Declan goes feeding

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Declan goes to the nightclub that is in their lands. Before going, he turns on Majesty 1.
The beat is loud inside there’s quite a lot of people, most of them black.

Declan starts dancing and looks for some females.

Quickly he notices a very pretty woman, she’s also the only female who ain’t black in here. She’s sitting by the bar, slowly drinking her drink. A couple of guys are eyeing her and her red dress.

Declan walks up to her and asks her to dance

She smiled “Sure”. After that she extended her hand to Declan.

Declan dances with her for quite some time.

Declan offers her talk walk outside. “Of course, honey, we can go the very depths of hell”

“What a lovely night” Declan lashes out seductively on her with those words

“Dark and gloomy. Just like I like it.” she said with a smile.

“What can you tell me about yourself?” Said Declan leading her away from crowded place, where he could try drinking her blood

“I’m not that interesting. I’d rather hear about you. What is such a guy as yourself doing in such places like this?”

“Well, I am a party person” Declan smiles “Also, I like to create some poems”

“Poems?” she said, they were completely alone in this street.

“I can read one to you, but you will have to close your eyes and imagine it in your head”

“Sure” she said, closing her eyes.

Declan uses blush of life and pulls out his notebook and reads one of his poems. After he reads it he says “Don’t open your eyes just yet” He gently kisses her lips and starts moving down her neck then he bites

The warm blood starts flowing, it’s so sweet, so tasty.

After drinking some blood (2 vitae) Declan waits for the girl to respond she just smiles at him.

When Declan asks for her number, she thinks for a bit, then gives the number somewhat reluctantly “I’ll think about it.” she said.


Griautis Griautis

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