Hartford: 52 session
The Court happens

Long time no see. Anyways, giving links to google play docs first, then I’ll write up a short recap of what happened.

Declan visits the occult store
Declan meets Rajani
Declan visis the Carthian Bar
Rhea visits the underground of Sangiovanni manor
Rhea meets Mr. Li

The big even of this session was the Court. Almost all of the city vampires were present. At the start of the event Solomon Birch was punished for breaking the rules of elysium. The Honorable Alder Akadas, used a burning metal rod to punish Solomon, who stood straight and strong. The sight was truly marvellous.

Next up Roistonas Grazusis faced off with Malkolmas Mangumas, who was standing in for Lord Gregorijus Brinkmanas, Councilor and the Seneshal in the said duel.

The group also saw Mark Lehninger standing by the side of Lady Otilia Auksaburne. It looked more like a carrot is standing there and not the Mark we all know so well.

Paula Beiley asked the coterie to help smuggle something through the Station which is located in their territory. They agreed.

The party spoke with Lady Amelija Cook, Advisor and Au Pair, who agreed to sign a signature for Katerina Redfield in exchange for a favor from Kristoferis Brentas.

The group also met with Katerina. She wasn’t too happy that now she’ll have to be a Hound, but at least she’d be a citizen.

Mister Albert Heckles managed to get Donaldas Bankorfas to swear the Oath of Fealty to him.

They also got to one of the local newspapers main Editor, hoping that Mister Declan Middleton, could ghoul him and they would get more influence. However they soon learned that the man in question was already ghouled by someone. They suspect it was Sofija Martinez

Rhea meets Mr. Li
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Rhea drove down to the chinese restaurant under which Mr. Li had his hide out. Luckily for her it was inSolomon Birch’s lands and she didn’t need to get herself debted to a different covenant.
She easily got down to the basement and she was in the huge room in which Mr. Li would accept visitors. He sat behind his table analysing Rhea.

“Long time no see, Rhea. I was wondering where have you disappeared. Since it doesn’t seem that you’re handling everything really well.” he said quit soon in a business tone.

“What do you mean, Sir?”

“You’ve disappeared from the clinic. I’ve heard that people are constantly changing there… what the hell is going on? It doesn’t seem like a safe location at all.”

“Oh, that… I had to leave those premises myself… But I have people looking over the place. I am also trying to get same foothold in that part of town again… But you know how it is… I hope to be able to personally look after the clinic, but at the moment some people I trust have to do.”

“People you trust? Daisuke informed me that the place has been devoid of anybody for several weeks now. Well except my own operation. And now we had to cancel that as well, until proper security can be ensured.”

Rhea looked rather surprised. “This is troubling news. If I had known it got this bad…” After a few moments she seemed to gather herself. “I am truly sorry for the way it turned out. Is there any way I could improve the predicament?”

“Rhea, if you’re gonna pretend to be a player on the board, then handle your people properly.”

“It seems I have still very much to learn.” Bowed Rhea apologetically.

“Indeed. Seems that you’ve made a mistake leaving my organisation.” he simply said.

“Then maybe I could work for your organisation again? It is clear to me that I still am a mere Pawn in the grand scheme of things… I could still learn a lot. And for what it’s worth, I still have the skills I learnt here, I’d like them to be at your disposal once more.”

He thought for a second “Perhaps… What have you been up to this past time?”

“Freelancing, trying to carve a niche for myself in the local society. Tried my hand in recon, heists, even assassinations…” Started Rhea, not leaving much to the imagination.

“Good. We’ve expanded as much as we can and now we’re stuck in a struggle with some gangs. We could use your help there.”

“What would you have me do?”

“Well, infiltration, finding key target’s and informing us of them seem like a good plan. Your current position as someone who hasn’t worked for any organisation for quite a while gives a unique advantage.”

“Am I allowed outside help, or should I keep it all in-house? Because I have some friends, not exactly street smart, but with useful talents nonetheless.” Asked Rhea, before requesting for her first objective.

“Well, if you want to be a player, you’ll have to learn how to use pawns, won’t you? If you trust them to do what you need them to do – use them.”

“Very well, Sir. What is to be my first task? Or should I come for it later?”

“The powers which are clashing against me, are led by the Norteños gang. They have become a formidable force in the last couple of years. Out of a small gang, they grew and now are powerful. Infiltrate them. Provide the information to me, destroy them, or find a way of how to get them to bow to me. And we’ll get you a feasible position.”

“If my memory serves well, they only became strong under new management. I guess I’ll try to join them and see what’s so special about their new leader.”

“Good. In any case, he has pulled them to the front and he’s our prime target. Taking out the leadership and moving in fast enough should be sufficient. On another side of things, having you overtake the gang should do it as well. We’ll be waiting for news. Don’t disappoint me, Rhea.”

“Anything special I should know before I begin?” Asks Rhea standing up, to show that she is ready to begin the task assigned to her.

He just shook his head. Watching Rhea leave his presence.

Rhea visits the underground of Sangiovanni manor
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Rhea visited her family manor once more. This time, her sire decided to lead her into the basement. The basement was locked, and once inside a stench of rot could be felt. There were several corpses around in this labaratory.

The strange sound Rhea heard before, could be heard even louder now. It was just below them. What is it?

Within a moment, she saw a little girl rush out of the corner looking at Oktavia. “You’re back.” she smiled. “I missed you soooooo much. And… I’ve done what you asked. I’ve read the book over and over again, but I didn’t find it yet.” she shook her head gently. “Who’s she?” she pointed one of her little fingers at Rhea.
Rhea took a few long moments inspecting the child, and then questioningly stares at Oktavia.

“I’ve built her myself.” she said. “Good job. Continue looking for it. Oh, and this is Rhea. My great great… she recently returned to the family.”

“Nice to meet you.” she said with a pleasant voice, bowing her head a bit. Rhea could see something ticking behind those eyes, but she couldn’t quite grasp what it is. “I’ll get back to the book.” she said, turning around and prancing back to the table and opening a strange occult book laid before her.

“You built her? She doesn’t look like what usually comes from our families arts… How young was she when she died?” asked Rhea looking back at the girl, who had buried herself in a book once more. “She seems far too talkative and smart too…”

“Most of the girls, I’ve used for her were aged at around 5-8.” she answered in a cold voice. “There’s a thing Sangiovanni family needs done, concerning that little book she’s studying now. If you were to do it, I’d gladly teach you how to make one yourself.” she answered.

“So by made you meant…” trailed off Rhea, composing herself a second. “Tell me what needs doing. So long as it’s within my abilities I’ll get it done.” Smiled Rhea.

“The newcomer in the town…Rajani. Needs to go.” she answered simply looking at Rhea and waiting for her reaction.

“Rajani? What has she done wrong? I had my share of run-ins with her and she seemed perfectly civil.” Slightly gasped Rhea.

“She wants to steal from our family. The problem with that is, that if she succeeds, as a nomad she can turn her tail and run. With our treasures to never be recovered again. The book, which is being studied by Madeline is one of them. We cannot allow them to be lost. As such, she needs to go.”

“I understand. Any ideas on how you want this done?” Asks Rhea.

“Well, she’s technically not a Citizen. And that means that the laws don’t technically apply to her, as they would apply to you or me.” she was still carefully looking at Rhea as if running her through a test.

“No laws are applied to her?” asks Rhea rather stunned by the notion.

“Well, laws are applied to her. But she’s not a citizen, and so, she has the rights of a kiddie pooler, more or less.”

“So technically she does not have the protection, that the citizens share, not fully at least?”


“So tell me, do we want her out of town, or simply out?” Asked Rhea with a serious grin.

“Do you think things are as simple as they look? Think, Rhea. You can do better than this.”

“I understand she must have someone backing her… Distract or destroy would be the usual question with strong backers I think, but I guess destroy is out of the question.” Smiles Rhea. “So do we know who needs to be distracted enough to not see her go?”

“The Prince.” she said slowly, allowing the full weight of her words sink into Rhea.

“The Prince? The Prince… Why would the Prince back her?”

“That’s a good question. But after a private meeting with her, it was due to his word that she did not enter kiddie pool. The Prince is of our blood, moreover he is of the Mnemosyne line. If there’s something the Prince always get’s, it’s the truth. And in much faster ways than anyone could imagine a Kindred to be able to operate. There’s no simple way to distract him.” she said, not entirely finished speaking, but wanting to hear what Rhea has to say, as if continuing a strange test.

“Maybe I should find out why she has the Prince backing her from her…” Rhea started musing quietly waiting for Oktavia to continue.

“Perhaps. But whatever his reasons are, they might be hard to change. In either case, the reasons should either disappear, or he should be influenced differently. If the Invictus were to start pushing for Rajani’s entrance into the kiddie pool, or for her disappearance. He would have to reconsider. After all, they are his main backers.”

“I guess I should start working on both fronts… I’ll try my best not to disappoint.”
“Yes. I hope you’ve got a good handle on Mister Heckles. He could provide invaluable help with this. Alongside Mister Middleton, he should have a path to his grandsire, after all.”

“Thank you for this lead.”

“Good.” she said when they reached another door. “I guess we should stop here… down there, it’s just catacombs with quite a few servants at the ready. In case of emergency we can descent there… Well, those of the Sangiovanni blood, that is.”

Declan visis the Carthian Bar
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The carthian territory and the bar was on the same side of the river as the kiddie pool. Some would say that this is a rundown place, most would be correct. But the carthians like this bar. It’s home to them.

Declan walks into the bar looking for any Carthian members

As soon as he enters, he feels himself being stared at by quite a few people. Several of them had the Beast in them. One of them quickly came up. He wore a mohawk.

“Hey there. I’m Klintas.” he said extending his hand to shake.

“Good evening, I am Mister Declan Middleton” Shakes his hand and extends to anyone who is around him.

“Mister?” his face frowned as if Declan had thrown a shit at him. “So what does the Invictus dog want in our cozy bar?” he said emphasizing his covenant, for most of the bar to hear.

“Well, I heard about your game and I wanted to know more”

“About our game? The one to be drawn during the next Court? It’s simple, names will be drawn, people will die.”

“Anyone, even members of the Invictus can add names?”

“So, the big and powerful First Estate can’t get rid of a mortal itself? Sure. Anyone who pays the price.”

“What’s the price?”

“What can you pay?”

“Knowing that I just joined the citizenship, I can only offer my knowledge from back before and favors. Unless you have something in mind”

“A major favor owed to the Carthians and you can insert a name into the game.”

“But it seems a bit unfair, the name I put in may not even be drawn”

“Yeah, but if it does get drawn, then we get a stain of working for an Invictus who just received citizenship”

“Hmmm… Let’s make it a gamble. What if I would owe you a favor to put the name in, but if the name is drawn, there would be an extra major favor? “

He nodded. “Alright, sounds like a deal. Care to repeat that in latin?”

“Before I say it, those favors shouldn’t damage my status in Invictus, can we agree on that? I mean, no direct damage should come to theLady Cook’s side”

“Anything we might ask of you, might damage your status, so that’s a very hard fetch.”

“Well, at least can we agree, it won’t be directed against the Invictus?”

“Well, then it’s a major favor not directed against the Invictus, with a second one should his name be pulled.”

“It’s a favor to put the name in and a major favor not directed against the Invictus”


Declan writes in latin “I owe a favor to Carthians for putting in a name into the Blood game pool if the name is drawn and the man is killed, I owe and a additional major favor for the Carthians, which is not directed against the Invictus”

“So, what’s the name?”

“”/characters/hayden" class=“wiki-content-link”>Hayden, he is an owner of the occult shop, which is located (insert address here)"

“Cool. I’ll spread the news then.”

“I’ll be waiting for the lottery. Thank you” Declan extends an arm to seal the deal.

He laughed, grabbed his hand and squeezed quite hard. The sound of breaking bone could be heard.

“I’ll be seeing you around, mister” he said mockingly.

“Have a good hunt” Declan turns around and starts walking towards the door.

Declan meets Rajani
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The bottom of the abandoned building was not that hard to reach. There he found Rajani.

“Good evening Rajani, I wanted to talk with you”

“Let’s talk then, you already entered the spider’s web, no harm in speaking is there?” she turned her head.

“You and I are both interested in relics and the occult knowledge of this world, am I right?”

“Stating the obvious is redundant and wastes the time of us both.”

“Well, I would like to make an arrangement. That would be beneficial to both of us”

“What do you have in mind?”

“Well, I guess you have quite a few occult books. I have some too. I would like to make copies of your books in exchange of my books. Also, I would owe you a favor and I will give you any leads on relics that I find. I thinks that’s a fair deal”

“Show me your books and I will look through them to see if they hold any value to me. If they do, we can deal in them. Additionally, there’s another book which greatly interests me… I cannot get it myself, but I know where it’s located. If you got me that book… “

“Tell me more about that book, I will tell you, if I can do anything about it”

“memoria est in damnatis, I’ve tracked the book to the Sangiovanni estate. It should be there.”

“I doubt they will want to part ways with it. But maybe I could arrange a meeting with the owner and he or she will let you read it”

“I need the book. A sunday’s reading will not do it. Can you get me the book? After all, with Rhea you should be able to get into the estate with much less attention than I would. And then, it’s only the matter of finding and taking the book.”

“You know that they are mekhets, if they read my mind I would be dead for… I could try to exchange it for something though”

“The way of how you’d obtain the book do not interest me that much. Either you can get the book for me and I’ll reward you suitably… or you will not. So what it will be?”

“I will try to get the book, but I can’t guarantee my success. But why are you so interested in that book?”

“And why are you interested in my books? The reasons should not bother you, just like your reasons do not bother me.” she answered.

“I’m a trusting person, but… when I show you the book, what is stopping you from stealing them from me?”

“What is stopping me, from using Auspex to find out where your books are and simply stealing them? Or what is stopping me from torturing you about the location of the books before killing you? I need to evaluate the books you offer me. I cannot take up deals without knowing if it’s actually of use to me.”

“I guess you want allies in the city. And I am the prince’s grandchild and I am from the Invictus, so I have some perks. Ok, I will trust you on this and show you a good sign of faith, I will give you the copy of the books in return for some of yours, of course if you need any, is that a deal? And I will do anything I can, to get that book”

“Of course. You know where to find me once you progress on either of those two. For now you may leave the spider’s web.”

Declan goes to Marta’s place and takes the books and goes back to the Rajani place. “I came here with them”

She took one of the books and started skimming the book. “A tome on time?” she said, placing the book back and grabbing another tome. “Hm… This one speaks about grabbing your own fate.” the next one. “Hm… “

She didn’t look at any of the books too long. “They’re interesting, that’s for sure. But… there’s something off about them. I just can’t tell what exactly.”

“How can you tell so fast what’s in them?”

“Years of practice. And besides discerning the general topic, of a book so intact… is rather easy. Getting down to the specifics tho, would be a lot harder. And these books don’t even smolder in half arsed lies and shit. Usually if the book has some useful info, it’s a good find, even if most of the book is absolute crap. These are really good ones. Where did you get them?”

“Hmmmm… Now that I think of, that place would interest you very much, I even saw few interesting things there. Will I be able to leave your spider’s web unharmed and with all of them if I told you?”

“Of course.”

“There is a strange old man, who has a sign of wisdom written all over him. He works in this occult shop (name the shop) and but he lives (insert the address). If you through back door there is a secret hatch, there you will find a lot of interesting stuff”

She picked up another book, started flipping through it. Mark could see strange drawings of towers in it. She flipped a bit and then she froze. Focusing on one of the pages with some strange symbols. “How did you learn of all this?”

“What do you mean?”

“The man, his secret hatch? Getting all these books?” she said, quickly placing the book back into the pile, not touching another one, looking carefully at Mark.

“I talked with him. Is something wrong?”

“You talked with him and he simply showed you his place and gave you these books?”

“Well, I used some powers, but basically yea. I guess you know something you aren’t telling me”

“So, you stole them?” she asked.

“I copied them, he still has the originals and I took nothing more”

She looked with a bit of shock at him. “I will not have anything to do with these books. I will certainly not be someone whom he might look for.”

“Who is he?”

“No, I will not take further risk by naming him.”

“By your reaction, I can assume I am in deep shit…”

“Just take the books and leave. There’s nothing, but death and ruin within them for me.”

“Ok, just give me one advice, should I give them back or destroy them?”

She just shook her head. “I don’t know.”

“I will then leave them where I found them”

She didn’t say much, watching Mark leave with his books.

Declan visits the occult store
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The occult store was situated between simple living homes. It seemed simple and casual.

Declan activates Majesty 1 and walks in.

Declan walks in through the door and looks around. There’s plenty of strange things placed upon the stalls, the cases, hung from the top. There’s an old man sitting behind one of the stalls with a cash register.

Declan uses Auspex 3.

Is there any occult books that might interest me? The dusty tomes, lying around from spot to spot reek of lies and falsehoods, some giving a faint glimmer of hope.

Declan looks around and looks at the old man and uses Auspex 2.

What is his Vice? The man looks carefully at all he has. At the occult tomes lying about. At the strange little artifacts thrown about. He eyed them carefully discerning all he can.
Is he a ghoul? Declan looked into him, smelled his blood, but he did not feel the taint of Vitae.
What is he most afraid of right now? As he’s looking through the things, his eyes stick to one particular empty case.
Is he controled by anyone else? There’s no strings attached to him.

“Good evening” With those words Declan lashes out seductively at the man, however his beast has bashed against the man as if against a wall, his mind unwavering.

“Good evening, how may I help you?” he asked.

Declan is a bit surprised and uses Auspex 1.

Is there any supernatural powers affecting me? You feel as if your actions are already predetermined, by a fickle hand of fate.
Is anyone using obfuscate here? You see everything clearly, almost guaranteed that what you see is truth.
Is anyone using auspex here? As above.
Is there supernatural creatures besides me? The place is heavily influenced by the power of another.

“Yes, I want to see the “good stuff” that you have under the counter”

“The good stuff?” the man almost laughed.”Do not be blinded or tricked by your own thoughts of thinking that I hide the good stuff. It is around you.”

Declan uses Auspex 4 on the man. “Well, I don’t believe you” Declan smiles “There are always things that places like these hide from the eyes of the people, things that not all should see”

Again, Declan felt as if smashing into an unbreachable fortress. “And you think I would keep such things, under the counter? In the shop? Ah… Let’s start from the beginning. What are you looking for? I bet there’s something in the store to help you. “

Declan uses Auspex 2 on him, again.

Is he a supernatural creature? Declan sees the all knowing sight of the old man.
What’s his mood? The man’s eye’s are looking around, discerning the situation, trying to understand what Declan wants.
What is one of this person’s psychological vulnerabilities? Declan notices the several clocks around and for a second there it seemed that all of them have stopped.

“Well, I am looking for unique occult books and maybe some other interesting object”

“Unique occult books? Concerning what topic? Nobody needs the books just to have the books. They need them for something. “

Declan again uses Auspex 4 on the man, hoping for another outcome. (2 again)

“Well, I am trying to build myself a workroom library, so I need a lot of topic. You seem like unusual person”

“A workroom library? I think you’ve come to the wrong place.”

“I don’t believe I do. You see, I write stories and poems, I draw inspiration from tales of the past, like goblins, fairies, wizards and other similar creatures and I need to know as much as possible to make them genuine” Declan uses Majesty 2 on the old man (3s)

“Ah… In that case, I know just what you need.” he said moving from his stall into the shop, navigating between the few cases to the end. He picked a book from the table, bringing it back. “This will do just the trick.”

“Hmmmm” Declan tries to use Dominate on him, but the man is not looking at his eyes, carefully inspecting the book. “Wait, it’s rude of me, what is your name?”

“I’m Hayden.” he answered.

“May I look at the book?”

“Oh of course.” he said handing it over to Declan. “You know, I’ll give you a big discount on it. Seems like you’ll find a good use for it.”

“You aren’t a normal human, are you?”

“Normal… I own an occult shop. There’s nothing normal about me.”

“And I can clearly tell, you know more than you tell me, also this weird sensation in here…”

“I’m an honest salesman.” he answered. “Sensation? Yes, in such a mystical place many people feel just a little bit weird.”

“If you are so honest, why aren’t you looking at my eyes?”

“Would you, in your best wished advise suggest me to look into your eyes?” he asked.

Declan smiles “I know these books hold almost no occult knowledge that I need. Maybe you have something with more of occult knowledge. Here or somewhere else?”

“Yes, I do. However those are not for sale.”

“And why is that?”

“Because they’re private. You could say that they are in my workroom library”

“Hmmm… Could i borrow them from you?? I will make a copy of them and I will give them back after I am finished. You wouldn’t have part ways with your books and I will have them copied. You may then ask something in return"

“Of course” he smiled. “But as I said they are not here”

“Can I make a phone call?”

“Sure.” he said, sliding the phone over the table towards Declan.

Declan callsMarta. “Come to (insert address) with taxi now, I need your help for like an hour or so”

After about 15 minutes Marta entered the shop.

Declan uses majesty 3 “Hayden, this is Marta. Could you go with her and give her your books? She will copy them and return afterwards to your home or your library, ok?”

“Sure. Meet me outside, I’ll close the shop down. It will be super fast.”

Declan goes outside with Marta “Use the copy machine and make a copy of every book, then return them. Ok?”

She nodded her head “Of course, the library has a good copy machine I can use” she answered.

After a minute or so Hayden excited his shop, wearing a coat. He closed and locked the door.

“We can use my car.” he said, leading the two to his car.

“Where is it located?”

“It’s that one” he said pointing at one of the cars.

Declan smiles “I mean the house”

“Oh, you’ll see.” he smiled getting into the car. After a short 5 minute drive they got to the place.

Declan with Marta goes to his apartment, they were taking the taxi that followed old man’s car.

The house wasn’t that big, they entered through the back door and quickly went to the basement. Behind a hidden shelf there was another room, filled with books, a table, some strange items.

He looked at one of the shelfs. “When copying the books take extreme precision with the charts and drawings. Wrongly drawn and then used… they can backfire spectacularly.”

“Marta here is a librarian, she will be extra careful.” Declan points at the table “What are those?”

“Good.” he nodded. “Some are my tools. Others.. um , some of the more interesting items I’ve gotten my hands on. Haven’t finished my research on them, tho.”

“I know that I did wrong to you, you will understand that in some time… So to repay you, I offer my help, when you will need something from me, contact me through Marta and I will come and help you, agreed?”

“Nonsense, it’s no biggie really. No risk in sharing what you know, is there?” he said smiling and looking at Declan.

“Well, if you ever need something from me, I told you how to find me. You did this huge favor me, saved so many years of searching and collecting knowledge. We should carry these books to taxi, the sooner Marta copies them, the sooner you will get them back”

“Of course.” he said, helping carry the books. The process went a lot faster than Declan expected.

They left, the night came to an end and Declan had a bunch of newly copied and sparsely bound books. All of it looked more like a students notes collection, but it had the info in it.

Marta returned the real books to the old man.

Hartford: Fifthy second Session: Declan

While going to the court, I had few objectives, the main was to talk with Aleksandras. When I walked in I saw Birch’s decorations, they were… intriguing to say the least. He showed that lancea at sanctum as opposition to the Invictus. I don’t know what was his goal, but I know what he’ll get for that, I don’t even know the half story with Birch. After I entered the room, I saw Aleksandras, but he was sitting with other elders, so it was a bad idea to approach him then. I asked my sire for advice when to approach Aleksandras, she told to try to do it via Rhea. I did just that. She said she’ll organize a meeting, but she was hiding something from me. Soon after the Prince Akadas entered, he was dressed as a priest. I guess it has to do something with the decorations and sending a message. We all proceeded to the arena, where the main event took place. Prince Akadas accused Solomon of breaking the elysium rules and he was to be punished. Some ghouls carried in an altar with burning coals and Prince Akadas took out a steel bar. Solomon walked on stage and undressed himself. There were a lot of scars on his back. He was handcuffed, but he broke then explaining that if he can break them now, they won’t hold if the beast kicks in. Prince Akadas started flailing Solomon with that hot steel bar. I don’t know why, but I felt good. I noticed that he was punished harsher than he should have, it seems Prince Akadas knows about his attack on Miss Liucija or maybe he has his own reasons. After that Roystonas Grazusis was challenged to a duel for insulting Invictus member (I don’t remember his name) and Sir Mangumas delivered punishment to the rude nosferatu. After that event, Carthian’s brought a lottery machine and drew some names, non of them concerned me. Sadly, that occult shop owner lives and I gave a favor for nothing. Lastly there was a dance prepared by some blood dolls that belong to the Invictus. After the “official” part, we were approached by few of the citizens. The first one was a member of Invictus, he just mocked me for owing the Carhtians. Rhea was intrigued why I wanted a certain man killed and who he was, but I told her I will talk about it later. For the second one, I don’t know who she was, but she wanted to smuggle something through our lands, Mister Heckles asked us will we agree with that. It seems strange to me… He is an Invictus a ventrue more over, but he asks his subordinates if we agree… Not very Invictus like, but hey, whatever he likes goes, he just gives us more power that way.

After the court we went back to the apartment. We talked about the party again and it seems I convinced them to have one, but Rhea disliked the idea, because she isn’t a party person. Mister Heckles also mentioned Donaldas, a kiddie pooler that he wants to beoath.

Mister Heckles started talking with Rhea about Katerina and her welfare. I remembered that she was mentioned in the cacophony savvy as a good fighter, so I came up with an idea. At the moment Circle of the crone need a new hound, so we could get out Katerina out of the Kiddie pool and make her a hound, she just needs one more signature. So we went to the Kristoferis place. We offered him a deal, he owes a favor for Lady Cook and us if we get Katerina out of the kiddie pool, he agreed only if we arrange everything. We didn’t wait long and we arranged a meeting with Lady Cook. She liked the idea and agreed to give the signature to Katerina.

We went to the kiddie pool to tell Katerina about the good news. She wasn’t that happy to take up a hound position, but she agreed just to get out of here. She said she’ll be a nice hound. I don’t know how nice hounds are, but in opinion that doesn’t sound very convincing. Though, she will get a lot of favors if she does her job correctly and a position in the city. Later Mister Heckles called Donaldas to the room. They had a chat about oathing. It seems Donaldas dislikes Rhea for some reason. Mister Heckles called Baron Cartwright. Again, Mister Albertas has some strange connections or something. He can easily call elders and covenant leaders call him… What the hell…

In my quest in taking media sector I went to Baron Godfrey, because almost all of the media is located in his lands. He agreed me too go there and take them, but in exchange he will be allowed to use them any time he wants. I decided to start with the local newspaper, so we went to the press. Only secretary was there everyone left. I used my charm to get the number of the chief editor and thus we could get his address. His house was located in outskirts of the city and Rhea said about strange guy with ice powers that rules those lands. We went anyway. I went to his home and dominated him to go with us. In the car Mister Heckles learnt about my dominated powers, but I don’t mind. We drove back to our lands and at the moments I realized that he could be Sofija’s ghoul and it seems he is… Well that was a waste of time and I guess I will be hearing from Sofija soon… I need a new plan for that….

Hartford: Fifthy first Session: Declan

First thing in the evening we were summoned to the Kristoferis place, I didn’t even know that someone like him would know about us, but it seems Mister Heckles has some connections. When we arrived, we had to swear some sort of oath if we wanted to get the information about that job he offers. It seems Mister Albertas was looking for the Prince Hooker and his resting place and he was in a hurry, because a Lancea coterie was looking for him as well. It was strange to me at first, because after this kind of job someone like him would kill everyone who knows about Prince Hooker’s location, but maybe Mister Albertas has some sort of agreement with Kristoferis.

After that we decided to go to the church where Prince Hooker should be, it was in Samuelis Sangiovanni lands. On the way we picked up Rajani, Mister Heckles had an agreement with her. We talked on the way there, she really knows her stuff.

Mister Albertas went inside the church and he was there for sometime while we waited outside. I saw Mister Heckles in the bell tower after he dropped a coin from it. There was no plan arranged before going so I connected with him via Auspex and told him to distract Samuelis. So we went inside the church and straight to catacombs. Rajani knew her way to catacombs. When we arrive to the door it was sealed shut and there were some mourning sounds. Mister Sawicki opened the door and after few seconds he closed them saying that it was filled with zombies… Zombies… Really? Zombies…. We couldn’t do anything so we went outside to wait for Mister Heckles. When he returned we told him about the zombies so he dominated Samuelis into letting as trough the zombies in inside the catacombs. There was a sarcophagus made of gold and there we a lot of gold around us. I found an interesting relic, but I had to give it away to Rajani. Mister Sawicki opened the sarcophagus and there he was Prince Hooker was sleeping there. How do we know? There was his red medallion around his neck. We took Prince Hooker to the car and Mister Heckles erased Samuelis memory, so he wouldn’t remember what happened.

We brought the body to Kristoferis house. He was surprised that we brought him here, though there wasn’t any other choice. He staked the ex-prince and called a number to arrange a meeting. Soon after we left to some fancy place. It was clearly an Invictus establishment, but I have never seen it. We were invited one by one. Kristoferis went in first, then Mister Albertas, then me. After entering the room I noticed a golden ring, I knew it was my grandsire. He dominated all of us and erased our memories thinking that we didn’t find Prince Hooker and never went inside the catacombs of that church.

The next evening we returned to Kristoferis place. He told us to drop the search, because Prince Hooker should be in the Samuelis church and that he’ll take care of it him self. He agreed to give us some favors for the job we did and mainly to keep quite. Well, I got a favor for nothing, I was satisfied. I used my favor to visit an occult shop that I was interested in.

When we arrive home, I was trying to push an idea of a party, which could increase our social standing in the city, but it seems they need a bit more convincing.

Hartford: Fifty First Session

As usual, our Google Doc preplay starts first.

Declan speaks with Lady Cook, after being forced to swear the oath to Albert

Declan meets Miss Kels

Declan meets Erma, his touchstone

Declan meets the Harpy

Rhea visits Nikolas’ Church, looking for torpid Prince Thomas Hooker

Declan’s feeding scenes

Declan goes to the library, get’s a ghoul

Albert visited the Mass, talking about Donaldas’ trial and his own faith

With that we’re out of the google doc play.

Firstly, Andrzej and Albert went to feed, they attacked a couple of hookers. Andrzej not much for a social guy attacked one of them and got tazed in return. He bit her hard and as she was bleeding Albert ran back trying to get the medics here and the memories of possible witnesses in order .

Then we went on a hunt for Thomas Hooker which was fairly well described in Declan’s post, so I’m placing that up next.
Declan’s point of view for the session

TL;DR version

Albert visited the Mass
Google Docs 51st session play

The church wasn’t overly fancy. However this was one of the bigger kindred gatherings. He saw almost all of the Sanctified members here. Quite a few Invictus and a couple of Carthians. The mass hasn’t started yet. To Albert’s surprise, he didn’t see Rhea anywhere around. She never missed the mass.

Albert quickly scanned the area for eitherNikolas orOktavia. He’s here for a reason and Rhea could just be late as far as he’s concerned.

Oktavia wasn’t here either, however Nikolas was there, in his wheelchair.

After a deep breath Albert started walking towards Nikolas, though carefully looking for any signs of negativity or disapproval. After all, Albert is just a tiny little rat when compared to Nikolas.

“Good evening. Haven’t seen you here before.” he said

“Good evening. Yes, usually Rhea comes here, but she does not seem to be here for some reason..” Albert pauses, waiting for some kind of response.

“She has important duties for tonight, as I’ve heard” he said with a cold voice, his ghoul standing behind him looked almost like a statue, unflinching, unmoving.

“I see. She has been quite secretive for quite some time now..” Albert said, thinking “yeah, her whole life” . Albert took small a breath and continued – “But that’s not why I’m here. I’ve come to talk with you. As insignificant as I may be, I’d like to request your help in a certain matter.” Albert paused, waiting for Nikolas to tell him to get out, preparing to do so, if need-be.

It didn’t seem that Nikolas is even listening to Albert, looking somewhere in the distance. When Albert finished speaking and started watching Nikolas’ reaction, it looked like he woke up. Did the lack of buzzing sound wake him?
“Did you find your place in God’s picture?” he asked.

Albert thought for a moment – “If god has a plan for me, then I’ve only seen the peak of the iceberg. Right now I’m just a cogwheel in this massive, running mechanism..”

“Ain’t each of us, such?” he asked without really giving an opportunity for Albert to respond. “Continue.” he said quickly.

A kin has been wrongly accused of murder and will surely be executed, should no one interject. Since I am in no power to do so, I seek someone whose word would never be questioned. I would repay, of course, in any way I can.” Albert said.

It didn’t seem that he’s paying attention, lost in his thought. Or perhaps dazed off into sleep or something. It was quite awkward speaking with him.
A bit uneasy, Albert continued – “I feel the more appropriate way to approach this is to ask ‘How may I help you?’ I guess that without proof, there’s not much reason to trust me.. In this world, at least.”
He was looking somewhere behind Albert. “Help me? You can barely help yourself and you are to help me? A year, Mister Heckles, a year.”

“A year?” Albert asked, a tad confused.

“A year. For a year you will come to the mass and you will listen. Perhaps you’ll learn how to help yourself. And I will intervene on Donaldas’ case.”

‘Going to Church..’ Albert thought. It brought back memories of going to sunday mass with his mother when he was just a small kid. He usually didn’t pay much attention to the preacher. But Lancea is not your usual church.. “Of course. Thank you.” Albert said with relief in his voice.

“You’ll have to make that promise in latin.” he said. Latin meant a true commitment, it meant the same as signing a contract, failing at that it could hold repercussions. Promises in Latin are not given up lightly.

Without hesitation Albert promised in Latin. Though his skills were still a bit rusty, being with the Invictus certainly taught him how to speak Latin quite fast.. If not for that, he’d be in an awkward situation.

“Learn well, perhaps you’ll find your position in God’s plan after all.” he said.

There was an audible opening of a door, and Bishop Solomon Birch stepped into the room. By his sides there were two men, both of them carried a pillow. One had golden claws upon it, the other one had a golden mask. The mass was about to begin.

Albert nodded and joined the others, sitting down on one of the benches. He notices some of the other Invictus members sitting as well, including Baron Godfrey, they must have come here while Albert was speaking with the nosferatu elder.

At the time Bishop Birch, has put on his Mask and Claws. He starts speaking in latin, about their holy mission in here, welcoming those who are here for the first time. Reminding everyone that enemies are everywhere about and that soon they shall be cleansed by the will of God.
After this he goes into explaining the good Lancea et Sanctum provides to the world, reminding that only through their actions Humanity is cleansed and purified of evil. He’s a glorious sight.
And in the end of it he continued.
“As you know, this is the last sunday of the month, and as usual a Scrounger has found a mortal who deserves to die.” after these words, the ghouls went back to the door, where they opened the door and helped carry in a mortal. The mortal was brought in by a familiar vampire presence, behind a mask, but Albert felt it’s Rhea.
Albert thought to himself – Though killing might seem excessive, there are States that permit the death penalty. Yet many criminals still run amok. Perhaps Lancea is actually keeping the streets much safer?
The man was crying and trying to shout for mercy at his kidnappers.
Bishop just laughed. “Did you grant mercy when they begged for it?” he said striking at his side with his golden claw, the smell of blood filled the room. Then he addressed the congregation again. “Here we have, a pitiful excuse for a human. A Rapist, a murderer. And he begs for mercy? Do you think God shall have mercy upon his soul?”
The man could barely breathe.
“And so we are here, the tools of God, to drink upon the kine and purify them.” he nodded to his ghouls, who dragged the human to in front of the altar, “As Longinus drank the blood of Christ, so we too shall drink blood. Come with me.” he said stepping down to the human, lifting his mask up a little and tasting the mortal. After that, everyone stood up and started walking towards him, each taking a bite, each drinking his blood.
Albert could smell the blood. He felt hunger rise up in him.

Albert goes up and drinks the blood too.

Albert briefly talks with Solomon afterwards.


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