot of reevaluation of both my condition and my perception…

Following Arshad: Still feeling like shit from my encounter with Susie, I set out to find Arshad. Feelings aside, I still have a job to do and a path to follow.

I found him heading towards the Point, where he met with Barbara. They were discussing something ritualesque I guess, so I took notice. Barbara promised support and people, whileArshad just nodded away. This was definitely a thing worth reporting. After their brief exchange Arshad left the Point and wandered the streets some before returning to some abandoned house.

He entered one of the rooms on the ground floor, so I obfuscated the door to do the same, but I couldn’t, because they moved a cupboard in front of it… Simple yet brilliant I must say. He and Tamas started discussing something, but I couldn’t understand a word… After a well deserved facepalm, I walked outside. I remembered seeing a few windows on my brief visit, so I went outside to mark them. I can’t seriously trust myself at the moment…

Hartford: Thirty-eighth session: Amir


Albert informed us about his latest talk with Cartwright. Apparently, he already knew about Chaitan’s plans and he now wanted to stop them. Albert said that we had to frame them, so that they would meet the Sheriff’s fireplace, so to speak. Well, at least we won’t have to engage them in direct combat (hopefully). Mark said that Tamas had told him he wanted to leave Chaitan the moment the mission was over, so he went to write Cartwright a letter in an attempt to spare Tamas’ life. Albert told me he wanted to talk to Rhea in private, so I went to help Mark. Although, I have to admit, I was rather surprised. I didn’t know we had secrets between us. At the same time – why shouldn’t we? Sure, we are a team, but we are also four individuals, therefore it’s not surprising we form different ties with each other.

When Mark was finished with the letter, Albert joined us and I decided it was an appropriate time to apologize for my actions back when my Nosferatu curse kicked in (it’s still so frustrating!). To my relief, they weren’t angry at me. I also told Mark that I wanted to apologize to Uosis as well, and what do you know? He appeared right after I said that. I was hoping for that, actually. I wanted my apology to be personal. What I didn’t want, however, was for him to analyze me, which was typical of him, of course, although I did hope he’d make an exception that time. But he didn’t. I hate that ibn haram. The problem is, this topic is still an open wound to me and as much as I hate to admit it, I almost broke emotionally in front of him. This place, this life (or should I say – miserable existence) messed me up pretty bad… I managed to hold myself together, but Uosis seemed to notice that and he tried to pry even more. I hate it when people do that. Is it so hard to mind your own business? It’s not rocket science…

Mark asked Uosis if he could possess one of the Indian vampires, and they all started giving suggestions on what to do with it. Uosis said that a “controlled experiment” is required to test his ability to put a vampire into frenzy and Mark chose Albert as the guinea pig. He said it was because Albert was the weakest, although the more I think about it, the less sense it makes. If we are to pull a stunt like that on Arshad, shouldn’t we have chosen the “strongest” of us? In any case, Albert agreed. All we had to do was hope that nothing bad would come from that.


I asked Mark whether Ordo members were experimenting on humans. Not asked, confronted him about it. He said that pretty much every higher member was doing it. Of course… He also said it wasn’t compulsory. Like, I had a choice. Did I really? That all depended on whether my mentor allowed me to keep my principals. I got angry. Well, not I’m-gonna-snap-your-neck angry, but angry enough to start questioning my trust in the man before me. He was making excuses. I asked why he didn’t tell me this when he was convincing me to join. He said I didn’t ask. I asked him what else he didn’t tell me. He said that was pretty much it. I took a minute to process all of what had happened in that conversation and I decided that I shouldn’t be too angry at Mark. Maybe he honestly thought it was a detail not worth mentioning. But more importantly I’m surprised how I didn’t think of that myself. It now seems so obvious. How can the Dragons do their research on transcending the vampire condition without such experiments? But it didn’t make me feel any better. I needed to talk to Rosmari Kerol about this, I needed to know where she stood on the issue.

I saw that Mark was uncomfortable with the conversation, so I decided to change the topic. I don’t hate the guy. I guess I was a little angry, but he doesn’t deserve any condescending crap. I decided to share my suspicions about seeing Arshad and Barbara talk on more than one occasion. Mark thought they were talking about Circle of the Crone. They could be. What if Barbara has an idea where the Crypt of Mithra could be? Or maybe they can use blood magic to track its whereabouts? Another thought had crossed my mind, yet it seemed a little far fetched. Albert told us that Cartwright already knew about the Crypt of Mithra. Could it be that we weren’t the only kiddie poolers on the “quest” of spying on the hindus?


This was the day of Uosis’s “controlled experiment”. Albert was placed in one of the cells. Uosis talked to him, asked him questions. Suddenly, Uosis asked a very peculiar question. He asked Albert which one of us he hated. Albert said he didn’t hate us, but Uosis insisted to pick one he disliked the most, and it happened to be me. My first thought was “Is it because I don’t like cats?”, but there must be more to it. I decided not to jump to conclusions, just when Uosis appeared before me, asking how Albert’s answer made me feel. What does that have to do with anything? I think that guy is just messing with us… I said I didn’t think he really hated me. What else was I supposed to say? Oh no, I’m so sad, I think I should commit ritual suicide? I like Albert and again, I don’t think he really meant it. Or at least I’d like to think he didn’t.

After a while, Albert said that the experiment was over and asked us to let him out. I asked Uosis if it was safe to do so. He said yes and disappeared. I guess I should have interpreted it as a sign of trouble, but I didn’t. And boy was that a mistake. The first thing Albert did when he got out was to run to Rhea and start kissing her. He was apologizing as well. I wanted to help Rhea, but then I saw that she had it under control – she skillfully eluded his grapple. Albert, on the other hand, ran upstairs, which Mark and I attempted to prevent immediately. I managed to catch him and Mark helped me restrain him. We held him for a while, and then… I came to by the clinic door, naked. I don’t even remember what I thought at that moment. Was that Albert’s doing? Well, if it is, I should’ve known better than let my guard down – that’s what you get for looking a Ventrue in the eyes. Rhea opened the door and handed me my clothes.

Later Albert was put into a cell once again, until he (hopefully) recovered. I wonder if he remembered what happened to him.


Rhea called and told me that she was coming to the clinic with someone who will help us get the clinic running. She came with a man whom she introduced as Daisuke, and Rebeka. Mark and I showed Daisuke the basement and told which parts would be theirs and which – ours. And then Daisuke told Rhea that she could “choose a place for the lesson”. The what now? Albert and Mark seemed to be just as confused as I was, while Rhea told her friend about a place in the woods where she’d trained with Rebeka a couple of times. We gathered in that place, and Daisuke and Rebeka prepared for a fight. Alright, that was weird… Wasn’t he human? If so, he had nothing on Rebeka, or so I thought… He punched Rebeka so hard, she fell on the ground, gasping for air. I think he broke something… What was that about? I suspect it had something to do with Rebeka’s rudeness, but whatever she said or did, I’m sure she didn’t deserve it. And the punch itself. Where did Rhea get this guy from? A Tarantino movie?


I met with Rosmari Kerol at the hotel. I’d contemplated different possibilities of what she might be like over the past few days, and lucky for me, she seemed nice. I asked her about the experiments, and she pretty much said what Mark had told me, only in a more eloquent way. Although she pointed out that due to the difference between the vampires and the humans, not everything can be achieved via such experimentation. It didn’t make me feel any better. Knowing that my mentor isn’t a blood-thirsty creep was a relief, though. I needed to make a decision, and I needed to make it at that moment. And I chose to proceed. Yes, I am against human experimentation, but I can’t swing about left and right every time I am presented with an obstacle. I have a goal to become better than a mere vampire, and although Rosmari doesn’t think so, I think it means becoming more human. Sure, this goal stops sounding so noble when you realize that many humans are worthless scum, but I don’t want to become like any human; I want to be the human I was before I was cursed, or at least get to it as close as possible. Hopefully I won’t have to be a monster on my way there…

Rosmari informed me that I was to be under Tina’s tutelage until I mastered my first coil. She also said that she had already arranged it with Tina, which really surprised me. Had she made up her mind before even meeting me? Or did she care so little? In any case, I’ve known Tina to be one of the most reasonable kindred in the kiddie pool, so I think it was a positive turn of events.

Hartford: Thirty-eighth Session: Mark

Coterie time Albert came back with troubling news. We had to get rid of Tamas and Arshad. I had no problem of eliminating Arshad, but Tamas… He is a member of Ordo and he wants to get away from Chaitan. I will try to change Edmund’s decision… Tamas has so much potential and we have to get rid of him??
We discussed that issue, how to get rid of them and we decided that Arshad should die first, at least that was good enough. I suggested that Arshad would attack a hound that would really get him killed and probably the hound, but Uosis disagreed and for some reason Albert was against pinning Arshad and Helena. I have to do more investigation on that matter, but it’s for later. There was another option. Arshad could go hunger frenzy in the hotel and kill the administrator, but we needed to make that happen. Amir came to me and Albert and apologized for his behavior last week. He seemed so composed every day till that event, what made him snap?? We all have bad days, but I didn’t expect that from him.
We tried to use Uosis for that, maybe he could help and we picked Albert as a test subject. It went for some time, Uosis asked questions and did something. Albert acted strange, He tried to run away from us, of course we caught him but he used his powers… A naked clown?? Really?? Amir started to undress… Now with Rhea’s help I joint locked Albert and dragged him to the cell. I asked Uosis to undo what he did. After 3 days Albert was “as good as he will ever be”. I don’t know to be happy or sad for that…

Amir Amir came up to me and asked a strange question: “Do Ordo experiment with humans??”. Well we do, but it’s not a must, you are free to do so. He really got angry at me and event went with “I don’t trust you anymore”. Why are you angry at the messenger?? You can always tell your mentor: “I am not comfortable with experiments on humans, can I do it on my time??” they will understand, it’s not like we are monsters we still have empathy for our kind… I guess Amir will get this in time… I truly do…

Clinic Rhea came back with some man. Apparently he’ll help us get the clinic running. I showed him around and he was pleased at least it seemed so. For some reason Rebeka wanted to train with him in the woods, I tagged along. Daisuke took Rebeka in one hit, I even heard some bones crack… Wow!! That is one mean punch. Of course Rebeka jumped back up after healing some damage she took. Daisuke was impressed that she could stand, but she is a ghoul after all.

Uosis I realized that I know nothing about Uosis. So I spent a night with him chatting. He was killed by one of our kind, but I have never heard that name before. Uosis is not very talkative, I guess he likes to listen and ask questions.

Hartford: Thirty-eighth session: Rhea

Talk together: Albert came from his meeting with Cartwright. He said he had some fucked up news. Well those are not the words he used, but he may have had… He said now we’d need to get Arshad and Tamas in trouble with the law (and I mean meeting at the fireplace in trouble). Well, I guess we all sort of knew this was coming so we started wrecking our brains on how this could be done. The main suggestions were to get Arshad to kill… Tamas most likely… Mark protested saying that Tamas could be spared, then we contemplated getting them to attack a Hound and so on… I still think a messy kill in a hunger frenzy would give us far less suspicion and produce far less investigation. It all depends on Chaitan’s pull in my opinion…

After a while Mark’s ghost pall joined us and a question arose, can he drive a kindred to a frenzy. He said an experiment would be required, and Mark chose Albert as the most likely victim (because he is rather weak)…

After that I told everyone that I’d be meeting with my contacts about the clinic business, and that I’d be gone for a night.

Once we were done talking Mark scurried off somewhere and Albert asked me if I had a minute. He looked rather anxious… Before saying anything he gave a look to Amir and asked if we could have some privacy. He looked like a teenager trying to ask a girl out… Wait, is that what he’s trying to do? Doesn’t he have that chick, what’s her name… Well he started talking… about my contacts… Really? He looked like he pussed out… Or did he? He looked rather shaken when he walked away. I guess I’ll talk with him about the true motives of this_ talk_ of his…

The big experiment: A while later we all locked Albert in a cell to check this frenzy idea of Uosis. They started talking and nothing seemed to happen so I begun walking away. Albert requested to be let out, and as the door snapped open, so did he… He started going towards me trying to hug and kiss, while screaming out apologies for something… Now I have no idea what he had done to feel so remorseful, but it seemed all those apologies were directed at me… I dodged his hug attempt and he shot upstairs leaving me rather baffled.

Everyone ran after him and I started my slow climb. I heard falling, some screaming… As I turned the corner to the lobby I was greeted by Amir… Naked… He mumbled something about makeup and went downstairs… I noticed Mark struggling with Albert, so shouting something about averting his gaze I joined in. Once he was immobilised, I said I’d find something for his mouth. I saw Amir sitting helplessly behind the door, so I collected his clothes and handed them to him.

I found something for Albert’s mouth, and he was then lead to a cell to cool off…

As we locked the door I started thinking about all the apologies he had made. Try as I might I could not think of anything bad he had done for me… I guess it could have been the strange condition he was in, but why only me then? I think I’d like to speak to our resident psychiatrist about this, and maybe Albert after that…

Snack time: If I was to go to a meeting with Daisuke and mr. Lee, I needed to be damn sure I won’t harm anyone there… I mean if I go hungry in the city outside kiddiepool I could be in deep shit… So I went out for some extra feeding beforehand.

I found a house I could break into. The driveway looked empty, but I still went inside, the feeling of dread crept upon me. I checked the security twice, no loud alarm, no silent alarm… I stopped and took a while to listen. Breathing; heavy, the person’s sleeping… I slowly crept upstairs and opened the door. A lonely woman was sleeping soundly in a king-sized bed. Of course… The empty driveway, the half-empty bed… Someone is still coming here… No time to waste, I bit down on the woman.

Just as I was letting go of her I heard a car coming into the driveway. A quickly obfuscated myself and walked out, passing the late overworked hubby on my way down.

The big meeting: The night has fallen, and I met Rebeka to accompany me to mr. Lee’s. I took her with me for a few reasons… First, she gets to expand her horizons, which in turn can make her far more useful. Second, she may find someone to help break out her father out of jail, and this load off her mind makes her more focused on helping me. Third, she was the only one besides me working on the clinic, and she may have some of the info, if anyone asks. And last, and most important to me, she was a just in case blood reserve, if I go hungry… I really didn’t need the mess…

So we got there. Mr. Lee was hospitable and understanding as always. He did ask why the worst part of town, but I managed to convince him (I think), without saying a thing about my conditions or restrictions. He sent Daisuke back with us, so he could look around and give the final verdict. Shit… I asked if I could call my people, so they would be ready. I was relieved to hear Amir answer the phone… He I know will not let me down in this. I told him the situation and he said he’d take care of everything.

On our ride back I told Rebeka a little about Daisuke… She seemed rather snarky and disrespectful… I was almost ashamed to have brought her along. I told her to respect the person who taught me how to fight, and she asked him for a friendly sparr… I looked at Daisuke hoping he wouldn’t be offended, but he just smiled and said he’d teach her a thing or two about respect… Now I started to fear for her life…

When we got to the clinic I started to explain the current situation, how we would divide it and all. Once inside we were greeted by the entire gang, and Amir and Mark took over for the excursion. When we got to our part of the clinic, Daisuke asked what are we going to do in our side… What could I say?.. Be dead during the day and stash corpses and shit at night… That sounds very good for a business deal… I tried to brush off the question, but he insisted, so I said something about cooking meth and what not… He got concerned, but when I said that we’d take care of everything, and if the door stayed closed it would be like we were never there, he said he trusted me.

After the tour, Daisuke said that we are in business, and that we’d discuss the details later. He asked where would the said sparr take place. I offered the place where Rebeka and I used to train, until she got way too good for me… All agreed, and everyone tagged along.

When there, just as the sparr begun, Daisuke threw one punch… One punch and Rebeka flew off… I think I also heard a crack… I rushed to her thinking don’t be dead… And as I saw her slowly getting up I silently told her to stay down, because I knew this was Daisuke going easy on her… She just told him that victory is his and started walking away. I told Daisuke that we’d meet for drinks later, and that I have to take care of this now, and he said he’d wait for me… I could have sworn I saw some bad looks coming at me from my friends, as I helped Rebeka walk away.

When we were far enough, I gave her some of my blood. I remarked, that he taught me far from everything he knew, and Rebeka just answered with “I can see that… When I offered this sparr I thought he’d be more like you…”

You see me, they don’t: I decided to visit the girl who once saw me feed… She seemed to see perfectly through my obfuscation, and she intrigued me… I hoped to get to talk to her a bit… Maybe mend the masquerade breach I left with her…

As I came to the house, I noticed that the car was gone, so no one but her inside (hopefully). Still obfuscation was a must, I want only her to see me. As I approached the window I saw her playing some dance game on a gaming system… Should I disturb her?.. I watched her play for a bit, and then I just tapped the window. She froze up, then screamed, then called 911, took a huge ass kitchen knife… This is definitely not going as I had planned… How have I planned this?.. How did I hope for her to react… Shit… I’m such an idiot… What now?..

She ran upstairs, so I climbed up to her window. I could see her there clutching the knife till her knuckles turned white, shivering in the corner…

The police arrived. She let them in, showed me… They saw nothing… Maybe she’ll start to think I’m all in her head?.. That would be good… The police took her away… I think they thought she was crazy or high (or both). I waited for a few hours… Her father returned. He was not alone… There was a woman with him, by the looks of it he no longer grieved for the lady in the picture… Maybe I got it wrong the last time or maybe… Whatever… They went inside, got surprised by the fact that the girl wasn’t there… Sweetie… He called her sweetie… So no name for now… They got a call from the police and drove off…

About an hour later they returned all together… I tried to get the girl’s attention, Maybe get her to come to me and talk, but I guess I only freaked her out… From now on I think I’ll only be there and observe her. I think sooner or later she’ll try to establish contact herself, after all, she must be at least intrigued…
Hartford: Thirty Seventh Session
Amir loses hair


Hartford: Thirty-seventh Session: Mark

Amir scene When I woke up, I heard a scream coming from Amir’s room. The door was locked and when I tried to force my way in, Amir threatened me that he’ll kill me. It seemed something happened to him. Uosis appeared and told us that Amir looks messed up. Amir asked for a knife so I found a scalpel and gave it to him. After few minutes he came out bald and poorly shaven. I don’t get what the big deal is… He is bald… Why the sudden change in hairstyle??

Battle We met up with Tamas and Arshad near the cafe. We hid in the dark corner and waited for events to unfold. Daniel came with his group. Of course he noticed us, what was expected of him. They had an argue and blades were drowned. I ran to Jenny and I wanted my favor to be fulfilled, but she tried to punch me in the face… That bitch will pay… I will break her piece by peace… If she even tries to come near me… I will show what true fear means!!! As I noticed, Arshad cut open poor Daniel and cut of Kendal’s arm. I realized that I don’t want him as my enemy… I really don’t ….

Tamas #1 The next week we found Tamas and proceeded with our quest to find out what they are looking for. He’s Latin is improving really well, he learned it in two weeks, of course we helped, but still that is some progress. I wonder, which mentor he’ll pick.

Party Albert was really ignited to have a party at the spot. He even gave a speech about the party and how we should have good time even if we are in the kiddy pool. So we met Tamas and went to the spot. The were had some good time, spent some money, talked with girls, had some “guy time”. It was good for Amir too. He is really depressed for loosing his hair. I guess, Nosferatu blood is strong in him, stronger than in me… At some point of the party I talked with Tamas about the artifact that they are looking for. It seems it’s Crypt of Mithra. It has some Persian/Greek origin, but that is all I know.

Coil approved Finally the day I waited so much has come. My coil will be approved and I will be able to control all Dracul kiddy poolers. I had some mundane tasks: calculations and logic problems. Not only the sun didn’t affect me, I even did them faster during the morning. One thing that bored me, was that cube of light. So I asked my mentor about it, but apparently it’s covenants secret. I need to climb even more to know what it does.

Hartford: Thirty-seventh session: Amir


I woke up and found strands of my hair lying on the pillow. I touched my head and screamed in panic. It was just as I feared – I was loosing hair. Is this it? I thought. Is this the part where I turn into Giliana? I heard footsteps, so I quickly locked the door. I didn’t want anyone to see me like this. There were voices. Albert and Mark. They asked me if I was ok. I told them I was fine. They didn’t buy it – they heard me lock the door. They asked me to come out. Mark said we needed to talk. I don’t know what I was thinking at that moment, but I remember being really scared. I told him we could talk through the door, but he didn’t like my reply (obviously). He threatened to bust the door out and I threatened to hurt him if he did. Why would I say that? I wouldn’t hurt a friend… Though at that moment I felt like a wounded animal, growling at anyone who dared to approach me. And suddenly that creepy ghost psychiatrist appeared in my room. Are you kidding me? He said something about me looking pretty bad. And what did I do about it? Why I threw some empty threats in his face, of course. It was my new thing that evening. It totally didn’t make me look like an idiot… Then again, I wasn’t completely myself. Uosis was trying to tell me something, but I was so angry I yelled at him until he disappeared. I remember thinking that he wanted to mock me, but the more I analyze it now, the more it seems like he actually wanted to help me. Mark and Albert asked me to come out once again and I realized I couldn’t stay in my room forever. I asked for a knife. I wanted to shave of the rest of my hair (better bold than bolding). Of course, now I realize the idiocy of the idea, knowing that there was no mirror in the room, but at the time it seemed like a brilliant plan. Moreover, the guys brought me a scalpel. Yes, a scalpel. One of them pushed it under the door. Now this was the moment when a rational being would stop and think about the lunacy of the actions he was about to do, but did I stop? Nope. Needless to say it didn’t turn out too well and my head hurt really bad, though for some reason I almost enjoyed the pain (I really hope I’m not developing any masochistic tendencies). I finally opened the door and let my friends see the monstrosity I’d become. And what did I say to them? Hey guys, sorry for being a dick? Nope. I threatened them. Of course! What a surprise… I looked at their baffled faces and told them not to say anything, which now seems like a really odd request, considering that they came to me to talk in the first place. Congratulations, Amir, you’re losing hair and sanity. So, what did I learn about myself from this experience? 1) I am absolutely incapable of dealing with my emotions. At all. 2) I am a shallow crybaby, who cares too much about his looks. 3) The only way I know how to deal with intense situations is making empty threats. To a ridiculous level. 4) I am an asshole.


I found a better knife in the clinic and took of the mirror from the dentist chair, so now I could at least shave my head properly (or as properly as it was possible under the circumstances). Still, I wasn’t too comfortable with walking around bold (or should I say, I wasn’t bold enough? Yeah, that was a weak pun). I made myself a bandana out of my old shirt and I was ready to go.

That was the day we went to Katerina’s party. I had no desire to show my face in public for the next decade or two, but at the same time I didn’t want to disappoint my friend. By the time Albert and I got to the SPA, there were already people gathered for the party. I found Katerina and went to talk to her for a while.

Later I saw Gerardas among the guests and I came to talk to him. It was a good opportunity to discuss my request and Albert joined me for the conversation. Gerardas seemed really interested in our case. He wanted to know all the details, although Albert and I didn’t want to disclose too much vulnerable information. Normally, I wouldn’t keep any secrets from Gerardas, because he was a friend I trusted, however those weren’t my secrets to reveal. Sam’s safety was my top priority. However, Gerardas got hooked and he didn’t take no for an answer. Of course! How typical of him. He even said he’d help us for free if we told him the whole story. Albert and I were beating around the bush, but then we talked in private and decided to tell him the truth. At the end of the day, I trusted Gerardas, and we couldn’t afford to waste more time on this. Gerardas seemed intrigued. He went to Helena and asked her if she had an altar. Was he going to use blood magic? He got an answer from her and left.

Then Donald came and went towards Albert and me. Wasn’t he supposed to be our ally or something? Or did Mark get so occupied with Tamas he forgot all about this schmuck? Doland looked at me and said: “What happened to your hair?” Now, I know it was a natural thing to ask under the circumstances, but I was still super touchy about the subject. I’d like to give myself some credit – I didn’t threaten the guy, although I did try to use Nightmare to scare him off. He called me a meanie, and asked Albert to talk in private. I had a moment of doubt, but then I thought that even Donald wasn’t stupid enough to do anything drastic in a place full of vampires.

Right when I thought about wrapping up, another guest showed up. It was the Inquisitor. Oh. Oh. Oh, fuck. The Inquisitor looked around them room and asked why he hadn’t received an invite. Helena took it from there, explaining it was a private party (which is a stupid argument, since him asking about an invite already implied he was aware the party was private). He asked for Tauras. I searched the room for him with my eyes and caught him looking all pale, frozen with fear. It wasn’t fair. That night, what happened in that hotel room – it was our whole team’s problem – our whole team’s mess. Tauras covered for us – he changed Melinda’s memory. And now he had to pay for it. Helena stood up for him and the Inquisitor left the room. Tauras, on the other hand, ran into another room, with Katerina following him. I guess the party was over.


This was the day when we planned to fight Daniel. We met Tamas and Arshad at the ambush point. Those two waited for Daniel outside the cafe, while our team hid in the shadows. Then Daniel and his team showed. Despite Rhea’s efforts to hide him, Daniel noticed Albert and then Arshad attacked him. He slashed him with his giant swords and the next thing I saw was Daniels guts spilling out. I didn’t stop to contemplate the horrific sight, as I attacked Emerson. And missed. I really need more training… I noticed Daniel running away and got distracted (his stomach was slashed open – a sight you don’t see every day). That was when Emerson punched me in the face. Before I got time to get back at him, their whole team was running for their life, and I could’ve sworn Kendal was missing an arm.

That was a short battle. I was kind of disappointed, really. I looked at Arshad, standing there, all covered in blood, like the Terminator. You know, from the movie. Looking at him – an invincible, heartless killing machine – he evoked a certain sense of awe mixed with fear. And don’t tell me the fear wasn’t justified. He can chop us to pieces with little to no difficulty, and I see no reason why he wouldn’t. Yes, at the moment we’re allies, but how long will that last? What happens when we learn the true nature of their mission? What if Cartwright’s next assignment is for us to stop them? I guess we’ll get to see how our guts look like on the outside.


We went to the hotel to check if we got any mail. I received a reply from Rosmari Kerol. She seemed interested in my request and wanted to meet me in person. On the one hand I was glad, yet on the other… After that conversation with Felix I couldn’t help but feel slightly paranoid about the senior Dragons and the experiments on living subjects. What if she agrees to be my mentor and then I find out she’s into vivisection? I wonder if Felix would still talk to me if he found out I was in Ordo… Speaking of Felix, I decided that we should do something interesting together, and since I can’t take him out to dinner, I should bring the entertainment to him. And the entertainment will be a nice game of Chinese checkers (which, despite the name, are neither Chinese nor checkers). I used to play this game a lot when I was younger and I think mom still has a set at home. I wrote her a letter asking her to send the board to me. Hopefully Felix will enjoy the game as much as I enjoy his company.


Mark and I once again searched for Tamas. When we found him, Mark asked if he needed any more Latin lessons, and he said he only needed practice. And he said it in Latin. That man sure knows his way around languages. Mark asked Tamas about the mission, but all Tamas told us was that it was of paramount importance.


Albert wanted us all to go to the Point, to, as he said, have some fun. I generally avoid places like the Point, and now I was psychologically not ready for such recreation. Then he mentioned that he wanted to invite Tamas too and that it would be a good chance to get closer to him and get him talking about the mission. This was it. It wasn’t about me and my insecurities. We had an assignment. It was my duty to help my team succeed.

We went there, but I mostly sat in one place, listening to Mark talk to Tamas and try to get him drunk. When Mark failed, I tried convincing Tamas myself (I was even prepared to get drunk myself for this), but my persuasion didn’t work either. Luckily, Mark has a way with words and he eventually managed to get Tamas talking about the mission. He told us that they were searching for an artifact called the Crypt of Mithra, which would somehow make Chaitan stronger. Well, I guess the night was successful, after all.


I decided to check on the abuser I frightened earlier. I approached the house and heard shouting. It was a woman’s voice. Angry. Suddenly, the front door opened and the abuser ran out. He was… crying? And it dawned on me – I wanted to help the woman, but I broke the man instead. I ran towards him, tried to talk to him. He ran away from me. I tried keeping up, said I was sorry, but he ran faster, so I just topped and let him continue. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to think, how to feel, even. I was lost. I never realized my powers had such a profound impact on others…


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